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Thinking again about the I, the C and the T: for PGCE students


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A presentation for Exeter University PGCE students to help them understand the possibilities of using ICT to enhance their teaching

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Thinking again about the I, the C and the T: for PGCE students

  1. 1. Rethinking the I, the C and the T @chrisfullerisms What should the letters I, C and T stand for in your classroom?
  2. 2. Who am I? Spanish teacher Former SSAT Lead Practitioner Educational consultant for creativity Looking forward to getting back into the classroom A learner
  3. 3. Immediately Children Think...
  4. 4. Young people come to classrooms with a range of digital technology experiences, and just as we seek to build on other types of knowledge skills and experience, so too the literacy practitioner needs to understand what learners bring, and do not bring, to the classroom. Julia Davies and Guy Merchant, University of Sheffield, “Negotiating the Blogosphere: Educational Possibilities”, 2009
  5. 5. It Can’t Take (over)...
  6. 6. We need to use ICT as a tool but because technology changes so rapidly but pedagogy and excellent, outstanding pedagogy stays the same in many ways, it’s only a tool Chris Harte, Head of Cramlington Learning Village, near Newcastle, quoted in “Hard to teach: Secondary MFL”, Teachers TV Content ChallengeSpontaneity
  7. 7. Impressive Construction Tools...
  8. 8. Impressive Construction Tools: blogging
  9. 9. vs Impressive Construction Tools: blogging
  10. 10. Comments from the world Impressive Construction Tools: safety
  11. 11. Impressive Construction Tools: safety
  12. 12. Impressive Construction Tools: safety
  13. 13. Impressive Construction Tools: Whenever, wherever
  14. 14. -chants about Fernando Torres in Spanish -daily national front pages -links to important sites -videos made by pupils Impressive Construction Tools: Whenever, wherever
  15. 15. Impressive Construction Tools:
  16. 16. Impressive Construction Tools: ease of use
  17. 17. Incredible Communication Tools...
  18. 18. Make like a DT teacher
  19. 19. Anderson’s Taxonomy
  20. 20. Podcasting Digital audio recording - role of editing in the learning process - posted online - commenting facilitates AfL Incredible Communication Tasks: speaking
  21. 21. Podcasting uses - create guides - create their own listening exercises - peer grammar guides Incredible Communication Tasks: speaking
  22. 22. Incredible Communication Tasks: speaking Easispeak microphones
  23. 23. What you’ll need 1) A microphone 2) Audacity 3) Lame FE Incredible Communication Tasks: speaking
  24. 24. Beyond the classroom Incredible Communication Tasks: speaking
  25. 25. Feeling bold? Incredible Communication Tasks: speaking
  26. 26. Incredible Communication Tasks: speaking
  27. 27. Incredible Communication Tasks: writing
  28. 28. Incredible Communication Tasks: speaking and writing MovieMaker- you’ve already got it!
  29. 29. Incredible Communication Tasks: speaking and writing Easispeak microphones
  30. 30. Incredible Communication Tasks: writing Blog posts Guess Who descriptions Local area Any writing task- think of the audience
  31. 31. Immersed Chatty Talkers...
  32. 32. Flashmeeting - safe - free Immersed Chatty Talkers
  33. 33. Impressed Commenting Tutors...
  34. 34. Impressed Commenting Tutors Assessment for Learning
  35. 35. Impressed Commenting Tutors Reflection on Learning
  36. 36. Instant, Constant Training...
  37. 37. Instant, Constant Training... or Impressively Charitable Thoughts...
  38. 38. Instant, Constant Training... or Impressively Charitable Thoughts... or Instant Counselling Teachers...
  39. 39. ICT: Instant, Constant Training
  40. 40. ICT: Instant, Constant Training
  41. 41. Rethinking the I, the C and the T @chrisfullerisms