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  1. 1. Presented By: Ms. Briana Taylor Saint Vincent CollegeTeaching & LearningOnline
  2. 2. Agenda Advantages Example of Blackboard of Learning Teaching Elluminate Online Interactive Online Demo
  3. 3. Advantages of LearningOnline Benefits Students & Teachers
  4. 4. Learning OnlineShould included both Synchronous (real-time) andasynchronous (anytime) interactions. • Synchronous • Asynchronous • Web Conferencing • Discussion Boards (Blackboard Collaborate, WebEx) • Individual Assignments • Live Chat • Email • Application or Screen Sharing • Virtual Whiteboard
  5. 5. Advantages to Online Learning• Attend Class from different locations – Makes courses more accessible – Eliminates travel• Engaging Multimedia Presentations• Interactive & Collaborative – Chat box, microphone, web-cameras• Fits Your Schedule – Anytime, Anywhere
  6. 6. Advantages to Teaching Online• Monitor participation and assess learning – Online hand raising – Ask multiple choice & true/false questions during the lesson• Record online sessions – Students can watch the session again – Absentees have access to the material• Instructor Convenience – Teach from any location – Have online office hours – Hybrid Courses: blend on campus meetings and online instruction
  7. 7. Blackboard’s Elluminate Live
  8. 8. Example of TeachingOnline
  9. 9. Video Clip of Blackboard’s Elluminate Live Clip 1: http://youtu.be/AkkER5JKIKA Clip 2: http://youtu.be/5Ey0V3hSVpk
  10. 10. Blackboard’sElluminate Live!Interactive Demo
  11. 11. Please Click the Meeting Link in your email or on Blackboard to join the Live Session.
  12. 12. What to Expect When Connecting to Elluminate Live: 1. Click the Link 2. Type your name and click login 3. Wait for the meeting download to being. --Elluminate will download a Java file to your computer. --You may have to confirm the download by right clicking and selecting download file or by clicking Open with Java, Ok. --Please Click Allow, Start, or Run on the pop-up screens for the meeting 4. A window should let you know Java is starting 5. Select your connection speed --Wireless --Cable/DSL --LAN (Local Area Network – such as St. Vincent)
  13. 13. Parts of the Screen
  14. 14. Can you hear me? Yes = Green Check No = Red X Click the button to submit your response.
  15. 15. Audio Configuration• Elluminate Live has audio configuration – Tools -> Audio -> Adjust Speaker Level or Select Device• Testing Sound – Make sure that the power switch on your speakers or headphone is turned on and the volume is set. – Is there a volume or sound control on your computer? • You may have to switch from computer audio to headphone device.
  16. 16. Voice over Internet • Push the Microphone Button to talk. • The talk button turns yellow when your microphone is on. – Please give us a little greeting with your name and department or content area. • When you are done talking, push the Talk Button to release your microphone. • Maximum of 6 microphones at once.
  17. 17. Web Cameras 1. Click Show Video Icon 2. Click Preview – Option for gray or color 3. Click Transmit to begin sharing – If you would like to speak, don’t forget to also click the microphone button. – Give us a hello or share your plans for summer. Are you teaching, going on vacation, or perhaps just working? 4. Click Transmit again to turn your web camera off
  18. 18. Live Chat What are the benefits to using Live Chat during lessons when you may also be using microphones and web cameras?
  19. 19. Participants Window Privileges for •Microphone •Web Camera •Chat •Screen Sharing •White Board Highlight when in use
  20. 20. PollingModerators can change the Polling Options under tools.
  21. 21. Polling This same slide is more interactive online. • Synchronous • Asynchronous A. Microphone A. Discussion Boards B. Web Camera B. Individual C. Live Chat Assignments C. Email
  22. 22. Whiteboard• Line• Shapes• Pen• Text• Highlighter• Images• Pointer• Upload Power Points Circle or Highlight your favorite whiteboard feature.
  23. 23. How to Upload a PowerPoint in Elluminate
  24. 24. ? Which interactive tool do you like the most in Elluminate: A. Poll Questions B. Chat Box C. White Board D. Microphone and/or Webcamera
  25. 25. ? Have your views of online learning changed after seeing Blackboard Elluminate?
  26. 26. Conclusion to Teaching and Learning OnlineThank you!