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Parallel Wireless Webinar: 5G at #MWC19


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Webinar recording can be watched and slides can be downloaded from BrightTalk:

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Parallel Wireless Webinar: 5G at #MWC19

  1. 1. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 5G at #MWC19 Presented by: Zahid Ghadialy Senior Director, Strategic Marketing #PWTechTrain
  2. 2. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 2 Presented by Zahid Ghadialy, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing Zahid is a technologist with a deep understanding of architecting world- class mobile products and solutions. With over 20 years of experience in telecom industry as an engineer, programmer, analyst, researcher, architect, trainer, product manager and technical marketer, he has witnessed the highs and lows of this industry. He is a skeptic and often challenges conventional wisdom. He was a part of the team responsible for the first 3G network rollout in Japan and Europe. Since then he has worked extensively in mobile technologies like 3G, 4G and now 5G. He is also widely recognized as an evangelist for new technologies, often talking about them in various industry fora, conferences and blogs; separating the hype from the real world applications & services. Zahid’s blog link: Presenters
  3. 3. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 3 • 07 Mar 2019 – 5G 101 Part 1 (Zahid Ghadialy) • 26 Mar 2019 – Parallel Wireless Unified 2G/3G/4G/5G Open vRAN (Babak Jafarian & Zahid Ghadialy) • 02 Apr 2019 – 5G 101 Part 2 (Zahid Ghadialy) • 11 Apr 2019 – 5G at MWC 2019 (Zahid Ghadialy) • 02 May 2019 – 5G NR Logical Architecture and its Functional Split Options (Babak Jafarian) • 16 May 2019 – 5G Orchestration and Network Management (Babak Jafarian) • 30 May 2019 – Tackling Network Densification Challenges for 5G (Babak Jafarian) • More coming soon. Follow #PWTechTrain on Twitter & LinkedIn Webinar Series Details
  4. 4. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 4 Parallel Wireless Parallel Wireless 4 Engaged with 30 operators on 6 continents. Public: A NEED FOR INNOVATION AND INDUSTRY DISRUPTION • World’s only unified 2G/3G/4G/5G virtualized cellular solution • 5G ready architecture today • 50 + industry awards for industry innovation and disruption • World’s SMALLEST with lowest power consumption base stations • World’s ONLY complete end-to-end public safety LTE solution • Making any cellular deployments as easy as Wi-Fi deployment with automation • Significant TCO reduction: w/10 times faster deployment, 58% CAPEX & 60 % OPEX reduction Tier 1 LATAM Operator: cost Complexity
  5. 5. 5 5G-NATIVE ARCHITECTURE 5© Parallel Wireless Inc. Proprietary & Confidential EPC NGCN ALL-G Software Platform LTE NR LTE UE NG UE NR Control Plane LTE User Plane LTE Control Plane NR User Plane • 5G-native architecture: will facilitate easy migration from All G’s to 5G with SA or NSA • Interoperability • 4G core investments extension • TCO savings: flexibility to choose any migration option and timeline → PW architecture is designed 5G ready
  6. 6. © Parallel Wireless Inc. Proprietary & Confidential 6 EASY AND FLEXIBLE MIGRATION STRATEGY WITH 5G NATIVE ARCHITECTURE Option 1: SA LTE connected to EPC LTE EPC ALL-G Software Platform Option 2: SA NR connected to 5GC Option 5: SA LTE connected to 5GC Option 3: NSA LTE assisted NR connected to EPC Option 4: NSA NR assisted LTE connected to 5GC Option 7: NSA LTE assisted NR connected to 5GC NR 5GC ALL-G Software Platform LTE 5GC ALL-G Software Platform LTE NR [EN-DC] EPC LTE NR [NE-DC] 5GC LTE NR [NGEN-DC] 5GC ALL-G Software Platform ALL-G Software Platform ALL-G Software Platform EPC 5GC (NGCN) NSA (Non-standalone) SA (Standalone) With 5G native architecture MNOs can select ANY migration option based on their timelines and budget MIGRATION STRATEGY
  7. 7. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 7 Only company at #MWC19 Openly Talking about ALL Gs
  8. 8. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 8 Parallel Wireless at Telecom Infra Project ‘OpenRAN 5G NR’ Group Launch
  9. 9. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 9 • Reimagining 2G: Future-Proof Your 2G Network • Reimagining 3G: Profit From Your 3G Network • Reimagining 4G: Improve Coverage for Your 4G Network • 5G Demo: Software-Upgrade Your Network to 5G • Vodafone & Telefonica Present Results of Open RAN RFI at TIP Summit 2018 Parallel Wireless 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G Demo Videos from MWC 2019
