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fault tolerance hpc challenges internet ransomware mri expert system mobile application parallel computing decision making internet of things (iot) template security vulnerabilities image processing techniques hybrid image compression algorithm data compression evidence correlation forensic gsm gps virtualization distributed system eigen value cybercrime forensics api semantic web servers multi-user sharing data sharing social network usability dataset intrusion detection artificial bee colony particle swarm optimization wireless sensor networks sentiment analysis trust median filter fitness multi-agent systems performance bluetooth availability communication technology digital signature pca conceptual model sdn pso principal component analysis cipher text plain text technology proquest international distributed systems thomson reuters mobile application development mobile apps urdu language football risk analysis github support vector machine. linear discriment analysis dominant frequency multivariate wavelet decomposition motor imagery eeg signal developing countries identity-based cryptography commodities smuggling pairings in elliptic curves realtime capture mode (rcm) offline capture mode (ocm) packet capture (pcap) on-demand network data set creation application (o relim unlicensed spectrum coexistence listen-before-talk wireless fidelity long term evolution disassociation process dos attack iot security services ieee 802.15.4 standard deep learning anomoly-based intrusion detection system host-based intrusion detection system virtulization two-tier meta-learner stacked generalization ensemble method detection e-mail process protocol data privacy security protocol mobile banking human identification python electrocardiograph signals support vector machines k-nearest neighbors tradeoff route optimization network mobility mobile ipv6 decision tree word2vec keywords extraction survey case study global software development distributed development peer evaluation team interactions human-computer working memory affordance cognitive load sonnet software. bandwidth c-band return loss substrate thickness m-shaped patch microstrip patch antenna hybrid hierarchically distributed data matrixframe big data processing image binirization and gap filling method geometric properties of text horizontal and vertical projection api calls regular expressions malware classification malware analysis review quality of service soft computing dc power supply robot chassis 7805 ic crystal(3.57mhz) motor driver (l293d) dc motor mobile phone dtmf (dual tone multiple frequency) board (mt8870) journal software defined networs botnet security threats integrity digital library knn diagonal vertical horizontal local binary pattern local binary pattern (lbp) palm vein recognition academia.edu and ebsco linkedin researchgate doaj dblp isi scopus ei compendex cornell’s university library citeseerx arxiv hidden markov random fields kernel matrix kernel k-means pairwise constraints high dimensional data semi-supervised clustering spectrogram of image and spectral components of sp l*a*b image mean euclidian distance scatter plot simulated annealing swarm intelligence hybrid systems similarity relatedness measure semantic similarit information content friedman combinatorial optimization traveling salesman problem heuristics metaheuristics cross-correlation speech recognition application specific integrated circuit (asic) field programmable gate-array (fpga) advanced encryption standard (aes) model validation message sequence chart (msc) specification and description language (sdl) signaling multiparty videoconferencing systems webrtc association algorithm induction method analytic service model (asm) data mining (dm) business intelligence (bi) image features and feature detection imagestitching panorama neural network and support vector machine silhouette biometric feature gait iot center vmware pulse moving object extraction malicious attack 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language english language android acquisition messenger food identification surf bof point feature matching ica. mrmr ga cbm relief technology. architecture navigation map api pleomorphism nucleus cervical cancer celestial spectral data ultrametric frequent itemsets mining truth discovery. medical knowledge extraction (mke) collaborative intrusion detection system (cids) number theory research unit (ntru) intrusion wasms arduino board gprs zigbee sensors cost-effective storage data reliability data deduplication side minimizing data replication neural network (nn) features from accelerated segment test (fast) principle component analysis (pca) epizootic ulcerative syndrome (eus) span acsr answer quality content quality assessment ranking cuda gpgpu gpu and drawl in wsn lisa llsp lsec mini sec twists ieee 802.15.4 tiny sec k-nearest neighbor (k-nn) and probabilistic neural genetic algorithm (ga) classification accuracy gray level co-occurrence matrix (glcm) brain tumors glcm gabor filters zernike moment random forest bat algorithm (ba) velum oropharyngeal tongue epiglottis (vote) ensemble convolutional neural network with vote cl ensemble feature selection (efs) obstructive sleep apnea (osa) nigeria information and communication technologies (ict) e-governance aviation industry and blowfish ecc role based access control energy hole problem mobile sink clustering protocols protected procedure wsn kdd cup 99 anomaly detection algorithm interference topology ad-hoc networks mikrotik dos (denial of service) metarouter content-aware image resizing extreme gradient boosting seam carving digital image forensics salt and pepper noise guassian noise psmf ssim mssim cnlm impulse noise soma technology education virtual community learning feedback method interactive teaching chronic kidney disease caesar cipher sifs tcp rtt mpsd mac fuzzy gaussian 3d model channel modelling vehicle power line channel power