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Ideas, ideas, ideas for Exeter's MFL PGCE students. And anyone else who wants to have a look!

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  • With thanks to its creator, Fiona Joyce of....
  • Year 8 Talking frame
  • Exeter pgce voting with their feet, why vote mfl slideshare

    1. 1. Voting with their feet - why vote MFL? www.chrisfuller.typepad.com Chrisfullerinspain@hotmail.com @chrisfullerisms
    2. 2. What are the issuesfacing MFL teachers? 1) lack of time to DO anything 2) lack of self-belief 3) lack of standing: why choose languages over Science / Maths?
    3. 3. Issue 1: lack of time Starter Who’s doing the work? Nouns introduced Invariably the teacher in this Games for reinforcement model! Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Plenary
    4. 4. Issue 1: lack of time SO DON’T WASTE A SECOND! ?
    5. 5. Issue 1: lack of time SO DON’T WASTE A SECOND!1) Tell a partner what you learned last lesson then test each other2) Phonics grid on board- can you say the sound+ think of the word it was used in (+ other examples)3) Reorder the words on the board4) work out how to extend the basic sentence to 9 words, 15 words then 25 words
    6. 6. Issue 1: lack of time Hier je suis allée à la plage mais malheureusement c’était assez...
    7. 7. Find... 5 known words Issue 1: lack of time ... 5 words you can guess ...10 new words and meanings ... share! www.wordle.net Can you... ...write a title? ...write 1st paragraph? ...justify? Sam Lunn’s 23 ways to use Wordle:http://www.20minutos.es/noticia/1033419/0/ http://bit.ly/z14Hl
    8. 8. Issue 1: lack of time Reading images Focus on recently covered structures -he has just... - he is going to... - he was... Is there a right answer?http://www.20minutos.es/noticia/744307/0/informe/crisis/racismo/
    9. 9. Issue 1: lack of time http://bit.ly/nH566v
    10. 10. Issue 1: lack of timeRunning dictations- teacher input?
    11. 11. Issue 1: lack of time Stay in touch but also let students discuss www.edmodo.com issues themselves!with thanks to Alex Bellars @bellaale
    12. 12. Issue 1: lack of time www.classdojo.com
    13. 13. Issue 1: lack of timeLet other departments do the work What are the English department teaching?
    14. 14. Issue 1: lack of time Google Reader
    15. 15. Issue 1: lack of time Twitter http://tweepml.org/MFL-Twitterers
    16. 16. Issue 1: lack of time Dropbox Get on Twitter, join in the resource sharing!
    17. 17. Issue 2:lack of self-belief
    18. 18. “Even in the strongest departments, students had too few opportunities to use their languages to communicate in a realistic manner” (page 23) OFSTED, Modern languages, Achievement and challenge 2007-2010
    19. 19. Issue 2: lack of self-beliefPHONICS!!!! www.rachelhawkes.com www.doonceandshare.wikispaces.com
    20. 20. Issue 2: lack of self-belief Facilitating self-expression-you’ve got the language, now use it! see www.linksintolanguages.ac.uk/linkedup
    21. 21. Issue 2: lack of self-belief Who communicating FOR?
    22. 22. Issue 2: lack of self-belief Who communicating FOR?
    23. 23. Issue 2: lack of self-belief Who communicating FOR? vs
    24. 24. Every blog will look different and serve a different purpose
    25. 25. Issue 2: lack of self-belief Podcasting
    26. 26. Issue 2: lack of self-belief iTunes- using podcasts (choose your country)
    27. 27. Issue 2: lack of self-belief Simple recording Create your own Grammar series Revision
    28. 28. Issue 2: lack of self-belief Creative self-expressionhttp://isabellejones.blogspot.com/search/label/ICT http://teachwithyouripad.wikispaces.com
    29. 29. Issue 2: lack of self-belief www.storybird.com
    30. 30. Issue 2: lack of self-beliefwww.mfl-storybirds.wikispaces.com
    31. 31. Issue 3:lack of standing
    32. 32. How do year 7s start in MFL?What messages do we give about what our subject is?
    33. 33. Your challenge: Talk for 1 minute with 3 partners on the theme of “My daily routine” You can challenge each other for... -hesitation - deviation - repetitionDid you have enough to talk about? Could you manage to talk for 4 to 6 minutes?
    34. 34. Where’s the world understanding? A standard year 7 French SoW Transferrable skills? Confidence? Worth? Topic Structure1 Age, pencil case to have2 School adjectives, present tense, there is3 Family possessives, to be4 At home more present tense5 Free time Irregular verbs, simple future6 Local area Justifying, recaps
    35. 35. A standard year 7 Geography SoW Topic Skill?1 Global divisions2 Using OS maps3 Housing investigation in local area4 What is the UK?5 Moving goods and people6 British scenery and protecting it7 Shopping: past, present, future8 Climate and personal choices
    36. 36. Government ministries have huge advertising budgets,dealing with the issues in the country- huge scope for ICU
    37. 37. Issue 1: lack of time Videos for listening / generating responses Creative writing / speaking springboards http://bit.ly/kQQ9db Content introducers http://bit.ly/jzFtAYSee www.mfljones.wordpress.com for some great ideas
    38. 38. Downloading useful materialsReal Player 11 www.zamzar.com/url
    39. 39. Sources to investigate www.petitepipelette.posterous.comwww.mfljones.wordpress.com
    40. 40. Sources to investigate www.clil4teachers.pbworks.com
    41. 41. Issue 3: lack of standing Debates - language of speculation How do learners communicate amongst themselves in L1? Group Talk?
    42. 42. (Deutsch) ist cool. Ich mag (Deutsch). Was denkst du? Ja, Nein, das X das stimmt. stimmt nicht. X Du spinnst! X Ich denke … ©Wildern School
    43. 43. ¡(No) me gusta! ¿Qué piensas?  ¡Yo también! ¡Yo tampoco! X ¿Por qué? ¿Por qué?  ¡Sí, es verdad! ¡No, no es verdad!X Porque... Porque...Pienso que... porque Prefiero.. porque ..es mejor que.. ..es peor que.. ..es más..que.. Sí, tienes razón No, no tienes razón ..es menos..que. X ¡Ni hablar! ¡Qué va! (no) estoy de acuerdo ¿Qué piensas? Gracias @ Greg Horton
    44. 44. Issue 3: lack of standing Taxonomy of tasks •What would you predict / infer from...? • do you agree that...? • place the following in order of priority? • classify... • translate • memorise • recall Where do most of your MFL tasks fit?
    45. 45. Issue 3: lack of standing Encouraging thought and reflection
    46. 46. Issue 3: lack of standing Mysteries
    47. 47. Sort through the cards+ build up the case foreach argument.•¿España?•¿El extranjero?Your answer must be based on the informationgiven. FIND YOUR EVIDENCE! Write down yourconclusions in full in English. with thanks to Neil Jones
    48. 48. with thanks to Neil Jones
    49. 49. Las Islas CanariasLas Islas Canariasforman parte delEstado Español. with thanks to Neil Jones
    50. 50. Issue 3: lack of standing Living graph © MFL Sunderland Resources
    51. 51. Issue 3: lack of standing Sunderland MFL
    52. 52. Issue 1: lack of timeManaging Impulsivity penser• Take your time réflechir• Think before you act Examiner• Remain calm and thoughtful considererListening to others écouter• Consider someone else’s point examinerof view considerer• Consider all the options évaluerThinking flexibly considerer• Look at it another way réflechir• Is your way the “right” way? adapter évaluerThinking about thinking considerer with thanks to• What are you thinking discuter Helena Butterfield• What are you doing? évaluer www.langwitch.net
    53. 53. Issue 1: lack of time Who did the work? Bob Ian Marie Christine idea with thanks to Rachel Hawkes
    54. 54. With a partner discuss...1) have you seen any examples of these in school?2) what 3 things do you think you could use IMMEDIATELY3) what 2 things would you like to strive to incorporate in your teaching?
    55. 55. content control? confidence www.chrisfuller.typepad.comChrisfullerinspain@hotmail.com @chrisfullerisms