  10. 10. Topics Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary • In this webinar, we will look at: ⎯ MWC 2019 Metrics ⎯ 5G @ MWC 2019 Topics • Wi-Fi Announcements • Devices & Wearables • M2M & IoT • Drones • Consumer & AI • V2X • Operator Announcements • Open RAN • Antennas • Applications & Use Cases • Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Private Networks ⎯ 5G Issues & Challenges ⎯ 6G 10
  11. 11. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 11 • 109,000 (2K up from 2018) visitors from 198 countries and territories attended MWC19 Barcelona • 2,400 Exhibitors over 120,000 square metres (roughly equivalent to 16 football pitches) • More than 55 percent of this year’s MWC attendees held senior-level positions (same as 2018), including 7,900 CEOs (200 up from 2018) • 3,640 international media and industry analysts • release/gsma-wraps-up-hugely-successful- mwc19-barcelona/ MWC 19 Organizer Metrics
  12. 12. Wi-Fi Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Facebook Connectivity
  13. 13. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 13 • Cisco teams up with Samsung to make the promise of Wi-Fi 6 a reality ⎯ Validate that Wi-Fi 6 actually delivers faster connections, more capacity, and longer battery life. • Broadcom introduced Wi-Fi 6 chip for mass-market smartphones. ⎯ BCM43752: Dual-Band 802.11ax Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 5 Combo Chip • Intel delivers world’s first 6 GHz Wi-Fi demo at MWC ⎯ Legacy 802.11 technologies wont be allowed to use 6GHz spectrum 802.11ax a.k.a. Wi-Fi 6 was hot news
  14. 14. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 14 • Express Wi-Fi is a division within Facebook Connectivity, a group of global internet connectivity initiatives by Facebook. As one of several programs under the Facebook Connectivity umbrella, it partners with mobile network operators and internet service providers to provide internet access via public Wi-Fi hotspots that are "fast, affordable, and reliable" (as per Facebook). Facebook assists partners by providing a comprehensive Wi-Fi platform that partners can leverage to better manage and grow their Wi-Fi offerings. – Wikipedia • New Express Wi-Fi Partners: ⎯ Operators: CellC in South Africa, Vodafone in Ghana, and Globe in the Philippines ⎯ Technology Partners: Nokia, Aruba, and Edgecore Networks will join Arista, Cambium Networks, and Ruckus Networks as part of the Express Wi-Fi Technology Partner program to build hardware and software that powers Express Wi-Fi. ⎯ Cambium Networks, an existing Express Wi-Fi Technology Partner, is integrating Facebook’s self-organizing mesh access (SOMA) technology into their line of Wi-Fi products, enabling more operators to easily deploy Wi-Fi networks at scale. • SOMA is a self-organizing, self-healing mesh Wi-Fi technology that allows for greater self-configuration, reliability, and performance and reduces the need for operators to spend time manually configuring their networks. Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi momentum with partners
  15. 15. Devices & Wearables Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 15
  16. 16. • 4.6in screen on the outside • 7.3in screen on the inside. Special material inside does not form crease • Opens out like a book for watching videos, browsing the web or multitasking with three apps on the go simultaneously. • As Galaxy Fold opens and closes, apps automatically show up on other screen where you leave off. • Available end of April in 4G & 5G version. • Price $1,980. • More details on website. • Samsung released a video of their Galaxy Fold test Robot here. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 16 Samsung Galaxy Fold
  17. 17. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 17 Huawei Mate X Foldable 5G Phone Source: Ben Wood Tweet 1, Tweet 2 • Fold-outward design vs Samsung’s Fold-in – spent 3 years perfecting the hinge • Unfolded: 8 inches, Folded: 6.6 inches for front panel, 6.38 inches for back panel • Leica camera - 40 MP (Wide Angle Lens) + 16 MP (Ultra Wide Angle Lens) + 8 MP (Telephoto) • Fingerprint sensor built into its power button • 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage • Large battery and a new 55W version of the firms SuperCharge technology that can reach 85% from zero in 30 minutes. • Price $2,600 Official website
