This training covers the full gamut of laptop and
portable PCs, from the oldest to the latest in high-
end mu...
 Portable Systems Background
•Defining the Portable Computer
•Evolution of the Portable Computer
•Advantages of Laptops
 Portable System Accessories
•Carrying Cases
•Docking Stations
•Port Replicators
2 or more
 Fee shown above is for per delegate
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Managing repairing laptop (jul oct 2013)


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Managing repairing laptop (jul oct 2013)

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION This training covers the full gamut of laptop and portable PCs, from the oldest to the latest in high- end multi-gigahertz mobile workstations. If you need to know about everything from the original Compaq Portable PC to the latest in PC technology on the market today, this book and the accompanying information-packed DVD-ROM are definitely for you. This training also covers state-of-the-art mobile hardware and accessories that make modern mobile computers easier, faster, and more productive to use. Inside these pages you will find in-depth coverage of every mobile processor, from the original 386SL to the latest Mobile Pentium 4, Pentium M, and Mobile Athlon XP-M. Managing & Repairing Laptop Training also doesn't ignore the less glamorous PC components. Every part of your mobile system plays a critical role in its stability and performance. Over the training, you'll find out exactly why your motherboard's chipset might just be the most important part of your laptop as well as what can go wrong when your processor runs too hot. You'll also find in-depth coverage of technologies such as DDR SDRAM, graphics, audio, AGP, Mini PCI, LCD displays, recordable CD and DVD drives, USB 2.0, FireWire, and high-capacity external or removable storage - it's all in here! Organisation registered with the HRDF can proceed for their claim under the SBL scheme (100%). In the effort by HRDF to encourage On- Line claims, Compex System Solutions has prepared the soft copy of this brochure. Request for the soft copy can be made at HRDF website : ORGANISED BY Compex System Solutions No 77, Leboh Seraya, Petaling Garden, 41200 Klang. Selangor D E Tel : 603.5162 8254 Fax : 603.5162 8654 Email : MANAGING & REPAIRING LAPTOP A 2 DAYS HANDS-ON TRAINING PROGRAM This training IS AIMED for people who want to upgrade, repair, maintain, and troubleshoot laptop computers (notebook), as well as for those enthusiasts who want to know more about laptops or portable PC hardware in general. VISTANA HOTEL, KUALA LUMPUR WHO SHOULD ATTEND Take Back Hom e The Laptop !!
  2. 2.  Portable Systems Background •Defining the Portable Computer •Evolution of the Portable Computer •Advantages of Laptops •The Problems of Using Portables •General Solutions to Laptop Problems  Expansion Card Buses •PC Cards (PCMCIA) •Express Cards •High-Speed External Connections •Low-Speed External Connections COURSE CONTENTS ( DAY 1 – DAY 2 ) COURSECONTENTS  Portable PC Overview: Types and Features •Types and Classes of Portable Computers •Major Features  System Maintenance and Assembly •Preventive Maintenance •Maintenance Tools •Upgrading and Repairing Laptops •BIOS Setup •Dealing with Passwords  Processors •Mobile Processor Features •Mobile Processor Packaging •Processor Features •Intel Mobile Processors •AMD Mobile Processors  Hard Disk Storage •Hard Drive History and Advancements •Areal Density •Hard Disk Drive Operation •Basic Hard Disk Drive Components •Hard Disk Features •The ATA (IDE) Interface •ATA Standards •ATA Features •Serial ATA  Removable Storage •Removable Media •Optical Disc and Drive Technology •CD-Based Optical Technology •DVD Technology •Optical Disc Formats •CD/DVD Read-Only Drives and Specifications •Removable Magnetic Storage Devices •Floppy Drives •Flash Cards and Digital "Film" Memory Devices  Motherboard •Form Factors •System Bus Types, Functions, and Features •Types of I/O Buses •Motherboard Components •System Resources •Plug and Play  Memory •Memory Standards •How Much Memory? •Memory Speed •Memory Types •Memory Modules •Memory Upgrades •Troubleshooting Memory  Power Supply •Measures of Electricity •AC/DC Power Supplies •Batteries •Fuel Cells •Power Management •Power Management Methods •Power Management Features •Power Management Setup Screen •Power Management Troubleshooting  Graphics & Sound •Choosing the Right Monitor •Video Display System •Video Display Interfaces •Graphics Accelerator •Video Memory •Laptop Audio Hardware  Communications •Modems •Types of Cellular Systems •Network Connections •Connecting on the Road •Moving Data Between Two Systems •Communications Security  Keyboards & Pointing Devices •Laptop Keyboards •Windows Keys •Running Windows Without a Mouse •Keyboard Technology •Keyboard Troubleshooting and Repair •Pointing Devices •External Pointing Devices •Wireless Input Devices MANAGING & REPAIRING LAPTOP
