Prophets presents "Facebook Timeline for brands essential training"


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In this presentation we explain what changed in the Facebook layout, and what this means for your brand, how you should respond to these changes.

We include many examples and notes what these changes mean for your brand online.

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  • Prophets presents "Facebook Timeline for brands essential training"

    1. Facebook Timeline for Brands – Essential Training Prophets
    2. A brief history of Facebook pages “People tried to connect with brands in a way that didn’t work. So we created Pages with features such as Apps, tabs and wall-like interaction” Facebook - 2009
    3. A brief history of Facebook pages Tabs are displayed at ‘App Tabs‘ are pushed to Timeline. the top, high visibility. the left. Facebook First ‘fangates’ pop up Stronger focus on user introduces ‘Pages input & interaction for brands’ ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12
    4. A brief history of Facebook pages ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12
    5. A brief history of Facebook pages ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12
    6. A brief history of Facebook pages ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12
    7. A brief history of Facebook pages ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12
    8. 1. General layout.Header image historyProfile image About the brand Featured tabs Pinned posts
    9. Timeline changes almost everything. General layout Profile photo About section Tabs & apps Pinned posts Display location of apps Fangating is no longer No auto refresh upon liking No more default landing tabs More app space Same app rules Great examples no promotions in the header image …
    10. 2. Cover and profile image • No more 520px high profile image on the left  square • No more image-grid above the timeline • Header image can not be used for promotional purposes, fangating, contest referral or even contact information!
    11. 3. Tabs old Apps & tabs location Featured apps / tabs (4 max) Other tabs hidden here
    12. 3. Other apps expanded Other tabs will barely be found
    13. 4. Fangating Fangating • A custom ‘Default landing tab’ will no longer work will no longer work • ‘Welcome’ is just another tab • No auto-redirect after liking a page • Still detection if you liked the page or not.
    14. Fangates becomes obsolete
    15. 5. Apps Entire websites can be pushed in this space  no fundamental redesign of websites. Higher resemblance between Facebook and original website Full 810px for content vs. 520px previously No change in app rules
    16. Current fangate vs. new home tab space
    17. Adapt tab content to correct width
    18. ‘Highlight’ posts to give them the full width of the facebook container.
    19. ‘pin’ posts, these posts stay at the top of the feed  promoting posts
    20. Fast mover example Home Tab
    21. Brand content and user content are separated• Timeline puts the focus on the interaction with the consumer• Your brand becomes what you publish• No more hiding behind fangates and custom tabs  content is your only asset• Comment by others are collected in a separate console • + Less ‘ugly’ wallposts / clean wall problem solves itself • - More brand authored content.
    22. 7. Todos 2 1 Add brand description and 10 Choose a cover image information Feature important apps 3 5 Pin ‘top’ or ‘important’ posts ‘Highlight’ important 9 Clean up the wall events 4 Insert the back 8 catalog of the brand Remove the Adapt tab-content ‘fangate’ + reconstruct history 6 to 810px width Adapt the ‘Welcome’ tab 7
    23. 30.03 2012Facebook will enforce the timeline for brands end of march. Ready or not… Let’s get started!