  18. 18. • Dual-screen smartphone • Experience multi-player games with rich, ultra-realistic graphics and near- instantaneous response for human-like reflex now on mobile. • 5-camera phone, three rear cameras and two on the front, capture truly original selfies, pictures, and videos that are rich in detail. • 6.4-inch QHD+ OLED FullVision Display with 19.5:9 aspect ratio • Default 128GB storage and 6GB RAM. • Price $1,047 + Second Display $193 Official website Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 18 LG V50 ThinQ 5G Source: Marc Allera
  19. 19. • 6.39 inches, 100.2 cm2 (~85.0% screen-to-body ratio) • 12MP AI dual camera. For selfies, 24MP + 2MP dual camera setup. • Special "highly-advanced" hybrid cooling system to reduce the heat generated passively • Price €599($670) – Available May Official website Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 19 Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G Source: Neil Shah
  20. 20. • Phablet with hotspot, media streamer and smart speakers • Dual charging capability – charge lasts all day • Connects up to 20 devices • 5-inch screen, a lock button, microSD card slot, 802.11ad wi-fi, ports for both ethernet and USB-C, and even a full build of Android 9 Pie. • Will be released with Sprint first, price unavailable Official website Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 20 HTC 5G Hub Pic source Ben Wood & Gizmodo Read more at Gizmodo
  21. 21. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 21 Sony 5G mmWave Smartphone Prototype From Anritsu Booth
  22. 22. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 22 Most Powerful 5G modem: Huawei Balong vs Qualcomm Snapdragon Source: GSM Arena Huawei comparing Balong vs Snapdragon Picture Source: Anshel Sag Note that Snapdragon X55 supports 4G LTE as well as “legacy” technologies like 3G and 2G. Both the GSM and CDMA versions are supported, so EDGE, EV-DO, etc. are all covered by this single modem.
  23. 23. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 23 Microsoft HoloLens 2 AR Headset Pic source: • Ben Wood • Industry week Video: On stage live demo from #MWC19 Interesting video clips from Evan Kirstel on Twitter on HoloLens: • Anatomy of human body • MWC 19 Mashable Clip • CNN Business clip
  24. 24. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 24 Huawei released 5G CPE Pro – 5G Backhaul, Wi-Fi 6 Access Output 5G CPE router for Smart Home which drives Wi-Fi 6 with 5G backhaul. Also include Huawei's HiLink smart home platform for controlling third party smart home devices – Source: Neil Shah
  25. 25. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 25 Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway – CPE for FWA Suri unveils FastMile 5G Gateway, self-contained residential device using 4G/5G to bring internet into home's Wi-Fi net - #MWC19 #NokiaIAR (holding unit on stage, adds @nokia brings "innovation with beauty") - Ken Rehbehn
  26. 26. M2M & IoT Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary
  27. 27. • Quectel 5G 2.6GHz End-to-end Products • Quectel 5G modules RG500Q and RM500Q featuring Snapdragon X55 modem were unveiled as one of the world's first 5G modules • Quectel's 5G modules RG500Q/RG510Q and RM500Q/RM510Q are designed for enterprise and mobile broadband applications such as fixed wireless access, mobile hotspot devices, and public safety and surveillance applications. • Official PR • Official Tweet Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 27 Quectel 2.6GHz X55 based 5G IoT modules
  28. 28. • 5G ready, supports 3GPP Release 14 and 15 and LTE UE categories M1/NB1/NB2. • In a single chip, Monarch 2 integrates baseband, RF, RAM, MCU, and power management. • Supports all power classes +23/20/14 dBm, allowing deployments by all operators around the world with efficient network capacity and data plans. • Dedicated MCU is able to scale from ultra-low power to high-performance mode to best fit customer applications. • Embedded secure element (SE) offers the highest, government-grade security level possible, EAL5+, for powerful iUICC capability. • Official Sequans MWC19 website. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 28 Sequans Monarch 2: Most Advanced LTE for IoT Chip Platform RCR Wireless Interview with CEO Georges Karam
