Emotional Journal Entries 1-12


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Emotional Journal Entries 1-12

  1. 1. Mirnell D. Gonzalez Journal Entries 1 – 12Chapter 1- (page 26) Emotional Intelligence Journal - How you are feeling now My parents used to say; “College is a new world”, “it’s a new experience”. At this moment Ican say I am satisfied and proud to have taken the decision to study. College opened doors tomany opportunities and adventures that I still have yet to live and discover. I’m excited to meeteach and one of my professors and know what challenges each of my classes will bring. I knowfor now, that it will be an unforgettable experience. However, knowing how anxious I am to experience each of these adventures I think I stillhave things to learn, fix, and understand. I am a very shy person and I hate talking in front ofpeople. Also, I have a hard time keeping up with professors and understand what I read. Thereare many things that I have to fix but that doesn’t limit me to try and give my best. I know thatwith God’s help and my family I will accomplish this and more. Make a “To Do List”. Managing Time Check those Relist new goals things I had and a specific accomplished. time I have to accomplish them.
  2. 2. Chapter 2 - (page 58) Emotional Intelligence Journal – How you feel about your timemanagement There are many things I do that make me feel happy, fulfill, and satisfied. I like to sing, takephotographs, make pantomimes, participate in Church and dramas, help others, etc. Everything Ido has to be great. I like using my imagination and being creative in everything I do. When mywork represents my person is very well done. I am the type of girl that every detail has to becovered, nothing more and nothing less. I usually go beyond what people expect of me. Theseare the things that make me feel this way. However, when something does not go as I want, or simply does not work out well I getfrustrated, anxious, and drained. There are many things I mastered as a person but when I leavemy comfortable zone I get frustrated and lose myself. When you do things you had never donebefore it requires more effort and more of me. In other words, is going beyond what the personexpects from you. Also, is thinking deeper than usual so everything can go as I plan. Therefore,is good to get out of your comfortable zone and try new things but I understand that not everyonehas the capacity for a change as drastic as this one sometimes. Finally, both help me a lot in my daily life. Thanks to what I have learned through them I canstop what I’m doing and think better my steps. Also, it has helped me to make better decisionsand work more with my emotions. Even thought I do not like leaving my comfortable zone Iunderstand it’s the best I can do and that is the only way to explore new things in life.
  3. 3. Chapter 3 – (page 87) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Your interactions with others Since childhood I have been a humble and kind hearted person. I love to help the needy andgive a helping hand to those who are going through difficult times in their lives. Moreover, I amvery sincere and I like to be faithful to those who are around me. I will never pretend to besomeone I’m not, I will always be me. I do not judge anyone because I understand that everyonemakes mistakes and we aren’t perfect, only God. However, those I allow to surround me I preferfor them to be like me or better than me. I think that by having positive people next to me as myfriends I will always be a positive person too. On the other hand, I do not like people who are negative, liars, people who judge others, whothink they are better than anyone else, and so on. In this world no one is better than anyonebecause at some point we are all equal, we are the same. I really don’t like liars because Iunderstand there isn’t sufficient or good reasons to do something like this. As I mentionedbefore, there is no reason to judge, much less when all at one time in our lives we had dirtied ourown hands doing things we weren’t suppose to do. I can’t understand why there is so much eviland cruelty in this world. However, these kinds of people make me feel bad, sad, frustrated andsometimes like garbage. Anyways, being a Christian has help me understand that God wants meto love these people, to forgive them, and help them to do better. He is the one who fills me withstrength and softens my heart to accept them in my life.
  4. 4. Chapter 4 - (page 120) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Make a wiser choice To be honest professor, I do not want to change anything in and about my life. The decisions Imade in my life, whether good or bad, have help me to mature and grow as a person. Thesedecisions have made me a stronger and more independent person. However, yes I have mademany mistakes in my life and yes I have encountered a thousand times but thanks to everymistake and every trip I have come closer to God and have learned to rely on Him not me.Thanks to this I have learned to see life differently. Like someone said; “life is a roller coaster,has its ups and downs”. Also, “what makes you strong is not knowing how many times you fallbut how many times you had risen up again” and I always get up on my feet.
