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Lokal at global na demand


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Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalaga Grade 9 powerpoint presentation

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Lokal at global na demand

  6. 6. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho I. Hotel and Restaurant a. Front Office Agent/Attendant b. Baker c. Food Server and Handler d. Pantry Worker/ Cold- Kitchen e. Service Attendant f. Waiter g. Bartender h. Room Attendant i. Pastry Cook j. Hot-Kitchen Cook
  7. 7. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho II. Cyberservice s a. Animation Artist b. Web Designer c. Call Center Agent d. IT/Information Technology (MIS Developer, Platform Engineer) e. 2D digital animator f. Software Development g. Computer Programmers h. Developer (Software, Web) i. Multimedia Artist
  8. 8. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho III. Banking and Finace a. Operations Manager b. Teller/Accounting Clerks c. Bookkeepers d. Auditor e. Cashier f. Credit Card Analyst g. Finance Analyst/Specialist h. Accountant (Account Officer, Analyst) i. Risk Management Officer/Manager
  9. 9. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho IV. Overseas Employment a. Domestic Helpers and Related Workers b. Production and Related Workers c. Nurses d. Caregivers, Plumbers, Pipe-fitters, and Related Workers e. Cooks and Related Workers f. Wiremen, Electrical, and Related g. Workers
  10. 10. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho V. Agribusiness a. Animal Husbandry b. Agricultural Economist c. Aqua-culturist d. Coconut Farmer e. Entomologist (Plant) f. Farmer g. Fisherman h. Horticulturist i. Plant Mechanic j. Rice Thresher Operator- Mechanic k. Veterinarian l. Fishery Technologist
  11. 11. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho VI. Health Wellness and Medical Tourism a. Nurse b. Herbologist c. Optician d. Optometrist e. Doctor f. Physical Therapist g. Pharmacist h. Medical Technologist i. Laboratory Technician j. Physician/Surgeon k. Spa/Massage Therapist l. Masseur
  12. 12. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho VII. Manufacturin g a. Electrical Technicians b. Mechanical Technicians c. Food Technologist d. Machine Operators e. Sewers f. Chemical Engineer g. Electrical Engineer h. Industrial Engineer i. Mechanical Engineers j. Machinist
  13. 13. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho VIII. Ownership Dwellings, Real/ Retirement Estate a. Building Manager b. Construction Manager c. Construction Worker d. Foreman e. Mason f. Welder g. Real Estate Agents/Brokers h. Marketer i. Civil Engineer j. Mechanical Engineer k. Surveyor
  14. 14. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho IX. Construction a. Fabricator b. Pipe Fitter c. Welder d. Civil Engineer e. Electrical Engineer f. Design and Structural Engineer g. Planning and Contract Engineer
  15. 15. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho X. Mining a. Mining Engineer b. Geodetic Engineer c. Metallurgical Engineer d. Mining & Metallurgical Technician e. Welders, Flame-Cutters, and Related Workers f. Laborers, General Workers, and Related Workers g. Char workers, Cleaners, and Related
  16. 16. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho XI. Transport and Logistics a. Checker b. Maintenance Mechanics c. Stewardess d. Gantry Operator e. Ground Engineer f. Heavy Equipment Operator g. Long Haul Driver h. Pilot i. Transport and Logistics j. Machinery Operator k. Aircraft Mechanic and
  17. 17. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho XII. Wholesale and Retail a. Cashier b. Merchandiser o c. Buyer d. Salesman or Saleslady e. Promodizer
  18. 18. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho EMERGING INDUSTRIES I. Diversified/ Strategic Farming and Fishing a. Fisherman b. Aqua-culturist c. Horticulturist d. Farmer (root crops, fruit & vegetable: upland and lowland)
  19. 19. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho II. Creative Industries a. Broadcast Engineer b. Video Editor c. Video Graphic Artist (Animators) d. Visual Artist Designer e. 3D modelers f. 3D Artist
  20. 20. Key Employment Generators Mga Kaugnay na Trabaho III. Power and Utility IV. Renewable Energy a. Electrical Control Operator b. Equipment Operator c. Electrical Technician d. Mechanical Technician a. Checker b. Loader c. Electrical Engineer d. Mechanical Engineer e. Quality Control Engineer
  21. 21. Track and Strand Mga Kaugnay na Kurso Academic STEM Science Pharmacy, Radiology Technology, Medical Technology, Atmospheric Science and Environmental Science, Pathology, Agricultural Science and Fishery, Animal Science
  22. 22. Mga Kaugnay na Kurso Technology Information Technology and Computer Studies, Multi-Media, Animation, Programming, Computer Science and Information System Management
  23. 23. Mga Kaugnay na Kurso Engineering Mechanical, Electronics, Communication, Metallurgical, Computer, Biomedical, Chemical, Geodetic, Electrical, Meteorological, Mining and
  24. 24. Mga Kaugnay na Kurso Math HESS Humanities BS Mathematics, Physics at Statistics Philosophy, Literature, Liberal and Fine Arts
  25. 25. Mga Kaugnay na Kurso Education Education major in Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Reading, English, Educational Media/Technology and Special Education (SPED), Music, Physical Education and Health
  26. 26. Mga Kaugnay na Kurso Social Sciences Communication, Psychology, Social Work, Criminology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, and Law
  27. 27. Mga Kaugnay na Kurso BAM Business Accountancy Business Management, Banking and Financial Services, Business Information Technology Bookkeeping and Accounting Technology
  28. 28. Mga Kaugnay na Kurso Management Management Sciences, Advertising and Public Relations, Hotel Restaurant Management
  29. 29. TECH-VOC Mga Kaugnay na Kurso: Auto Gas Mechanic, Auto Diesel Mechanic, Auto Electrical Mechanic, Basic Baking, Basic Computer, Basic Cosmetology, Basic Drafting, Basic Dressmaking, Basic Electronics, Basic Tailoring, High Speed Sewing, Building Wiring Installation, Computer Repair, Domestic Ref and Aircon Repair, Food Processing, International Cuisine, Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Practical Nursing, Housekeeping, Care Giving, Basic Carpentry.
  30. 30. Magbigay ng depinisyon ng TAGUMPAY mula sa LIMANG (5) iba’t-ibang awtor, ika-anim ang inyong mismong pagpapakahulugan nito. Ilagay sa isang short bond paper with 1 inch margin.