Television just isn’t television any more

Iolo Jones
Iolo JonesChair & CEO, TV Everywhere at Rights Tracker
TVEverywhere.,[object Object],Television Just Isn’t Television Any More....,[object Object]
What The Heck Am I Doing Here On A Friday Afternoon ?,[object Object]
Television just isn’t television any more
TVEverywhere.,[object Object],TV Everywhere is a company focused on investment in the future of television,[object Object],We believe that this will increasingly be based on delivery over IP with the development of social television in a very cluttered distribution environment,[object Object],We establish, invest in and develop companies which will support the next generation of media and television companies,[object Object],Our Companies,[object Object]
...Where We’ve Come From,[object Object],Four channels,[object Object],One screen,[object Object],Linear programming,[object Object]
Where We’re Going To...,[object Object],From the living room to every room,[object Object],From sociable viewing to individual viewing to social viewing,[object Object],From one screen to two screens,[object Object]
Online TV Just Keeps On Growing,[object Object],Homes with Internet TV watch it 32% of the time,[object Object],iPad users spend 3x more time watching video than laptop users,[object Object],Source: ComScore,[object Object]
Changing Carriage,[object Object],Analogue Broadcast,[object Object],Digital Broadcast,[object Object],IP carriage – Unicast, Multicast,[object Object],White Space Broadcasting,[object Object]
Changing Screens,[object Object],Larger screens,[object Object],Mobile Projectors,[object Object],3D screens,[object Object]
Changing Audiences,[object Object],Any time, any place, any device,[object Object],Two screen consumption,[object Object],Interactive viewing,[object Object],Global tribes,[object Object],An audience of one,[object Object]
Changing Experience,[object Object],Live,[object Object],Scheduled,[object Object],Download,[object Object],On Demand,[object Object],Always Available,[object Object],User Generated,[object Object],Short Form,[object Object],Long Form,[object Object]
Changing Production,[object Object],User generated,[object Object],Crowdsourced productions,[object Object],Machinima,[object Object],Sponsor driven production,[object Object]
Changing Industry Players,[object Object],The New Broadcasters,[object Object],Broadband Providers,[object Object],Hardware Manufacturers,[object Object],Sports Federations,[object Object],Retailers,[object Object],Content,[object Object],Hardware,[object Object],Network,[object Object]
Geography,[object Object],Why YouTube Doesn’t Work,[object Object]
Clicky pointy is great for web, but bad for TV,[object Object]
Global Tribes and why media buying doesn’t work,[object Object]
Local Delivery, Local Budgets,[object Object]
Becomes Global Delivery, with, er... Local Budgets,[object Object]
Behavioural Targeting Lacks Brand Building Impact,[object Object],v.,[object Object]
Why Every Client Deserves Their Own Online TV Channel,[object Object]
Cost effective – a TV channel for under £10kWidespread reach – 80% of internet users watch video onlineTargeted – can be tailored to specific audiencesRegular contact point – provides multiple message opportunitiesMeasurable – detailed, accountable metricsInteractive – opportunities for call to actionEffective – 8% ecomm video ads v 0.2% for banners,[object Object]
It’s Not Just Broadcasters Who Can Launch Channels Now,[object Object],[object Object]
Brings ideas to life,[object Object]
Land Rover,[object Object]
Channel Costs,[object Object],[object Object]
Produce own
Buy in
User generated
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Television just isn’t television any more