  5. 5. Chapter 5 - (page 156) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Reading challenges One of the classes that I have that presents the most difficult challenge to grasp andunderstand when reading is, ENC0025 (English). In this class not only in reading I have troublebut also understanding the class in general and what the professor sometimes talks about. Mostof the times I have to look for help on my homework’s and assignments because; there is somuch frustration and stress on me that I end up closing myself. However, if I could put a level ofdifficulty to this class would be a 7. Also, I hate when I cannot keep up with the others because, Ifeel incapable and late. This is because, what Im learning in this class is new to me. I had nevertaken this material before. When as a person we have lots of negative thought we tend to get depressed and we limitedourselves to only do certain things. We are unable to leave the comfort zone because, we feeloppressed and unable to do anything beyond the ordinary. I often feel like this when reading.When I am unable to understand or comprehend what I read I get frustrated, headaches, negativethoughts, etc. Acting in this way not only affects us emotionally but physically too. Also, itaffects our studies, our careers, our goals and our dreams because; we can get to the point ofgiving up. Anyway, there are many techniques in this book that can help us but, one of myfavorite is the 5 steps to improve your reading. These are: Survey, Question, Read, Recite, andReview. Applying this method into my reading problems I know that I will understand betterwhat I read.
  6. 6. Chapter 6 - (page 184) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Understanding your needs andmaking changes In high school, I had an anatomy class, which I chose because it seemed very interesting forme. By the first day of class, the teacher seemed to have a good personality and very dedicated towhat she does. But, when doing note-taking I didn’t feel very comfortable. The teacher spokefast and rarely wrote on the board what she said. I am a very slowly writer and it’s hard for me tolisten to the person and write at the same time because, most of the time I get lost. I feltfrustrated and stressed. Also, there were times when I felt unable to accomplish things. In theend, tired of all this, I decided to join a peer group and study with them. This helped me a lot inmy personal life and to improve in the class. This class and this book had taught me extraordinary methods that help us track andaccomplish all that we propose. Its a good idea to start our first year of college in a class like thisbecause, it prepares us for what is about to come. But, in order to overcome every obstacle youmust know and use the methods taught in this class. The methods that have helped me learn totake better notes and lighten my step are as follows; Outlines, Cornell T-note system, Thinklinks, Charting method, and Other visual strategies. These methods are wonderful and useful.Like I mentioned before, it will help you take notes faster during a class. Learning to take notes(good notes) will help you to prepare better for class, exams, assignments and quizzes.
  7. 7. Chapter 7- (page 218) Emotional Intelligence Journal – How feelings connect study success When we find ourselves in situations full of stress, frustration, headaches and we pass ourexam or we did great in our job it’s obvious we will feel extremely well, happy and proud ofourselves. I think that not everyone has the ability to make this happen. It is not easy to knowhow to handle situations like this one, which will always be present in our lives. In my opinion,when I find myself in situations like this I like being alone, listening to music or maybe do artsand crafts for a while since this makes me feel better. This helps me get my feet on the groundand my head in place and to keep doing my things the right way. I can remember what I study by asking questions like; when, where, who, what, why, and how. By understanding what I memorize. Studying during short, frequent sessions. Using flash cards. Recite, rehearse, and write. Using audio strategies. Creating visual images and associations. Using images to remember items in a list. Using songs or rhymes.
  8. 8. Chapter 8- (page 252) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Test types Multiple-choice exams are easier for me than the exams where I have to write down theanswer. I don’t know why but, I always feel nervous on essay or short answers exams. For meits easy to choose an exam that I don’t have to memorize all the information only to review itand choose the right answer. By choosing free-response exams we must memorize theinformation required to respond and pass the exam. As I said earlier, this makes me nervous andI start to think negatively. Nervousness is not good to take an exam because; it does not allowyou to concentrate well. I start thinking that what I write may be wrong and that everything iswrong. This can affect us emotionally and physically and you know that you will not have agood grade on the exam because, you couldn’t concentrate properly. I know I need to get a lot of emotional preparation to get used to other exams. This bookgives me the information I need to be able to do this. The preparation is worth a lot in situationslike this one but, also emotional and physical preparations are very important. Maybe mymindset never changes but if I can get to control my actions and my negative thoughts I canmake them positive. As I always say, "Do not tell God how big is your problem. Tell yourproblem how big is your God."