  29. 29. • Lots of demos on Orange stand: ⎯ Indoor smart tracking ⎯ Live Booster, the turnkey and all-in-one solution for connecting your objects ⎯ Live Tracker, next generation tag, more reliable than Bluetooth tags, that will use the cellular networks dedicated to the Internet of Things. ⎯ Orange Energie: Solution for off-grid electrification embraces green innovation with solar energy for populations living in areas with no access or restricted access to electricity. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 29 Orange IoT Zone
  30. 30. Drones Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary
  31. 31. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary Ooredoo’s 5G Aerial Taxi Official Press Release Official Video Check 3G4G Blog post on Drones from #MWC19
  32. 32. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 32 Turkcell’s 5G connected Dronecell Turkcell Official Dronecell Website 3G4G Small Cell Blog on Turkcell’s domestic drone
  33. 33. From LMT’s official website on Mobile Network-Enabled UTM Platform: • It is believed that the most safe and successful real-time communication can be done through the mobile network, particularly in the 5G network, that's specifically created for UAV-to-UAV (U2U) and UAV-to-Infrastructure (U2I) communication. • It follows that mobile operators can play a major role in the development of UTM platforms. LMT is currently working together with the public and private sector to lay the foundations for such an ecosystem. • Some of the planned functionality of the platform includes: ⎯ safe LLA (low level altitude) communication network for UAS ⎯ population density information ⎯ UAS tracking ⎯ a detect and avoid system ⎯ real-time communication throughout all the flight (BVLOS) • Our unique ability to apply our network coverage and all of its benefits (notably, licensed spectrum, secure communication, national wide network coverage, etc.), leads to unparalleled safety and usability. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 33 LMT, Latvia’s Mobile Network-Enabled UTM Platform More info about LMT at Operator Watch Blog
  34. 34. From Samsung PR: • A Drone carrying a very low latency, high- quality video system is piloted from the Orange booth at the Fira de Barcelona. • The drone, which is located outdoors at an Orange datacenter, carries a 5G router (CPE) that is used to transfer commands to the drone and transmit a high-quality video feed with low latency. • At the Orange booth, the pilot can be seen controlling the drone by using a 5G tablet. • Aeromedia, a leading drone operator, collaborated in this demo. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 34 Samsung Electronics, Cisco and Orange Remotely Piloted 5G Drone
  35. 35. • Huawei calls SkySite as a drone with integrated 5G base station • Designed for emergency coverage after a site failure due to technical issues or natural disasters like earthquakes or floods. • The drone weighs just 7 kgs. • Tethering is used for providing power as well as fiber for communication between the CU/DU on the ground as the '5G Book' RRU on the drone. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 35 Huawei SkySite: Drone with 5G base station & '5G Book' RRU More detail on 3G4G Small Cells Blog
  36. 36. Consumer & AI Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary
  37. 37. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 37 ZTE Drumming & Piano Playing Robots Video from Twitter ZTE Tweet on Low latency control of Robot over 5G
  38. 38. • Demonstrating low-latency by phone based motion capture. Robots duplicating the motion • Official Tweet • Unofficial Tweet Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 38 MediaTek AI Robots: Real-time Human Pose Tracking
  39. 39. Official Press Release: • two ground-breaking technologies: intelligent robot joints - Smart Compliant Actuators (SCAs), and a cloud brain – Human Augmented Robotic Intelligence with Extreme Reality (HARIX) • The advantage of a "cloud robot" like XR-1 is that, by placing its AI brain in the cloud, it can utilize powerful AI engines, collective learning capabilities, and scalability, to achieve a high level of intelligence while still providing low cost and low battery consumption for the robot body. • Not sure what 5G was doing • Cathy in action: Video by Scott Stonham Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 39 XR1 a.k.a. 'Cathy' the CloudMinds Technology Inc Robot barista Picture Source: Godfrey Mutabazi
