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Reflection on Chapter 1:
I found that this chaptertells a story of how teachers may have a heart of gold whe...
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  1. 1. €rrrrna [.r.s Reflection on Chapter 1: I found that this chaptertells a story of how teachers may have a heart of gold when it comes to teaching their subject, yet when it comes to actually teaching it, their behaviour deviates from what they hope to do. This could be due to many different things - could be the behaviour of the students, the contingencies surrounding that particular lesson, the content of the topic, their -personal interest in the knowledge being shared. The result is a mismatch between teacher 4r/ intent and what is delivered to the students. The problem surrounding this, though, is that schools either don't address this mismatch, or aren't equipped to do so. This leaves teachers left to work on these issues alone - investigating new methods of teaching and implementing them into the curriculum. This creates a big struggle- for these teachers, who become more stressed due to the time it takes to find such resour r"r.y' However, they do come to realise the skills they have as a teacher. rz Such teachers have learned the importance in creating a routine for their students, but not being routinized and lose the magic of teaching for the love of it and the content. They have learned the importance of also choosing activities to use for a particular pedagogical reason ratherthan choosing them to'break up the normal routine'they have created. q PEEL has been developed as a result of this - PEEL stands for Project for lnhancing fffective learning. The main idea behind PEEL is that teaching is rygrdthan just delivering information, but is learning t o create circumstonces for engoged learninif.fft is the idea that students are to become more responsible for their own leTEning and teachers have to find ways of encouraging this, ratherthan '^#ng'them learn.*t is stated in this text that "quality learning requires learner consent''. V I feel that the school where I did my observation was finding ways of implementing teacher development in this type of way. The school finished early one day a week so that teachers can be educated about certain types ofteachingtechniques orresources they can use -anythingto improve their PCK. They also work on getting the students more into lTrning ratherthan spoon feeding them the information, because that just wasn't working. ,/ d ${t i "rut- -V (J;.'nl '*: n-^t" t"^'l ] L.ll---*/ I 9l+l'z , l*a,r'r r,"y ls f dnp os LF"u( ,l1an-ry hlho/Vq. 114** PidS d"i/P e,t n 1-a-A,otnrv9&lu a-t/a/"J0nnt