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Final Career Project


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Final Career Project

  1. 1. Mirnell D. Gonzalez 04/19/12 E-Portfolio Final Career Project• What is this job like? According to this website, Social workers help people overcomeproblems and make their lives better. They might work with people who are homeless, sick, orhaving family problems. Or they might help students who are having trouble in school. However,there are three main types of Social Workers: Mental health Child, family, and Medical and and substance school social health social abuse social workers. workers. workers.• How do you get ready? Social workers must go to a 4-year college. Many social workers alsoneed additional schooling to get the jobs they want. Some people stay in school longer to earn adoctorate degree• How much does this job pay? The majority of social workers are child, family, and schoolsocial workers. In May 2008, these workers had average yearly wages of $43,120.• How many jobs are there? There were about 642,000 social worker jobs in 2008. More than 4out of 5 jobs were in health care and social assistance or government agencies.• What about the future? Between 2008 and 2018, jobs for social workers are expected to growfaster than the average for all occupations. Jobs working with older people will grow especiallyfast because there will be more people who are old and need help. Jobs helping people who areaddicted to drugs and alcohol will also grow quickly. Jobs in schools will grow because therewill be more students with special needs.
  2. 2. • Are there other jobs like this? Yes, some examples could be:  Clergy  Counselors  Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists  Psychologists  Social and human services assistants• Where can you find more information? You can find more information at OccupationalOutlook Handbook. Also, this handbook shows where to find out even more about these jobs.• What is this job like? Psychologists study the human mind. They also try to explain whypeople act as they do. They do research to test their ideas about peoples actions. Their researchmethods vary. They may get data from lab tests, interviews, and surveys.• How do you get ready? Psychologists have to go to school for a long time. Some need adoctorate (Ph.D.) degree. This takes 5 to 7 years of study after completing college. Personswithout Ph.D. degrees may work in some specialties or as research assistants. However,Psychologists who have their own practice need a license from the State where they want towork. A license requires certain education and work experience, and passing a test.• How much does this job pay? In May 2008, psychologists had average yearly wages of$70,190. However, earnings vary greatly. Earnings of successful, self-employed psychologistscan be much higher.• How many jobs are there? Psychologists held about 152,000 jobs in 2008. They work atmany different places such as schools, hospitals, research firms, businesses, and governmentagencies.• What about the future? Employment of psychologists is expected to grow about as fast as theaverage for all occupations through 2018. Psychologists with a Ph.D. degree will have the bestchance to get a job, and those with good computer and research skills will have an advantage.Persons without a Ph.D. will face more competition for jobs.• Are there other jobs like this? Yes, some examples could be:  Counselors  Doctors  Social workers  Teachers—special education
  3. 3. • Where can you find more information? Just like Social Workers, you can find moreinformation about this job at Occupational Outlook Handbook.  Both, Social Worker and Psychology catch my attention. Since childhood I liked to help others, to extend a helping hand and let them know that still there are people who care about the welfare of others. In my opinion, both jobs require deeper studies. The two of them specialize in helping people in different ways and methods. However, a Social Worker makes less money than a Psychologist. But, the Social Worker has more jobs available than Psychologists. Anyway, both expected future growth. Furthermore, being a singer could be an optional career. I love singing, it is my passion. Anyways, lets wait and see what the future want for me. =)