  40. 40. • 5G offers new possibilities in terms of wireless connection of AGV with very high data rates (for video uploads for example), low latency (for a very good responsiveness and manageability) and especially a sanctuarization of the quality of service for these critical flows guarantee that they are established and maintained end-to-end even when there is a load on the network. • The model used is a real industrial robot, capable of towing a load of 150 kg for 8 hours, used in supply chain production of a large aeronautical industry. • Official website (in French) Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 40 Orange 5G for Industrial Robots: Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  41. 41. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 41 Aura : Telefonica’s AI digital assistant Aura will be available Google Smart speaker in 2019 and in many new countries. Today Aura is available in 6 countries, in 2019 it will be available in 9 countries. – Source Maria Rua Aguete More about Aura on Operator Watch Blog
  42. 42. V2X Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary
  43. 43. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 43 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) Grows to 110 Members Official 5GAA PR – presentations at bottom of this page Pictures Source: Oliver Goldich
  44. 44. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 44 Qualcomm announced 5G dual SIM & 4G LTE with integrated C-V2X and WiFi6 Source Tweet: Patrick Moorhead Qualcomm PR: Qualcomm Announces Wi-Fi 6 For Automotive, Bringing Greater Capacity for Premium In-Vehicle Experiences Qualcomm PR: Automotive Industry’s First 5G Dual SIM Dual Active and Latest 4G LTE- Advanced Pro-Tiered Platform Portfolio With Integrated C-V2X and Precise Positioning Support For Next Generation Vehicles (New Platforms for Connected Vehicles Anticipated to be Available in 2021)
  45. 45. • BMW Group and Daimler AG invest more than €1 billion in joint mobility services provider ⎯ Mercedes-Benz is a division of Daimler • The cooperation comprises five joint ventures: ⎯ REACH NOW for multimodal services, ⎯ CHARGE NOW for charging ⎯ FREE NOW for taxi ride-hailing ⎯ PARK NOW for parking ⎯ SHARE NOW for car-sharing. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 45 BMW & Daimler invest €1 billion in joint mobility services provider Read more at: AutoMobilSport Official PR: Daimler at MWC 2019
  46. 46. Official website • Three assisted driving use cases ⎯ Detection of a pedestrian at a zebra crossing ⎯ Detection of cyclists when turning right ⎯ Detection of a non-moving car on the road with low visibility • In addition, implementing Ficosa's C-V2X technology in cars provides the driver with a "sixth sense" • World’s first use case of 5G in-car entertainment including the download of 4K contents through 5G. In this case, the car is equipped with the new Qualcomm 5G chipset, which, together with the video storage at the Edge, allows the streaming of 4K contents. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 46 Teleefonica and Seat 5G Assisted Driving Picture Source: Lise Fuhr
  47. 47. • AT&T and Vodafone Business are working together to accelerate Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and innovation in the automotive industry. • The companies will prioritize projects to enhance safety, security and entertainment capabilities. Key areas of focus will be: ⎯ 5G and autonomous vehicle technology ⎯ V2X capabilities (vehicle-to-everything) ⎯ In-vehicle entertainment ⎯ Connected car applications and services ⎯ Global service quality models ⎯ Connected car/ smart cities intersection Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 47 AT&T and Vodafone Business partner to Drive IoT Connectivity Picture Source: Fierce Wireless Official Press Release from AT&T Website
  48. 48. Operator Announcements Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary
  49. 49. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 49 Telefónica Open Access and Edge Computing Picture source: Ian Fogg Patrick Lopez – Edge vs Cloud • Official Telefonica PR: Telefónica presents the first prototype of an open and convergent access network that integrates fixed and mobile, and enables Edge Computing • Telefónica whitepaper: Telefónica Open Access and Edge Computing
  50. 50. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 50 Telefónica Open Access and Edge Computing Picture Source: Pablo Armagni
