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Usp Marketing


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Usp Marketing

  1. 1. A Presentation onUnique Selling Proposition By Nabendu Paul M120006MS
  2. 2. How to create a message of maximum value in the shortest time possible Is called Creating a unique selling proposition
  3. 3. USP-People do not buy “things”, they buy a result orsolution or benefit-People do not buy product or services,Companies or people. They buy beliefs andperceptions backed up by evidence.
  4. 4. USPIt begins by answering a few questions:-Who is your target market or buyer?-What do they want or need?-Why do they want it?-How and why can you give it to them betterthan anyone else?
  5. 5. DefinitionMarketing Guru Al Robinson says that it is a “Deeplyseeded Identity Check” to see how well youunderstand your customer, your business and theposition of your business within the market inwhich you are competing.It is an attempt to understand your business so wellthat, given the opportunity, you can tell any listenerexactly who you are and what you do in such a waythat they can’t help but want to know more aboutyou and your business.
  6. 6. Key Elements of USP-Geography-Pricing-Selection-Quality-Service-Delivery Time-Expertise-Size-Longevity
  7. 7. Key Elements of an effective USP-Clearly stated benefit-Distinguishing from Competitors-Quantities/Qualities-Sets Criteria for buyers-Educates/Distinguishes-Brief
  8. 8. Four Step USP-We Do……..-You Get…….-Why………….-”OR…………..
  9. 9. What USP is not-Mission Statement-Meaningless Slogan-We are the biggest/best etc…-We care the most……-We have been in the business the longest….
  10. 10. Examples of USP-We deliver fresh hot pizza to your door in thirtyminutes or less, or the pizza is free!!!!-When it absolutely, positively has to be thereovernight.-“Always!”, “Low Prices” and “We Sell For Less”-Were number two. We try harder.- Propel your Dreams
  11. 11. Thanks