Vibeke hansen ECBN presentation


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Vibeke hansen ECBN presentation

  1. 1.            10’ User ExperienceLessons learned  
  2. 2. Stakeholders Manage expectations...                        
  3. 3. Wow
  4. 4. Oh...Copyright Slipstream
  5. 5. Cross Platform | Manage expectations Reach Wow DTT DCable DSat FreeSat Wii Playstation XBox Android Canvas Font Vector Capabilities Processing Power HD vs SD Frame rate Access to platform Colour palettesAnimation capability Tuners Colour display Video handling Broadcast
  6. 6. Cross Platform | Navigation devices
  7. 7. Cross Platform | Navigation devices Primary Navigation Secondary Navigation 1 2 3 4
  8. 8. Cross Platform | UI Copyright BBC FreeSat Canvas
  9. 9. Cross Platform | UI DTT Copyright slipstream
  10. 10. UsersSwitch off in front of the telly...                        
  11. 11. Users | Browsing behaviours Lean back Users Average users Power Users Copyright Slipstream Wallpaper viewing Flick viewing Committed Controller Search Doing something else Non-committed; ‘Flicking with attitude’ Intensely focused; (Monitoring TV) Minimal filtering Very personalised User quote: User quote: User quote: User quote: “I just leave it on in the “I know what I want to watch “Most of whats on is “I would spend a lot of when I see it. I dont plan my background for some rubbish I hunt out the best time setting my system up life with TV Magazines” noise while I’m working stuff and dont stay put so I know where to go to around the house I tune in too long” get what I want” and out of watching”
  12. 12. Users | Features Adoption Source: BBC Usability team Discovering hidden power functionsUserʼs Experience level (shortcuts, gesture, accelerators) Exploring secondary functions out of curiosity or by chance Searching for specific programs using search Basic browsing using scroll/page and select Time
  13. 13. NavigationMake it smart, less is more...                        
  14. 14. Users |Traditional 10’ Experience• Lean back• Entertainment 10ft• Social• Less effort = better• Social Event
  15. 15. Users | Entrypoints TV Web Snacking Browse Lean back Users Power Users • EPG • Search • Portals • Reviews • Search • Social Rec. • Red Button • Reviews • Linked data • Box set • Promo • Series bookings • Series stacking
  16. 16. Users | Screen focus Snacking TV TV TV Web Web Web Browse TV TV TV Web Web Web
  17. 17. Copyright BBC
  18. 18. Copyright BBC
  19. 19. Copyright Fetch TV
  20. 20. Ten Top TV Tips                        
  21. 21. Ten Top Tips for TV1. Know your platform strengths and limitations.2. Simple navigation.3. Clear, visible actionable buttons.4. Typography which is concise and clear.5. Keep important content within the safe areas.6. Keep content close, no more than 3 clicks away.7. Think about how animations can enhance your designs.8. Colour misbehaves on telly – test often!9. Think about depth and well as X and Y.10. Make it entertaining!