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Live Website Analysis | AAO 2014 | Wong


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This presentation was delivered at the AAO, American Academy of Ophthalmology, 2014 held in Chicago. Please feel free to email me if you have questions:


Every "great" website has a great theme (ease of use), navigates well (readers can find information fast and easily) and has been optimized (so it ranks with Google).

Optimization (SEO) includes both "on-page" optimization and "off-page" optimization.

For your website to rank well, it must be optimized, as well as its content. Make sure your website contains the requisite components (e.g. analytics, sitemap) required by Google, Bing and Yahoo to allow your website to rank.

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Live Website Analysis | AAO 2014 | Wong

  1. 1. Live Website Analysis: Critique Your Website | Randall Wong, M.D. AAO: Chicago | 2014 | Tuesday, 10/21 | 12:45 - 1:45 PM
  2. 2. Financial Disclosure  I have the financial interests to disclose; 1. Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC – Partner 2. Kiwi Splash, LLC - Partner
  3. 3. What Makes a Great Website? Theme/Design Navigation SEO On-Page Off-Page SEO
  4. 4. 3 Types of Websites  “Resource” – known to only existing patients  Marketing – has high Google Rankings  Engaging – engages readers and converts to patients A great website varies in its ability to market and grow your practice.
  5. 5. Design and Theme Reflects your personal preferences 3 colors Aesthetically Pleasing? Mobile Responsive? ** Theme and design have no value in creating a great marketing website.
  6. 6. Navigation The ease at which your visitor can find the information desired. “3-Click Rule” Customized Menus
  7. 7. Requisite Content 3 Most important pages  Home  About  Contact
  8. 8. Navigation Search Bar Footer Information NAB Credits
  9. 9. Legal Privacy Policy Terms of Use
  10. 10. Top Ten SEO Components These are our “Top 10” that every website should have. website-seo-web-ranking/ Does your website pass?
  11. 11. Download Speed  “Flash”  Download speed is critical to rankings
  12. 12. Local Search NAP Geo-Locations Google + Facebook
  13. 13. Website Analysis We just defined a variety of elements which can help you define a “Great Website.” Aesthetics are overrated. You now have concrete changes which can transform your website into the most powerful marketing tool possible. Your website must be mobile responsive and rank well with Google. You’ve now taken a huge first step!
  14. 14. Thank You! Randall Wong, M.D.