Hybrid TV & OTT TV for Telco 3.0

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Apr. 18, 2013

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Hybrid TV & OTT TV for Telco 3.0

  1. U TURE OF T V THE F MOBILE TV, OTT, MULTI-SCREEN, SOCIAL TV Hybrid TV & OTT- The Telco Way Andrea Vopini & David Riccitelli (INSIDEOUT10) Rome, 17 April 2013
  2. About Us ✤ Based in Rome, Italy ✤ Streamed audio/video in 1996 for the 1st time using RealAudio 1.0 and a Screen Capture ✤ Created our first start-up while still in High David Riccitelli School ✤ Ended-up installing the Mobile TV in Pakistan, starting a company in Egypt and a commercial Spin-off in Austria ✤ Proud supplier of Telcos & ISP since y2000 Andrea Volpini
  3. What is Hybrid TV? It is a device or service that uses two networks (broadcast and broadband) for data and application delivery. Typical hybrid devices are Internet-connected TV sets and set-top-boxes, PCs with broadcast tuners and mobile phones with broadcast receivers. i (
  4. Boombox TV: The Ultimate ‘80s Gadget For Teens Webtv: The 1st Device That Connects To The Tv In The 90’s
  5. “A bit of our history...
  6. Mina: Online Record 1st Multicast Event (Tiscali, Wind and Telecom) - 250.000 concurrent users and 15 ml hits! 2001
  7. Back then we were convinced that the Future of TV would have been 100% Digital and that Traditional Broadcasters would have been completely disrupted and brutally swiped out in only few years by us (...the Web guys). WE WERE WRONG!
  8. “The future isn’t either traditional or digital: it’s a loop between the two. Television fans want to get involved and be counted. It’s how creative we are in engaging those fans - and keeping them connected even as they move away from the traditional network - that will determine how potent and profitable we will be in the future. Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment FOX Broadcasting (...the cool guy)
  10. Disrupters don’t just play and experiment. They kill. Computers were really radically disruptive; mobile devices are so disruptive that they even disrupted computers, they’re a bigger deal than the dead bookstores. Acclaimed sci-fi writer Bruce Sterling on his closing remark this year at SXSW
  11. After helping all major carriers in Italy to broadcast RAI over their networks we began supplying RAI for their own indepedent broadband infrastructure. offers: - 16 Live TV channels, - 16 Tematic TV channels, - 7 Live Radios + 3 Web Radios - over 1.000 VOD programs (~ 450 hours of new contents every month) serves over 4 million unique users a month (...and growing)
  12. “Let’s get some figures...
  13. MICROSOFT Sony Nintendo Apple Connected Blu-Ray Xbox 360 Playstation 3 Wii TV TV Disk Player Internet Disk Player Games Games Games BB STB Connected w/ Internet Console Console Console (Streamer) TV Set Connection 44.6 ml 41.6 ml 75 ml 44.6 ml 10 ml 5 ml Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide in Europe in Europe Primary Home Connected Devices CE Devices Sourced From Decipher -
  14. TV set Internet-enabled
 TV set DTT Embedded" (Sony Bravia, " Philips Net TV, ...)" OTT TV BOXES" Traditional Set Top BB STB Ibrido (DTT, Lettori Blu-ray/
 Game console
 BB STB Open 
 Sat, Cable, IP)
 DVD" Apple TV" Es: xBos 360, Es: Roku" Cable, Sat, DTT , like: Tivo, CuboVision" PS3" hybrid,IPTV" " Broadcast: 
 Internet IP" Satellite, Cable" (Unmanaged)" TELCO IPTV" BroadBand " Network" The New Content Gate Keepers A quick overview of your Subs’ Living Room and their available network connections
  15. Home On the Move Reaching the widest Audience by supporting: Leveraging on: a) the most popular TV sets via Widgets/Apps a) Digital Identity & SSO (MSISD, IP, Social, ...) & b) the STB Open communities (ie Roku) b) Broadband Network (Premium WEB TV) Dedicated STB SmartPhones Connected TV Tablet 3rd Party STB Broad Band Web Bigger picture: TV Everywhere A Seamless User Experience Accross Multiple Devices
  16. In 2013 we will watch the equivalent of 833 days of online video every single second! Sourced From CISCO 2012 Report
  17. The Connected Consumer
  18. The New Rules of Online Media Consumption Social TV Context Personalization Communicate Transmedia Commerce
