Chapter 6: Listening and Note Taking


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Chapter 6: Listening and Note Taking

  1. 1. Mirnell D. Gonzalez03/14/12Chapter 6- Listening and Note Taking Finding ourselves in a situation like this, many things can affect us and those around us.Present no interest to the class can change our attitude. However, this could lead us to change ourway of thinking and seeing things. We begin to show no interest in what we do, if we understandor not the class, if we do or do not do our homework. One way or another, our attitude becomesaction. Also, this can lead to a drastic change in our grades. As I have said before, thepresentation of our work and our grades define who we are as a person. For example, if we givean incomplete homework and dirty that defines us as, "irresponsible and neglected." On thecontrary, if we deliver homework well done, clean and presentable it will leave positivecomments to our professors. In addition, communication with our classmates and professors canalso be affected. By enabling all these changes our way of acting and thinking is not similar tothose around us. We think we are unable to achieve those goals that we set. In other words,everything we see it as impossible when in fact it is not. We allow our minds to close up to apoint where it is not able to understand or decipher what is happening. We can feel alone or asfailures.I understand that when someone makes a commitment must fulfill it, no matter with whohas been established. Promisingyourself something will help you to see that goal or promiseimportant. When we do not follow the steps to fulfill that promise the importance that it had orshould have could fade. Paying attention to the class no matter how boring it could be will helpyou understand the commitment that you did with yourself, so you can meet your own words. Inother words, if you keep your promises or commitments you can someday be a professional =).Finally, see the class in a different perspective will help Maya to understand her commitment andthe importance of studies in our lives. The class is boring if you make it boring. In my opinion,
  2. 2. engaging in class and seek help from our classmates and professors will help a lot. Like this youwill learn different ways to study, learn how to take notes, etc. and help you move forward withyour future. We cannot risk ourselves not to make decisions in our lives or accept differentmethods; we cannot just stay in one thing because we need to experience and accept everythingthat will help us improve. Come on Maya You can do it!