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Future Of Interactive TV


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A prophets view on the nearby future of TV: connected TV. How television becomes smart and connected by adding computer & internet features. Presentation by Björn Joos, partner at prophets.

Future Of Interactive TV

  1. Future of Interactive TV Björn Joos - Prophets
  2. So far, TV has gone through an evolution
  3. Recently, TV has partnered with online devices for SOCIAL and REALTIME experiences
  4. We make our TV’s SMARTER by adding set-top boxes
  5. But this evolution has reached his limits, we are facing a revolution – SMART TV / CONNECTED TV
  6. The operating system moves from outside the TV, to inside the TV
  7. content & applications tv everywhere personalisation social advertising & t-commerceWhat difference will it make?
  8. Real time apps /content linked to TV programs
  9. Real time apps /content linked to TV commercials
  10. Walled gardens will be torn down move towards an open environment video on demand new content providers – vertical integration
  11. Now it’s personal - content streams based on algorithms provided by personal viewing behavior, friends and likeminded people
  12. The more TV gets personal The more TV will become socialThe viewer paradox
  13. + + TV was a social mediumTV will again become a social medium
  14. + @ddress +Taking it one step further…
  15. Step1: traditional broadcasting + online extensionsconversational advertising: commercials ignite the conversation
  16. Step2: traditional broadcasting + online extensionstransactional advertising: commercials ignite T-commerce
  17. Step3: Video on demand + targeted advertisingEndorsed selling: Amazon VOD + online offers
  18. Step4: online broadcasting + targeted advertisingaggregators offer ads linked to viewing / surfing behavior
  19. Cost of commercials Cost of commercials based on expectations Based on effective viewing or (audimetrie) action (CPM / CPC / CPL / CPA)Redefining cost-models
  20. Exciting times!Finally we will be able to connect the emotion of TV-advertising to the metrics of internet advertising