  19. Second Screen Engagement enables deep social interactions, major traffic opportunities and a new wave of Ads Social TV Context Personalization Communicate Transmedia Commerce
  20. Wikipedia, Freebase, IMDB and the Web Knowledge Graph adds relevant content augmentations to the video experience Social TV Context Personalization Communicate Transmedia Commerce Semantic Enrichment Powered By
  21. The TV reads your Social Graph, mix it with time, location, device, network, weather your horoscope and more to create... your “filtered” viewing experience Social TV Context Personalization Communicate Transmedia Commerce
  22. Establishing conversations on-the-fly over Facebook, Twitter, Skype or TVoip with friends and connected peers Social TV Context Personalization Communicate Transmedia Commerce
  23. Non-linear storytelling accross multiple devices platforms and formats that can use second-screen technologies Social TV Context Personalization Communicate Transmedia Commerce
  24. Purchasing products - via micropayments and tCommerce combining video, augmented reality, location and mobile payments Social TV Context Personalization Communicate Transmedia Commerce
  26. What Does This Mean for You? ✤ Our first IPTV Project began in 2002-3 when we designed and built a POC of the Libero IPTV that was launched by the end of 2007 (on Microsoft IPTV) ✤ Libero TV was officially shut-down in June 2012 - the overall business model did not work! ✤ Since then we continued supplying Carriers from around Europe as well as Broadcasters with Streaming & IPTV solutions; things went quite differently: ✤ Cubovision is an established business for Telecom Italia, serves 510.000 daily viewers over Web and Mobile, ✤ BT Vision became in 2011 the fastest-growing Pay-TV Service in the UK beating BSKyB for the first time. ✤ Telcos have invested huge loads of money on IPTV but will OTT Providers end up capturing all the value? And how shall they react?
  27. Lessons Learned: There is no “One size fits all” business model Multiplatform Managed OTT-TV is a promising opportunity for Telco ready to combine their direct-to-consumer services with white-label online video services for independent content providers Business models primarly depend on content owners L. Tomassini ”the Inventor” Of CuboVision, (after Leaving Telecom Italia) Now Runs His Sucessfull Business Serving CPs With OTT TV Solutions
  28. Telco 3.0 in the Digital TV World #1 What You Can Offer Cloud 3Screens Services IP/MSISDN Billing Location/ Profiling CRM Presence SSO QOS Multiplatform Content Disruptive Monetization Convergence client fixed & base Strategy mobile Reporting
  29. Telco 3.0 in the Digital TV World #2 What You Can Offer Strong Middleware Cloud Services Value Added Infrastructure
  30. “Back to our story...
  31. 10 years after broadcasting Mina... and a great bunch of Mobile TV, Broadband TV and IPTV projects deployed accross Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa we ended up in... 2011
  32. Mission To provide affordable, scalable and highly reliable streaming services to broadband Customers using the same platform of the MobileTV while minimizing impacts on the core network infrastructure and lowering operational costs
  33. Our Middleware, integrated with Helix Media Delivery and designed for Telco APIs DRM Playout Management 2012 CDN Provider   Balancing CDN/PDN Profiling Cloud Delivery! Infrastructure! Channel Management Playlist Management VOD & Live Ingestion Authentication & SSO
  34. Rome, April 2013 Thank You! Grazie! Danke schön! !‫$#"ا‬ More info on our OTT-TV
  35. CREDITS this presentation is the result of many inspiring ideas and amazing work from media experts and journalists, here is the list: La Rai sul Web, aspetti tecnologici by G. Alberico (Centro Ricerche RAI) "Disrupters don’t just play and experiment. They kill" "Here’s what our web addiction looks like in 2016" Transformative Telecommunication Trends and A Converged View of The Future (McCann) BBC Presentation The Future of TV by Richard Kastelein A Telco Road to OTT TV by Antonio Pavolini any idea, graphics or meme belonging to us is available for sharing, copying and re-mixing under creative commons license 3.0