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Creating Salesforce documentation with ScreenSteps


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An introduction to the methodology and tools used to create high impact Salesforce documentation with minimum effort.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Creating Salesforce documentation with ScreenSteps

  2. 2. WHO WE ARE AND WHY YOU SHOULD CARE• Started in 2003 - E-learning consulting company• Launched ScreenSteps as a side project in 2007• Launched ScreenSteps Live in 2009• Launched in 2010
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE AND WHY YOU SHOULD CARE• We create hundreds of pages of documentation• We support thousands of customers• Documentation and support are not our primary jobs
  4. 4. KEYS TO HOW WE WORK1. Tools2. Methodology
  5. 5. GOALS OF A SALESFORCEDEPLOYMENT1. Adoption2. Proficiency3. Low error rate4. No phone calls
  6. 6. KEY KNOWLEDGE AREAS1. What - Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, etc.2. Why - What are our Salesforce goals3. How - How do I complete the tasks that will help my organization achieve those goals
  7. 7. KEY KNOWLEDGE AREAS: RATE OFCHANGE What Should almost never change May change as you expand your use of Why Salesforce but the change should be infrequent How Will change frequently
  8. 8. SCREENSTEPS - THE WHATA Desktop tool for Windows/Mac for creating,updating and exporting documentation that haslots of pictures in it. ManualSteps Lessons Collection of lessons Output Format with a specific ScreenSteps Live,Consists of a screen Consists of one or sequence. Lessons can Word, PDF, HTML,capture/photo and text more steps be grouped into blogs, wikis chapters
  10. 10. MODULAR DOCUMENTATION1. Easier to create2. Easier to keep up to date3. Easier for your users to reference
  11. 11. CREATING LESSONS Increase the number of lessons Decrease the time to author
  12. 12. CREATING SALESFORCE DOCUMENTATION1. Scoping out your manual2. Lesson titles3. Image capture tricks4. Annotation tricks5. Working with steps
  13. 13. SCREENSTEPS LIVE - THE WHAT SpaceA cloud-based service for A website for displayingpublishing, distributing and and controlling access to your ScreenStepscollaborating on your contentScreenStepsdocumentation Manuals Buckets The manuals you create An collection of lessons in ScreenSteps Desktop without a specific sequenceKey benefits:•Simple - Instant web interface•Search•Storage of source files Lessons Lessons•API
  14. 14. SCREENSTEPS LIVE - THE WHY1. Simple permissions Space2. We can grow our documentation organically, as needed Manuals Buckets3. We can deliver our content where our users need it4. We always have access to our Lessons Lessons source files for updating
  15. 15. PUBLISHING SALESFORCE DOCUMENTATION1. Publishing manuals2. Tags3. Permissions4. Integrating with Salesforce5. Bringing in other authors
  16. 16. TIPS FOR GETTING STARTED1. Don’t Plan2. Don’t Finish3. Don’t Worry
  17. 17. DON’T PLAN1. Write down your top 10 support questions2. Answer them
  18. 18. DON’T FINISH1. As new questions come in, add to your documentation2. Split out manuals and buckets as needed
  19. 19. DON’T WORRY 1. Get started, don’t wait to get everything just right 2. ScreenSteps Live makes it easy to change your content organization as your needs change
  20. 20. SCREENSTEPS AND SCREENSTEPS LIVE Simple and effective Salesforce documentation for people who have better things to do than create documentationBlue Mango Learning Systems