line communication disc-shaped and epoxy resin cavities variable frequency simulation partial discharges anisotropy edema diffusion tensor image ranking algorithm requirements prioritization requirements engineering software systems symphony orchestras non-profit organizations gis sd lar dlar dsdlar vanet pu peu aw qi se cnv tam low-pass filter high-pass filter fir filters ecg signal electrocardiogram darpa dataset detection rules snort network intrusion detection system (nids) url xml firebase auth devices laptop ram live forensics message prometheus gaia feature analysis framework agent oriented methodology agents expectation maximization conversion prediction advertisement recommendation addition-composition fully homomorphic encryption schemes master-slave disks. data syncing hardware and software data storage latency mirroring redundancy disk less clients raid cross-correlation coefficient standard deviation 2d filtering signal to noise ratio research methodologies skeletal image kinect sensor hidden markov model (hmm) natural languages processing arabic-morphology light stemmer keyword-searching arabic information retrieval crop disease diagnostic domain crop management inference engine knowledge base dead space sequence pair simulated annealing algorithm vlsi floorplanning research methodologies. transmission system opportunities network architecture risk assessment risks rule-based site management & buildings department(smb) knowledge based system design process j48.reptree weka software clusters nof network- based outlier detection approach inscription images filling thickening frankle mccann retinex organizations problems human collaboration heterogeneity alcohol consumption prediction student’s performance multimedia real- time streaming congestion control approaches leakage current analog to digital comparator double tail comparator sleepy inverter secure collabaorative routing trust-based protocol wireless d2d communications hetrogeneous networks mental retardation perinatology risk factors diagnostic instruments assessment diagnosis neuropathology neuroimaging disconnection syndrome copy number variation complex genetics autism spectrum disorders owc model laser oow model data and authentication. key orthogonal endoscopy dsa tomography ultrasound iitv ofdm wsn. congestion avoidance hybrid cluster sensor node auction sharing resources exchange badal fine-grained permission attribute-based permission android smartphone high dimensional dataset evolutionary algorithms development policy making knowledge extraction display boards bus navigation system smart cities public transport network threat data bayesian network rust disease uncertainty wheat support and confidence rough set data sfla arm apriori algorithm sugarsync onedrive hightail google drive dropbox response time comparison evolution application performance comparison code shortening reed – solomon erasure meta-model pim model psm model interoperability model parabolic trough collector new innovative approach of water distillation improve the efficiency of tracking sun tracker new control algorithm texture feature zssd sicltp ltp lbp arabic- system usability scale standard usability questionnaire mobile first companies sus system usability scale app usability fingerprint templates cryptosystems attacks digital metadata task migration virtual machines server consolidation cloud center ring signature group sharing forward secrecy authenticity anonymity static hand gesture skin color fourier descriptor combinational features back-propagation lngd. library sort insertion sort sorting restricted boltzmann machine and convolutional neu autoencoder deep belief network hash function. cross-site scripting attacks http protocol cookies pso (particle swarm optimization) vm (virtual machine) csp (cloud service provider) performance evaluation youtube dct transformations bivariate generalized gamma mixture model routing protocol. mac protocol cross layer wsns pso and hbmo. grvq apoa compression vector quantization security on smartphones identity theft applocker oled iot adaptation identifiers personal identifiable information (pii) identification information privacy physical machine virtual machine consolidation direct migration resource allocation energy consumption data center energy green cloud information system communication system best practices frameworks it grc rule based system agriculture knowledge engineering supervised learning nsl-kdd intrusion detection systems message broker rabbitmq distributed application rest web services snr and covariance matrix. normalized error lda san ilp fault tolerant data replica placement bipartite graph photogrammetry and point cloud active passive lidar digitization important sites heritage 3d modeling anti- forensics recovery virtual absolute distance generalized regression neural network(grnn) olap multidimensional modelling etl cube multidimensional data analysis java visual prolog logic programming language simulators neural networks sse-cmm iso 27002 maturity level security system academic information security enterprise architecture. concept of operation conops archimate cr et matlab hv partitioning fractal dwt video compression histogram digital data hiding csp migration vendor lock-in fixed effects panel models nonnegative garrote knowledge management improved inverted indexing technique resource description framework socia networks link prediction sensor deployment. mesh network sinr social networking digitalization mobile computing mongodb apache spark nosql databases big data analyticsy distribution feeder power losses short circuit level voltage solar pv system decryption. volvox colony hybridvr algorithm(hvr) reproduction algorithm(vr) aes and triple des. invertible nonlinear function desd crypto technique cloud service provider recombination image scrambling decomposition chaotic system color image encryption. code book coding theory storage proposed k-means algorithm k-means algorithm