  3. 3. TRAINERSPROFILE:MOHDHAMIZIBINJAMALUDIN  Portable System Accessories •Carrying Cases •Docking Stations •Port Replicators •Slabs or Slices •Internal Device Bays •Accessory Power Sources • Security Devices •Input Devices •Output Devices •Presentation Equipment •Special Interfaces •Navigation Communications •Laptop Screen Accessories  Software & Operating System •The Boot Process •Installing the Operating System •Laptop Data Recovery  Portable Resource Guide •Documentation •Repair Parts •Manufacturer Tech Support COMPREHENSIVE COURSE MANUAL A compilation of valuable information, case studies and reading materials will be presented to all registered participants. HANDS-ONBASED HIGHLY RATED TRAINER!!  Problem Solving & Troubleshooting •Basic Troubleshooting Guidelines •Troubleshooting Perspectives •Troubleshooting Tools •Fundamental Rules of Troubleshooting •Top Troubleshooting Problems MANAGING & REPAIRING LAPTOP Mohd Hamizi bin Jamaludin, 35 years old is a recognized Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and PSMB Certified Trainer, graduated with an Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA), Microsoft MCITP Server Administrator (Server 2008 R2), MCTS Server 2008 R2, A + Certification, Professional Certificate in Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0, NT Server 4.0, Microsoft Press Certificate in Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, and he also had attended Kursus Induksi Pegawai Pengesah Dalaman – PPD (MLVK / SKM) and Training of Trainer course in UTM, KL. He started his career actively as an IT Trainer cum IT Administrator since 1999 until today. He had many experiences in Computer Training where as he started his first training and consultation at Sekolah Rendah / Menengah Islam (SRI) Seremban as a IT Trainer cum IT Administrator when he was only 21 years old. He was teaching Advance PC Maintenance (specializing in Hardware, Software & Data Recovery), Computer Networking, Office Application such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Visio and the latest technology course for Microsoft Certification such Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange 2010, Wireless Networking, Wireless Security, Computer Security and he also capable of teaching Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 Certification and now he intensively involve in Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Server Virtualization, Cloud computing & Microsoft System Centre 2008 R2 training for corporate environment. Apart from that, he also had 3 years experiences in areas of Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) level 2 and 3 for IT Subjects, which is at the same time, he was Pegawai Penilai (PP) cum Pegawai Pengesah Dalaman (PPD) for a few major institutes and colleges around Kuala Lumpur that provide SKM/MLVK courses. He also had involved in many project based on the Mobile Technology such as Windows Mobile & Palm OS sponsored by Multilink Mobile (M) Sdn. Bhd and Pocket PC Phone & Mobile Technology sponsored by Mercurii Communications Pty. Ltd, Australia. .
  4. 4. Managing&RepairingLaptop REGISTRATION FORM Delegate(s) 1 2 or more  Fee shown above is for per delegate COMPEX System Solutions No 77, Leboh Seraya, Petaling Garden, 41200 Klang. Selangor Darul Ehsan Tel : 603.5162 8254 Fax : 603.5162 8654 E-mail : *NAME (Please include salutation eg. Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr.) All payments must be crossed and made payable to : COMPEX SYSTEM SOLUTIONS COMPANY TEL. CHEQUE NO. * Please ensure that the delegates name are spelled correctly and clearly as we will print the Certificate based on the name(s) provided above. PERSON TO CONTACT FEES THE TRAINING PROGRAM The fee includes course materials, use of workstation during the workshop session,hardware & software, lunch and coffee breaks for the whole training program. RESERVATIONS Reservations can be made by telephone of fax. Registration is confirmed on receipt of registration form and payment must be cleared three working days before the program date. If unable to do so, please advise late payment in writing. CANCELLATIONS & TRANSFERS If the registered delegate is unable to attend, a substitute is welcome at no additional charges. Please provide the name and the position of the substitutedelegate 2 days prior to the training program. Cancellation and full refund will only be accepted up to 15 working days before the training program. If COMPEX System Solutions must cancel a course for any reason, liability is limited to the registration fee only. INCORRECT INFORMATION It is possible that you may receive multiple mailings or faxes of this event or incorrect company details, for which we apologise. If this happens, please let us know so that we can update our database immediately. If you do not wish to have your name in our database, please let us know and we will remove it. SBL SCHEME : Please apply for your rebate of the training programme fee under SBL scheme through your Human Resource Department. RM1,920.00 RM1,825.00 RM1,825.00 RM1,730.00 Before/On As Above After As Above DELEGATES DETAILS NAME 1 NAME 2 NAME 3 NAME 4 POSITION POSITION POSITION POSITION NAME POSITION FAXEXT. ADDRESS AMOUNT Thriving Towards Excellence In Corporate Training  Date shown above is the registration date and NOT the payment date EMAIL Date Venue Early Bird Choice 29-30th September 2013 Vistana Hotel, KL 23rd September 2013