Ub session 3


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Presentation for UB staff eLearning Grant program, facilitated by Mick Gwyther, yum studio.

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Ub session 3

  1. 1. Mobile Learning Technologies forcommunication, assessment and content. Session 3
  2. 2. Use the text tool to record your current mood stateHigh as Tail Eating the Just Hammereda kite wagging full bowl hanging the dog of in porridge
  3. 3. Blended Delivery Self PacedFace to Face Facilitated
  4. 4. •Learning Support•Communication skills•Experiential stories & Groupproblem solving•Demonstration of practicalSkill •Case studies•Guest Speakers •Scenarios•Site visits •Games •Decision making trees •Demonstration of Knowledge•Webinar •Video Lecture/Software Face to Face •Industry demonstration Knowledge •Student presentations/peer •Quizzes review/Guest Speakers •Communication •Q and A sessions •Assessment clarification •Role play Forums/Blogs •Group tasks Self Paced •Individual stories •Research •Placement Online Facilitated
  5. 5. Project SpacesWe will use 2 communication and content hubs:Moodle - resources, links, help guideshttps://ubonline.ballarat.edu.au/login/index.phpMahara - project blog, project reflectionshttp://medusa.ballarat.edu.au/eportfolio/
  6. 6. AgendaAssessment issues with mobile documentationAdding resources to Moodle (Video, Images, Text, PDF)Embedding resources to Moodle (YouTube, Soundcloud)Adding assessments to Moodle (Quiz/Assessment upload)Shooting, Editing and publishing video and images onphone/tabletProject Reflection in MaharaDropbox (cloud based shareable storage)Project Reflection in MaharaTwitter**if we get time
  7. 7. Assessment Types
  8. 8. ManagingeAssessment
  9. 9. DropboxDropbox is a file hosting system that offerscloud storage and file synchronisation andworks on multiple operating systems andmobile deviceshttps://www.dropbox.com/
  10. 10. Dropbox• 2GB Storage Free Benefits of Dropbox in•Instantaneous synchronisation learningof files•Files can be emailed directly to •Distribution and submission ofyour Dropbox with “Send to materials and resourcesDropbox” •Retrieve assessment tasks•Files can be shared or made from individual studentspublic •Collaboration on projects at•Undo option can be reversed different locations and timesunder 30 days •Essential files get backed up•Files can be accessed from any •File history is available forcomputer or mobile device with viewing or retrievinginternet connection •Create links in resources to an online example
  11. 11. Dropbox
  12. 12. ActivityJoin Dropbox•Find the files Ihave shared with you.•We will use some of these files in the nextexercise•Create a folder•Upload a file•Share with me and your team
  13. 13. What is Moodle?• a software application or Web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process.• provides the trainer with a way to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance.• provides students with the ability to use interactive features such as threaded discussions, video conferencing, and discussion forums.
  14. 14. Moodle Content• Work can be submitted by students and marked by teachers using Assignments or Workshops. Automatic marking can be achieved by using Quizzes.• Content may be delivered and supported using Lesson module.• Key words can be added to Glossaries by yourself or, if you allow it, your students. You can add content from third party software
  15. 15. Moodle Assessment• Grades can be created in each activity in a course which are then added to the Gradebook. For example, grades in Assignment (all types), Quiz and Workshop activities are automatically added to Gradebook.• Students can do self and peer assessment type tasks by evaluating (and even rate) each others Forum posts, Glossary entries, and Database entries.
  16. 16. Moodle Communication•Communication andcollaboration may take placeusing Chats and Forums forconversational activities andChoices to gain groupfeedback.•Adding Wikis to your coursesis an excellent way to allowstudents to work together on asingle piece.
  17. 17. ActivityAdd content to Moodle•Add a label Look for the exercise Look for the exercise•Create a simple web page files in Drop Box files in Drop Box•Make a Quiz Session 3>>Moodle Session 3>>Moodle•Add an Assessment Exercise files Exercise files•Embed a YouTube Video
  18. 18. Shooting & Editing Video• We’ll wing this one depending on what internet connectivity you have.• We’ll make a short video where you discuss the main attributes students need to make it in your particular trade. Talk about what it takes to be a good worker
  19. 19. Shooting & Editing Video Talent TalentWhen filming: • Frame the interviewer • Position so not looking at camera • Maintain eye level • Don’t interrupt, Nod! Interviewer Interviewer Camera Camera
  20. 20. Framing• Headroom & Looking Space• Interview position
  21. 21. What is Twitter• Twitter is a form of text communication where posts, or tweets, are restricted to 140 characters or less. As a Twitter user you can post updates, follow and view updates from other users (who you choose to follow), and send a public reply or private direct message to connect with another Twitterer.• When sending a tweet you can share links to web content, hold conversations around topics (using hashtags), add photos, links to videos etc.
  22. 22. What is Twitter
  23. 23. Twitter
  24. 24. Mobile Twitter
  25. 25. Project - Mobile learning technologiesYour project can include one or more of the following:•Course communication portal for remote support and discussion based assessment•Assessment evidence capture using audio, video, text•Mobile course content•Student productivity tools for capturing web resources, sharing files, web bookmarks, developing virtual assessment responses
  26. 26. ActivityProject Progress
  27. 27. ActivityIn the Mahara forum called “Session 3 Progress” shareyour project ideas:-Potential learners to trial your project-Steps to complete your project you will take
  28. 28. ActivityJoin Yammer
  29. 29. Communication Yammer