  51. 51. Official Website: • TIP launches open RAN 5G NR project group, led by Sprint, Vodafone • Set to launch mobile 5G in May in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Kansas City. • Sprint 5G will cover more than 1,000 square miles across those nine markets. • Sprint will launch the LG V50 ThinQ 5G this spring as its first 5G device. • Sprint is the exclusive U.S. carrier of HTC 5G Hub, launching this spring – bringing smooth video streaming, lower-latency, virtually buffer-free gaming and 5G mobile hotspot connectivity for up to 20 users. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 51 Sprint at MWC Barcelona 2019
  52. 52. • Data-Only Operator Rain Launched Africa's First 5G Network (Forbes) ⎯ But they announced a launch at AfricaCom 2018 as well • Rain offers data-only SIM cards and has become a disruptive force in South Africa which suffers from very high mobile data costs. • The 5G network will be provided by Huawei • Nokia announced partnership with Rain as well (see PR) Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 52 Rain, South Africa launches Africa’s first 5G
  53. 53. Open RAN Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary
  54. 54. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 54 Rakuten: Open, Virtualized & Disaggregated RAN More details on Operator Watch Blog
  55. 55. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 55 Rakuten Vision of Fully Virtualized Cloud-Native Mobile Network
  56. 56. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 56 Rakuten’s 6 Steps to a Zero Trust, Zero Touch Network Picture Source: Susan Welsh de Grimaldo DC – Data Centre GC – Pre-aggregation site CDC – Centralized Data Centers DC(GC) – The virtualized Distributed Unit (vDU) processing lower layers of the radio stack and virtualized Central Unit (vCU) processing upper layers of the radio stack, reside here. See Cisco blog for more details.
  57. 57. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 57 “One aspect perhaps of note is that although Rakuten has mentioned an Open vRAN in passing, it is not adopting any formal specs from the likes of O-RAN Alliance or TIP. Open refers to the open API nature of the RAN platforms, allowing for multi vendor RRH to vRAN connections, as well as back to orchestration and automation platforms.” Source: TMN Magazine Is Rakuten Network Open RAN?
  58. 58. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 58 NEC 5G Open RAN enabled Radio Unit (RU)
  59. 59. Official Blog post from TIP: • Vodafone and Telefonica now are initiating OpenRAN field trials, having used the RFI to identify Altiostar, Mavenir and Parallel Wireless as collaborators. • Vodafone has 25 planned trial sites in Turkey carrying commercial traffic over a Parallel Wireless 2G+4G Macro Site in the 900Mhz band • Next wave of OpenRAN trial deployments in Africa, with the Vodacom Group, Mavenir, and Parallel Wireless. • Vodafone UK brings Mavenir’s small base stations indoors • Telefonica is deploying sites in Peru, Colombia, and Argentina for their pilot OpenRAN trials, which include RFI winners Parallel Wireless and Altiostar. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 59 Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Turns Three, moves into production phase Source Picture: Light Reading
  60. 60. Official Website • The OpenRAN 5G NR Project Group will collaborate via TIP to define a whitebox platform for a 5G NR access point that is easy to configure and deploy. ⎯ New TIP project group for disaggregated 5G NR small cell/base station with global operators along with a set of lead OEMs and SoC partners to develop a white-box 5G NR solution, to include a 5G NR compatible baseband unit; antenna and RF; and provisioning layer. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 60 Telecom Infra Project (TIP) sets up ‘OpenRAN 5G NR’ Group Parallel Wireless is part of the OpenRAN 5G NR group
  61. 61. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 61 • The 3G4G Blog: A quick tutorial on Open RAN, vRAN & White Box RAN • TMN Magazine: Taking the Open RAN commercial - Part I: O-RAN Alliance • TMN Magazine: Rakuten makes a real racket about its virtual network at MWC - Open RAN Part II: Ra Ra Rakuten • TMN Magazine: Open RAN at the TIP-ping point - Open RAN: Part III. • Case Study: Parallel Wireless Open RAN Helps Vodafone to Modernize Legacy Networks (in this webinar attachments) Open RAN Tutorial & Related Articles
  62. 62. Antennas And Massive MIMO Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary
  63. 63. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 63 This was a very big announcement at MWC 2019. Read official announcement here • Ericsson increases investments in 5G antenna technology • Intends to acquire Kathrein’s antenna and filters division with around 4,000 skilled professionals to complement Ericsson’s in-house capabilities and competences • The transaction is expected to close in third quarter 2019 • Preliminary and unaudited revenues from the acquired part of Kathrein were approximately EUR 270 million in 2018, excluding sales to Ericsson Ericsson to acquire Kathrein’s antenna and filters business
  64. 64. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 64 SK Telecom 5G Access Solution
  65. 65. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 65 ZTE sub-6GHz RRU’s
  66. 66. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 66 Comba AAU and CPE
  67. 67. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 67 Ericsson Radio Stripe Read more at The 3G4G Blog Picture Source: Keith Dyer
  68. 68. Challenges of 5G deployment, according to Zhengmao Li, EVP China Mobile (biggest operator on the world). • 5G needs 3 X base stations for same coverage as LTE due to higher frequencies • Power consumption of a 5G base station is 3 times that of LTE • 5G base station costs 4 times price of LTE Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 68 Challenges of 5G deployment, according to China Mobile Source Tweet
  69. 69. Power Consumption: 5G Basestations Are Hungry, Hungry Hippos (Article link) • 10 kilowatts of power for 64T64R 5G sites • 4G cellsites use around 6 kilowatts for power, assuming a three-sector, 12 radio set-up. • This might cause some carriers to downgrade their MIMO requirements. South Korean operators are using 32T32R arrays. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 69 5G Basestations Are Hungry, Hungry Hippos Source Tweet
  70. 70. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 70 Liquid-cooled Massive MIMO base station Source Tweet Nokia's liquid-cooled Massive MIMO base station takes a third of the weight and half the thickness out of the previous version of a similar panel, letting it blend in with walls and buildings better. In this case, Nokia can't reduce the area of the panel, which has a lot of small antennas. But it got rid of the cooling fins, which take up a lot of space. At one apartment building in Helsinki, they're even driving the waste heat down into the building to heat up the common areas; between lower power requirements and heat reuse, that's an 80 percent reduction in carbon usage for the base station site – Source PC Mag
  71. 71. Applications & Use Cases Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary
  72. 72. • A team of doctors at Hospital Clinic Barcelona began removing a cancerous tumor from a patient's colon on Wednesday, the surgeon overseeing the procedure was over three miles away. • Dr Antonio de Lacy, a gastrointestinal surgeon, used a 5G connection to remotely supervise an actual operation at the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. His drawings of recommended incision points appeared on a display in the surgery room to guide the medics performing the operation. • 5G connection was used for high quality image and fast response time. • Good video by CNN here. • Video of the keynote by Scott Stonham. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 72 Live demo of a tele-mentored surgery using Vodafone’s 5G connection
  73. 73. • Niantic is the company behind Pokémon Go • Deutsche Telekom, Niantic Inc., MobiledgeX and Samsung Showcase World’s First Mobile Edge Mixed Reality Multi-Gamer Experience • Niantic’s “Codename: Neon” is possible due to 5G ultra-low latency, Deutsche Telekom edge-enabled network, and Samsung Galaxy S10+ with edge computing enablement. • More details on 3G4G Blog. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 73 World’s first edge-enhanced Mixed Reality Multiplayer Game
  74. 74. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 74 5G Use Cases by NTT Docomo NTT Docomo MWC 2019 Page
  75. 75. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 75 SK Telecom 5G Use Cases SK Telecom Press Release
  76. 76. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 76 Telefonica’s 5G TV Production Telefonica press release
