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The future of television .ppt


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Analyzing Trends

The future of television .ppt

  1. 1. What is the future ofcontent in television for Millennials VERONICA HENAO AZIZA AZIM
  2. 2. HYPOTHESIS How, where and when users watch their shows will impact how one views content. In the end we believe that the future of TV is heading towards high quality content that needs to be viewed by a large audience instantly and on the go. The Younger Generations i.e millennials tend to shift easily between media, platforms and content. Their engagement is determined not by the media but by the content they wish to view.
  3. 3. FORCES TechnologySociety Economy
  4. 4. FORCES 99% of households possess at least one television More than 75% of73% of Economy US householdsinternet have anusers, or HDTV set311.6MM people,watch TV online source: Nielson
  5. 5. FORCES The global television manufacturing industry is highly dynamic in nature. Technological advancement and replacement plays a vital role in the industry’s growth. 27% of TV sets shippedSocial networks, worldwide inmobile phones 1Q12 hadand videogames are Technology internetalternatives to a connectivitytelevision set Consumers who grew up with mobile 84.4 % of 18-29 year olds technology subconsciously move between versus devices and platforms 27 times per hour 58.5 % of 50-64 year olds go online in a typical day source: Nielson
  6. 6. FORCES On average, engagement is higher among Millennials than all other80% of incoming college generations for both TV programmingfreshmen use two or more and websitesdevices whilewatching TV Society Millennials consume 25 hours of TV a week Millennials consume news in “civic context”, relying on friends and family for their source information intake source: Nielson
  7. 7. CODESThe innovative multi-screen concept of delivering content to TV, mobile and PC Ability to customize chatting on FB chat or tweeting on their laptop or phone #TRENDING TOPICS Streaming + Legally + Downloads
  8. 8. THE DVR Shifting from the traditional idea of television, gathering in front of a TV at a specific time, DvR changed the way we view Television, we are now able to watch any content offered by setting up a receiver to selectively record content RECORD SELECTIVE SHOWS FAST FORWARD EASY NO MORE COMERCIALS CONTROL LIVE TV STOP+REWIND+FAST FORWARD SAVES US WATCHING TIME “DVRs get by far the most “About 11% of people who use. While were watching “Now, DVR penetration will express a strong interest in less live TV than a few years approach 50 percent of American buying a DVR opt for the $10- ago, we now watch a full 19 homes next year, while half ofa-month cable box option, while minutes more per year of programming, just on our American homes already have only 5% like TiVos model” video on demand” own schedules now”
  9. 9. Allows content to be viewed at its highest qualityHD TV Considering that the size of TV’s have only been getting bigger, so has its resolution We now have high expectations of picture quality, since our eye has been accustomed to high quality resolution video just like in the movie theatres. HD can be noted as a luxury for those who truly appreciate quality. clear wide-screen pictures An experience High quality sound Wider image Enhanced image sharpness Like being in a movie theater "high definition" refers to the quality of More than 75% of US More than 75% ofimage or sound for a TV or radio. An HD households have an HDTV US households have signal can contain around five times an HDTV set, and more picture data than a standard- set, and ~40% of those ~40% of those definition TV signal does” homes have multiple HD sets homes have multiple
  10. 10. Television gives the user an ability to multitask.Multitasking Multitasking has been widely practiced and adopted by the millennials, they are able to use several media at the same time, but also in combination with other activities. For example, one can surf the web(read), talk on the phone and watch tv at the same time. Hence TV acts as a distraction or an enhancement to our constant media intake. Tweeting Facebook Chatting On the phone Reading Searching the web “nearly four in 10 people deliberately tune out TV commercials by using their phone as a distraction.” “80% of people multitask on a mobile “online viewing is up more than 46 percent in just the device while watching TV” last year, according to the media buying firm Horizon Media. live ratings for network programs have declined for14 consecutive quarters, with audiences bolting in record numbers this spring”
  11. 11. STREAMING Streaming allows one to view any content available on the web, at the comfort of a television screen. Examples include YouTube, Hulu, NEtflix, and Itunes. This is when Television and Internet come to play together. content variety Ability to Multitask Exceeds expectations Ability to personally choose content Clear easy to use “The public’s appetite for streaming media is increasing, and content providers such as Netflix and Hulu are seeing this fact reflected in their revenues.” consumers see streaming media “as a commodity; that’s the “Pretty much all the major TV networks in the real story,” “They don’t really want to know who makes what, orUS and the UK have streaming services that let why, or even really how it works. They just want to take it home, you watch their TV shows online, all for free” plug it in, and watch what they want to watch—period.”
  12. 12. Subculture Opportunity viewers Are consuming content on new media and interacting with TV through innovative ways The opportunity viewers prefer to access content rather than own it. They watch content through (streaming shows on computers, tablets, and Smartphones) on the go. Able to interact around television, even when they’re watching shows alone
  13. 13. TREND OPPORTUNITY Partner up with Streaming websites to show their shows through different portalsCreate specific APP to notify users of upcoming shows and changes + were they can interact and comment on shows Connect all their shows to Social Media Outlets to stimulate Buzz
  14. 14. CLIENT PROFILEDiscovery is dedicated to satisfying curiosity through 149 worldwidetelevision networks, led by Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science and Investigation Discovery, as well as US joint venture networks OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, The Hub and 3net, the first 24-hour 3D network. Discovery also is a leading provider of educational products andservices to schools and owns and operates a diversified portfolio of digital media services
  15. 15. TREND ACTIONSIn the next 3-5 years we will not be watching visual content on screens so much but rather on new innovative and advanced technologies. As consumers are becoming accustomed to connecting on the go, they prefer the comfort of knowing their favorite shows are available to them at all timesIt is no longer the content of media but rather the functionality of access on a preferred deviceThe challenge is to create the right content on the right medium. This is why we believe TV Channels such as Discovery Will be teaming up with large computer and other electronic manufacturers to create alliances with these brands and companies in order to stay on top and relevant to new technologies and users.