unsupervised learning centroids clustering algorithm noise top-hat filtering gaussian filter citrus storage. resource management-user requirements- academic cl knowledge based authentication information retrieval softcast and wavelet scales. denoising clone attacks botnets 802.11 adhoc network wireless networks shoulder-surfing graphical password social big data multi class classification big data analytics residual artifact hadoop platform forensic readiness forensic investigation liecount digital image processing distance camera lie detection honeypot malcodes ids indicators of compromise malware authentication systems. keystroke dynamics probability compression ratio lossless compression lossy compression image compression cloud storage deduplication measurement matrix sparsity compressive sensing convergent encryption min-min algorithm anomaly conflict model rough sets theory conflict analysis energy function hopfield neural network bivalent quadratic programming weighted constraint satisfaction problems v4.0-interval) database-circular distribution iris normalization-casia(v1.0 microcontroller chip random number generator (rng) physical unclonable function (puf) diffusion of innovation. gwea enterprise architecture backtrack on deflection failure. optical burst switching contention problem deflection reflection routing deflection path activity theory (at) information and communications technology (ict) data analytics healthcare analytics twitter term frequency-inverse document frequency naive bayes r multipoint relays watchdog blackhole stagnation multicast tree delayed convergence ant colony diagramming system as a whole methods attributes objects flow things conceptual modeling object-oriented class diagram energy efficient ant colony optimization fact-finder microblogging recommender systems cyclic cubic graph wheel cy- cle energy graph matlab program chromosome priority genetic algorithms load balancing ann. regression exchange rate consumer price index inflation rate gdp and shipt wavelet cholesterol detection radial basis function ann fpga crossover and mutation. rectification location identification gene based refactoring code smell detection software quality maintenance software refactoring proactive approach fetch time estimation re-crawl fuzzy sets data dissemination qos delay vanets methodologies for agentoriented software developme agent-based software engineering intelligent electornic patient record management s telecommunication network administrations. distributed artificial intelligence (dai) maximal ratio combining rayleigh fading space time processing wlan quality control instrument aromatic rice enose resilience remote monitoring hybrid architecture wireless sensors networks total harmonic distortion and dc motor. ac-dc converter elippse detection cicrle detection elippse recognition cicrle recognition computer vision contextawareness context-as-a-service optimization algorithm directed acyclic graph task scheduling competency based approach gaussian mixture model gmm. relative spectral transform perceptual linear pred gammatone frequency cepstral coefficients gfcc robust speaker identification educational content learning engine optimized butterfly graph hash chain communication overhead authentication possibility butterfly graph bilinear pairing elliptic curve certificate less egyptian colleges academic performance student perception social media tools social networks sites macroblocks snr svc quality svc moition estmation motion vector unified modeling language packbits algorithm lsb based steganography haar wavelet transform optimised kd-tree indexing nearestkd-tree indexing multibiometrics indexing linked list. avl tree modulo ten environment visualizing images (envi) program software programming image noise satellite image morphological operation. contrast enhancement blindness microaneurysm diabetic retinopathy http-tunnels firewalls application detection protocol tunnelling three-dimensional morph able models. multimodal emotion recognition image registration guided particle swarm optimization security techniques. security issues hyper-heuristic model bio-inspired model generic model model for solving combinatorial optimisation probl hyper-heuristics physical plant diagrammatic representation engineering system overlay networks transparent proxy server transport layer security software-defined management network design cross-layer transactionalitemsets distributed computation secret key sharing rough sets association rule mining membership function quantification of expression fuzzy rule weighted model) energy model system model (cost model offloading mobile cloud computing(mcc) one time password international mobile equipment identity persuasive cued click points lsb. hpso secondary schools. science studies education delivery platform automation integration algorithms tools models accuracy predictive analytics petri net processes modeling route changing dynamic dispatching ambulance services icjsis and encryption. diffusion five levels shift rotation kdf prng trng subkeys generation seed cache invalidation caching strategies cooperative caching mobile ad hoc network dhaka stock exchange support vector regression financial time series forecasting design phase sdlc class design security metrics software engineering arabic text classification arabic text mining arabic corpus distance bounding technique and differential e v o attacks in vanets vanets (vehicular adhoc networks) mqtt key distribution publish/subscribe npn symmetric & asymmetric cryptography des aes lie academia computing ebsco engineering virtual classroom hand-raise gesture detection face detection computer plug in architecture architecture component-based data-centric architecture erp rtl design rtl simulation symbolic execution test case generation creation and analysis of fsm design finite-state machine j48 social media swahili tweets naïve bayes
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