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You Are What You Market: Young Ophthalmologists, AAO By Randall Wong, M.D.


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I presented this to the Young Ophthalmologists (aka "The YO's) at the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in New Orleans, 2013.

The message is simple. All doctors of today, but especially those just starting in practice need to understand the needs of their patients.

Marketing, communicating, engaging on the Internet and transparency are now required by the American public.

Viable medical practices must engage by maintaining a website, communicating digitally and be willing to exhibit both personal transparency and a willingness to operate a transparent small business.

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You Are What You Market: Young Ophthalmologists, AAO By Randall Wong, M.D.

  1. 1. You Are What You Market: Marketing 101 2013 YO Program: It’s YO World – Jumpstart Your Career AAO 2013 New Orleans, LA Randall V. Wong, M.D. Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC
  2. 2. Financial Disclosure  I have the following financial interests or relationships to disclose:  Co-Founder:  Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC
  3. 3. What is Marketing?  Not a synonym for advertising or promotion  “Business function that identifies unfulfilled needs and wants…..”  Understanding the problems of your customer  Problem: Customers want credible health information  Solution: Become a source of information
  4. 4. Patients Expectations  Searchable  Exhibit Transparency  Provide Value  You need a website
  5. 5. 3 Types of Websites 1. Resource 2. Marketing (appears on Google Rankings) 3. Engagement (attracts and engages patients)
  6. 6. Scarcity Marketing is Over  Doctors no longer sole source of information  Doctors no longer as “special”  Learn to compete by distinguishing ourselves  We are knowledgeable  Transparency  “People Who are Doctors”
  7. 7. Starting Now  Start your own website…now  Build trust with Google  Establish your own web presence  Gives you versatility, unique marketing plan  Added value to your next practice
  8. 8. What About Social Media?  Can be a great tool to build your practice  Difficult to maintain  Must have a website first  Google + and Facebook
  9. 9. Thank You and To Your Success! Randall V. Wong, M.D. Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC