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It only takes a minute slideshare


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A preesntation

  • Just brilliant - am wondering how many of these I can try out during main-block! Have also shared with my department. Thank you!
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  • fantastic stuff - and of course, many of these are equally valuable as plenary activities...

    thanks a lot for putting this together, Chris! ;)
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It only takes a minute slideshare

  1. 1. It only takes aminute to win it-so let’s not lose any minutes! @chrisfullerisms
  2. 2. Lesson start: 10.30Pupils arrive: 10.34First learning task: 10.40Minutes lost 103 lessons per fortnight 30During 6 week half term 90During 1 academic year 540= 9 missed lessons= 1 half term LOST
  3. 3. Mind map:suggest ideas for the teacher to teach
  4. 4. Dice Stories
  5. 5. Match Eng and TL - Using logic? - Revision of knowledge? Me gusta I hate No me gusta Twice a week Odio fun Jugar al fútbol boring Hacer natación Playing netball Jugar al netball I don’t like Cada día Because it isDos veces por semana Every day Porque es swimming Divertido I like boring Playing football
  6. 6. Can you think of the phonics? - What words do they go with?- Can you think of other words with these sounds? ju car cer la gar ción qui je ie que do
  7. 7. Rewrite with spacesNormalmentemegustajugaralrugbyalmínimodosvecesporsemanaporque meencantayesmuydivertido
  8. 8. Find the mistakes FIND THE 5 MISTAKESEn mi publo hay un pequeño centro comarcial. Tambien es muchas tiendas.
  9. 9. Discuss how to improve the sentence / paragraph I like playing football. It is fun. I don’t like playing the piano. It is boring.
  10. 10. Silently form yourselves intowords using the cards providedI
  11. 11. Ordering sentences in a conversation1) Kinaesthetic2) Can you continue the conversation?3) Can you add complexity?4) Can you pronounce everything?
  12. 12. Match beginnings and end What grammar points do we want our classes to focus on?
  13. 13. Make a test for your partner Do they understand what makes a good / hard test? Encourages reflection on TRAPS
  14. 14. First letters of wordsJVU Should we put theC meaning or allowA groups to come upU with ideas?DSVP
  15. 15. Continue the sentences When I was 5 years old…At the weekend Inormally don’t… I never…
  16. 16. Reading images - Nouns and predictionsIn pairs...a) list 5 things you can see IN SPANISHb) decide on 1 adjective (in Spanish) to describe your group reaction to the imagec) Vamos a aprender algo sobre
  17. 17. Reading images - Key questionsWhat is she What is she doing? going to do?What has she Why is she just done? doing it?
  18. 18. Reading images - Creative writing What did heWhat is his do last name? weekend?What does he What is he like doing? thinking? – packed with ideas
  19. 19. Wordle.netWork with a partner- but you each need to write in your own books!1) Create a list of 5 words that you KNOW (Spanish+ English)2) Create a list of 5 words that you think you can GUESS (Spanish+ English)3) Write (in English) what you think the word cloud is about
  20. 20. Write ideas onto a cartoon grid
  21. 21. Who can make longest sentence using these words decided green hand happy concerning
  22. 22. Dominoes
  23. 23. Odd one outUna playa Un centro Un cine comercialUn Un estadio Un teatropolideportivoQuiero Tengo que Necesito
  24. 24. Worksheets- Sometimes we just need to settle ‘em!
  25. 25. Partner sharing- What did you learn last lesson? Discuss with your partner… 1) What you learned last lesson 2) What skills you learned last lesson 3) How does that fit into a bigger picture? 4) What it would be useful to learn about today? 5) How you could improve your learning today
  26. 26. Post-it writing:- 10 items of vocab from previous sequence
  27. 27. Newsreaders
  28. 28. Coded letters WingdingsDon’t forget the accents!
  29. 29. Peer assess home learning
  30. 30. Peer marking to criteria
  31. 31. How many points in text
  32. 32. Can you work it out?Highlight in GREEN– what you already knowHighlight in YELLOW– what you think you can guessHighlight in RED– what you don’t think you can work out
  33. 33. Card sort / pelmanism I live in Me gustaba Vivía en Me gusta I like I used to live Se podía Hay inThere was You can Vivo en You used to be able toSe puede Había There is I used to like to
  34. 34. Gapped letters1.Je s_ _ _2.T_ e_3._l _s_4.E_ _e _s_Create your own + test your partner
  35. 35. Come up with a story / song to help remember these words… Una azafata
  36. 36. Question generator ¿Qué?¿Cuándo?¿Quién?¿Por qué?
  37. 37. What’s the question? Ver la televisión
  38. 38. A-Z of…Merit for the pair who can find the most A-Z examples of… LEISURE ACTIVITIES
  39. 39. Draw the pic…My house is quite big. There are 4 bedrooms, 3 on the 1st floor and 1 on the 2nd floor. There isalso a bathroom on the 1st floor. On the ground floor there is a small kitchen and a large living room where we watch the TV.
  40. 40. Solo Taxonomy Hexagons Want to know more about Solo? Be inspired by Chris Harte
  41. 41. Scrolling vocab / Generation Game
  42. 42. Dictionary hunt• Topic vocab?• Opinions?• Best sounding words?• Longest words?
  43. 43. Add to Wallwisher
  44. 44. Categorise learning• From last lesson?• Unknown words?• By opinion?• Venn diagram?
  45. 45. MP3 players Record a Listen to newconversation? words- any guesses? Listen to Record a another conversation?group’s work?
  46. 46. ipads- Get ‘em active, get ‘em creative!
  47. 47. Record this list on your phone- as quickly and accurately as possible! • Me gusta • Jugar • Al fútbol • Porque es • Muy • Divertido • Pero • Odio • Hacer • Mis deberes
  48. 48. It’s all well and good starting well…
  49. 49. It only takes aminute to win it-so let’s not lose any minutes! @chrisfullerisms