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#Ililc 4 Shifting the classroom emphasis


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A session presented at #ililc4 designed to encourage teachers to step away from their boards and leave the students to do the work!

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#Ililc 4 Shifting the classroom emphasis

  1. 1. With a partner, use the Wordle below to… 1. Write a newspaper article title for this session 2. Create a subtitle for the article.
  2. 2. 1033419/0/ Find... 5 known words ... 5 words you can guess ...10 new words and meanings ... share! Can you... ...write a title? ...write 1st paragraph? ...justify? Sam Broom’s 23 ways to use Wordle
  3. 3. Why do we still introduce new language from a board? - because it aids memorisation? - because we’ve got an interactive whiteboard?! - because that’s what we’ve always done?!?! How varied is this? How thoughtprovoking is it?
  4. 4. Beware the technology! • How does it ENHANCE learning? • How does it develop skills? • How does it make my classroom operate better?
  5. 5. For more ideas To chat things over @chrisfullerisms To discuss and ask questions
  6. 6. Issue 1: lack of time Starter Nouns introduced Games for reinforcement Listening, Speaking, Reading, W riting Plenary
  7. 7. Lack of time = DON’T WASTE A SECOND! (The non-singing, non-dancing method) 1) instruction on the board BEFORE they walk in 2) any resources already on the desk For lots of ideas see ?
  8. 8. 3 Reading images - Nouns and predictions In pairs... a) list 5 things you can see IN SPANISH b) decide on 1 adjective (in Spanish) to describe your group reaction to the image c) Vamos a aprender algo sobre
  9. 9. 2 Reading images - Creative writing What is his name? What did he do last weekend? What does he like doing? What is he thinking? – packed with ideas
  10. 10. 1 Work with a partner- but you each need to write in your own books! 1) Create a list of 5 words that you KNOW (Spanish+ English) 2) Create a list of 5 words that you think you can GUESS (Spanish+ English) 3) Write (in English) what you think the word cloud is about 4) Write a title for the lesson- in TL
  11. 11. bit.lyMFLintros
  12. 12. My favourites: dual language texts
  13. 13. En mi opinión soy muy simpática, y probablemente soy un poco aburrida. Pero antes, en la escuela primaria, tenía más confianza. Mi mejor amigo es muy divertido pero era tímido My favourites: Running dictations
  14. 14. My favourites: Highlight+ deduce
  15. 15. Your end of unit project this half term will be to create a blog post on your attitude to addiction and drug legalisation. Obviously, the best blog posts aren’t just text- what else might yours include? Spend 5 minutes with a partner discussing… a) What your post might include b) What words you might need? My favourites: setting a project
  16. 16. You have 25 minutes to… Create a vocab list of at least 20 words for yourself on the topic of “health”- not just drugs! Write the Spanish and the English This must include… • 5 infinitives (AT LEAST)- words that in English begin “to…” eg “to drink” • In Spanish these end in –ar , -er or -ir • 5 opinions eg “healthy” I have a list of 9 words- if you get more than 3 of them you get 2 merits My favourites: create own word list
  17. 17. My favourites: using word mats
  18. 18. ¿Se debe legalizar las drogas? DEBATE Drug dealer Parent Anti-drugs campaigner Politicianwants money Drug user 17 year old Exploiting word mats: Debates
  19. 19. 1) Create a creative description of the picture 2) Add your description to the blog post 3) Leave follow-up 2 stars and a wish comments on other descriptions Things to describe My favourites: Reading images • Who he is • Who he is with and what they’re like • Where he is • Is he healthy or not? • His opinion on drug legalisation
  20. 20. Project Based Learning - Ron Berger Principles • Student planning • Peer assessment • Redrafting
  21. 21. Project Based Learning - Critique
  22. 22. Flipping the classroom
  23. 23. Flipping the classroom
  24. 24. Powtoon
  25. 25. Explain Everything
  26. 26. Podcasting By students • Provides audience for speaking tasks • Immediate (grammar) revision tool • Editing process = repeated exposure • Easy to access anytime, anywhere For students • Immediate (grammar) revision tool • Easy to access anytime, anywhere
  27. 27. Podcasting - building oral confidence Simple recording Create your own Grammar series Revision
  28. 28. Social networking for education with thanks to Alex Bellars @bellaale
  29. 29. Freeing students’ creativity
  30. 30. What did you do in your bedroom last night?!
  31. 31.
  32. 32. How would you approach the challenge? - What language would you use? - How would you present it?
  33. 33. Run with Kelda Richards, @elkel99
  34. 34. Your project brief Exeter City FC is interested in signing a 26 year old French striker on a free transfer. Leyton Orient and York are also both interested. He left Ligue 3 club Strasbourg at the end of last season after 4 years, scoring 56 goals in 148 games. He is married with 3 children (aged 7, 5 and 2)
  35. 35. Your 2 challenges today Challenge 1 • Create a multimedia video in FRENCH to attract the striker to Exeter City- no longer than 2 minutes. • This video will be uploaded to a blog • The video with the most views by 12 midday, Wednesday 2nd October will win.
  36. 36. Your 2 challenges today Challenge 2 • Create a separate, different presentation in FRENCH to lure the player in person- no more than 3 minutes. • You will be presenting this in front of the other teams at 1.00 THIS AFTERNOON. • This must be business-like. You will be cut off at 3 minutes and all team members must speak.
  37. 37. We are looking Going this across various venues to run forwards next year- anyone interested? When you leave today it will be YOUR responsibility to develop to drive traffic to your video. Ideas... • Posters around school • School website? • QR codes? • Speak to family / friends / neighbours
  38. 38. What other topics do you hate teaching? - How could we twist it and let the students be creative? - What support would you need to provide?
  39. 39. For more ideas To chat things over @chrisfullerisms To discuss and ask questions