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#565 WebSite 101: 3 Steps to Creating Your First Website


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Three basic steps to starting any website include choosing a URL, selecting hosting and then a content management system.

At each step there are SEO considerations which must help you get your website ranked.

This course was taught at the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Chicago, 2012.


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#565 WebSite 101: 3 Steps to Creating Your First Website

  1. 1. Web Site 101:3 Steps to CreatingYour First Website Randall V. Wong, M.D. Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC AAO: 2012 Course 565
  2. 2. Randall V. Wong, M.D.Financial Disclosure Co-Founder Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC (O)
  3. 3. GoalsAfter this course, you should be able to; Choose a domain name Choose a hosting service (GoDaddy, Bluehost) Choose a CMS (software) Prepare to launch your site!
  4. 4. 3 Steps to Starting a Web Site Domain (  SEO  The suffix Hosting  Self-hosted  Hosted Website evelopment .com vs. .org vs. html
  5. 5. The Domain: Maximize the SEO Choosing a Domain  Best to maximize the SEO of the domain, but not absolute  Use a combination of popular keywords used in search “” Vs. “”
  6. 6. What’s in a Name? Choose 3 keywords which describe your services Combine them Maximizes the SEO of choosing a domain
  7. 7. Retina + Eye + Doctor Ranks Globally Has both SEO of the URL and the site is optimized
  8. 8. Keyword Search Use Keyword Search tools to determine if a particular word is commonly used E.g. “Eye Doctor” is searched more often than “Ophthalmologist” “Keyword Tool”
  9. 9. Google Keyword Tool
  10. 10. Buy the Domain Usually purchased for $10-$15 Cost per year Best to buy for 5 years, signifies you are “trusted” Spammers and Black Hat sites will buy for much shorter duration.
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Domain Ownership You may or may not want to pay for anonymity We recommend using a company credit card and listing yourself as the owner and at your office address
  14. 14. Domain Suffix: Does it Matter? .com .net .org .edu In general, the Domain suffix is intended to signify the type of company or organization, but any entity can enter domains with these suffixes.
  15. 15. Country Codes and SEO Domain suffixes  Country Codes  .ca – Canada  .cn – China  .de – Germany  .au - Australia Not all country codes are available SEO – host URL in same country
  16. 16. Hosting Your Site Self-Hosted Maximum Control Maximize SEO
  17. 17. Hosting: Where to Store Your Site Hosted (Free) Self-Hosted   
  18. 18. Hosted: Pros vs. Cons Pros Cons Free  URL unprofessional No Server Maintenance  Limited design themes No Downtime  File Access/Ownership Free URL  Poor SEO
  19. 19. Self-Hosting Cons Pros Costs  Costs - $10/mo. “Maintenance”  Custom Design Separate URL  Best Function  Best SEO
  20. 20. Self-Hosted: Maximum control Maximum flexibility Affordable Best SEO!!!!!
  21. 21. Choosing Hosting Company Up time Download time (SEO) Email? Customer Service  24/7  Time on Hold
  22. 22. Self Hosting Bluehost Go Daddy Host Gator
  23. 23. Building The Site Purchased URL Chosen Hosting CompanyMust build site!
  24. 24. 3 Types of Websites Resource (Static, No SEO) Marketing (Dynamic, SEO) Interactive (Dynamic, SEO, “Blog”)
  25. 25. Web = Blog Modern website must be on CMS Design is fully customizable and can look like any website Can “add” function when you are ready E.g.: Change a Resource site to Marketing site
  26. 26. Website Design
  27. 27. Web Design is Obsolete Does not improve your rankings Expensive to change Themes/Design for blogs is now very cheap and turn-key Great Looking Page, but Will Not Rank!
  28. 28. Software/CMS Blogging Software  Server Based  Best SEO  Social Media Traditional website software is obsolete  E.g.FrontPage, Dreamweaver
  29. 29. Wordpress….
  30. 30. vs. .com .org Free  Costs Limited Themes  Unlimited flexibility (plugins) Limited SEO  Customized Themes URL  Custom URL No maintenance issues  Maintenance No customer service issues  Best SEO!!!
  31. 31. Web Design Obsolete from SEO perspective Turn-key Themes 3rd Party Themes Studiopress Genesis Thesis
  32. 32. Conclusions Owning your own website is cheap, not economical, but cheap $10/month (Best ROI) Best and Only Marketing Strategy (Billboards) Your First Step to Social Media!
  33. 33. Take Home: Starting a Web Site URL Hosting Blog Software Blog = Website Design is Obsolete Maximize SEO value in your decision making process!
  34. 34. See You on the Web! January 15, 2013 Webinar Update/Refresh AAO 2102
  35. 35. Thank YouandTo Your Success!Randall V. Wong, M.D.Amy Wong, Esq.Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC7726 Bradley Blvd.Bethesda MD