  77. 77. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 77 KT: VR Games, Connected Factory, Robots Read more at Fierce Wireless, e4ds
  78. 78. Industrial IoT and Private Networks Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary
  79. 79. • A campus network is a mobile network for a defined area and for specific applications. • Campus solutions are tailored to the needs of business customers and their specific use cases. They meet the requirements of Industry 4.0. • Telekom and OSRAM are testing a so-called "dual-slice" campus network in the joint project. ⎯ This combines a public and a private LTE network on one common infrastructure. ⎯ This guarantees an optimal indoor and outdoor coverage. ⎯ OSRAM uses the private LTE network exclusively. • In addition, Telekom is building a so-called local edge cloud. This shifts complex computing processes from the remote data center to a computer on the shop floor. Data processing is thus faster. • Artificial Intelligence" complements the campus network as part of the autonomous transport solution. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 79 Deutsche Telekom and OSRAM launch Campus Network Official Deutsche Telekom Website
  80. 80. • Ruckus CBRS LTE portfolio enables enterprises to deploy private LTE networks to ensure a high quality-of-service for business-critical applications and use cases. • While CBRS is specific to the US only, its based on 3.5GHz frequency, most commonly used 5G Capacity Layer frequency. • Official website. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 80 Ruckus CBRS Based Private Networks
  81. 81. • Nokia’s vision of Industry 4.0 is a hyperconnected, smarter, more sustainable future for all of us in the working world. As this vision becomes reality, industrial networks will be able to: ⎯ Reach everywhere ⎯ See into the future ⎯ Be smarter and faster ⎯ Turn cities into platforms of sustainable living ⎯ Make work and life safer and better for all • Video of the Screwdriver in action. • Official Nokia Connected Industries Website Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 81 Nokia Connected Industries and Screw Driver Picture Source: Daryl Schoolar
  82. 82. 5G Issues & Challenges Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary
  83. 83. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 83 • High CAPEX and OPEX for new infrastructure. • Compelling use cases are still missing. • While there are talks of many new business models, most of them will take a few years to become a reality. • How to convince end-users to buy new devices and services. • Slow in answering user concerns about 5G safety and health issues. • Private networks slow to take off the ground. • Open RAN has great vision, operators are slowly coming round to it. Industry challenges
  84. 84. 6G Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary
  85. 85. • Mehdi Bennis from University of Oulu, Finland was talking about their 6G Flagship program • Interdigtial was also talking about their Beyond-5G research • A post with videos is available on The 3G4G Blog here. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 85 Beyond-5G & 6G Research
  86. 86. Further Reading Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary
  87. 87. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary • GSMA Intelligence - MWC19 Barcelona: beyond the headlines • Mobile World Live - Intelligence Brief: MWC19 summed up in 5 pictures • ACG Research - Chris Nicoll: 5G We Hardly Know Ya • Shiv Putcha - Mobile World Congress 2019 Roundup: #5G is Here • CCS Insight - MWC Barcelona 2019: Major Themes • Hadden Telecoms - Digits to Dollars: I Got 99 5G Use Cases; and Consumer ain’t One • SK Securities: Tech Insight of MWC 2019 : 5G에서도 핵심 비즈니스 모델은 데이터 사용 (Korean) Good summary articles/documents/presentations from MWC 2019
  88. 88. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 88 • 07 Mar 2019 – 5G 101 Part 1 (Zahid Ghadialy) • 26 Mar 2019 – Parallel Wireless Unified 2G/3G/4G/5G Open vRAN (Babak Jafarian & Zahid Ghadialy) • 02 Apr 2019 – 5G 101 Part 2 (Zahid Ghadialy) • 11 Apr 2019 – 5G at MWC 2019 (Zahid Ghadialy) • 02 May 2019 – 5G NR Logical Architecture and its Functional Split Options (Babak Jafarian) • 16 May 2019 – 5G Orchestration and Network Management (Babak Jafarian) • 30 May 2019 – Tackling Network Densification Challenges for 5G (Babak Jafarian) • More coming soon. Follow #PWTechTrain on Twitter & LinkedIn Next Webinar – 2nd May
  89. 89. Parallel Wireless, Inc. Proprietary 89