  9. 9. Chapter 9 - (page 281) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Your experience with prejudice Ive always been a thin girl but, healthy. My friends at school used to call me names like;stick, bone, malnourished, etc. Also, I had relatives who used to tell my mom to take me to adoctor because, I was sick. I moved to the United States facing so many problems that I fell intodepression. The boys at school used to bother me because, I never fixed myself or because I hadmy eyes black from not sleeping well enough. I love rock music and as a rocker it is obvious thatI like the color black. However, is hard for me to tell this to people because, there have beenmany who have moved away from me for this. In my opinion, I think people now a day worry more about the lives of others than ofthemselves. They judge others without looking that they have done worse things in their lives.They judge you because you are skinny and he is fat, this guy is high and that one is short, thatguy is white and this one is black. I want us to stop for a moment and reflect in the things we aredoing. We must understand that we are all equal, we worth the same. We need to understand thatin this world no one is better than anyone because, God made us equal and with the samepurpose. We must understand that nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Thats the beautyof life, accept one another and accept our differences. It is to do a mistake and learn somethingnew and positive from it. One of my favorite quotes says; “Who are you to judge the life I live? Iknow I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be, but before you start pointing fingers make sure yourhands are clean”.
  10. 10. Chapter 10 - (page 312) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Addiction Ive never felt well when talking about addiction and the consequences it brings. I think noone should feel good when talking about a topic like this. Addiction is something that bringspain, depression and destruction to our lives. The addiction is like a chain, which binds your souluntil it ends it. Also, is the key that locks the doors to new opportunities and adventures. Livingwith addiction makes it impossible to realize your dreams and live a happy and healthy life. In my case, I have a brother who is addicted to alcohol. It hurts having to remember thosedisastrous scenes which my parents had to deal with his attitude and screaming’s. I stillremember like it was yesterday, seeing my mother disclosed waiting for her son to come homesafe. Also, my mother used to stay up and kneel to pray for him. These are experiences that noteveryone has the ability and the strength to live with. Honestly, it is not easy but it is my brotherand I love him despite his addiction.
  11. 11. Chapter 11 - (page 342) Emotional Intelligence Journal – You and credit Right now, I don’t work nor pay bills in my house. Anyway, if I had a job and money to paymy bills, I will consider myself a good credit user. For example; my parents, when we lived inP.R. used to have problems with money and bill payments. Many times they will waste themoney or use it the wrong way. Moreover, several times the will pay late the bills. Time passedand things got a little handy and my dad lost his job. When searching for new jobs, all of themoffered him half of what he was usually paid; so they decided to move to the United States. Now, thank God and this experience my parents have learned to manage money in a betterway. Also, they make sure to save up in case of an emergency; we can solve the problem.Despite that my father got a great job and gets pay well; he knows the value of money and notwastes it like his use too.
  12. 12. Chapter 12 - (page 369) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Revisit your personal mission Honestly, theres nothing I want or desire to change about my mission. I understand that themission I have drawn for myself, is the right one. As I have always said, being a Social Workeris my dream. However, as someone who likes to dream and think big, I have other goals set that Iwill love to meet. Therefore, I thank God for giving me an amazing family that supports me100% and goes with me in every step and decision I make. Also, my brothers/sisters’ andnephews/nieces’ which are my inspiration to keep moving forward. I wish someday they can seeme as an example to follow. My boyfriend is my right hand and provides support at all times.Last but not least, God. He is my guidance, He is my strength to keep fighting every day thatpasses by and the one who makes everything possible; including my goals and dreams. Therewill be no mountain so high I cannot climb if I’m by His side. I know I am capable to do what Iwant and with the help of all of them it will come true some day. Anyway, I want to thank my professor Mrs. Leith Mazzochi, for her continued support andfor all her dedication in preparing us to face the reality of college. Thanks to her advices andeducation we will make it far. God bless you!