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Be The Best You Can Be!

The Honest Company Inc. digital strategy for final presentation.

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Be The Best You Can Be!

  1. 1. The Honest Company Inc. Digital Strategy Written by Madison Morton Agency ADV 420 04/24/17
  2. 2.  Big Idea to Fix  The brands website and social media platforms do a poor job marketing all of their products.  The brand tends to focus on only marketing their diapers and cleaning products online.  What about the other products the brand has to offer?  Vitamins, food, and gear/accessories Big Digital Marketing Problem Basics Target Audience: Concerned young female parents, who care deeply about their child’s safety and health
  3. 3.  The digital strategy will focus on increasing brand awareness, sales, and traffic to the brands online platforms by providing recommendations focusing on how to promote the other products that are lacking online awareness, particularly vitamins, baby food, and gear/accessories.  Recommendations include: Social Media, Display Advertising, Website, Mobile App, SEO/SEM  Goals:  Increase overall marketing of vitamins, baby food, and gear/accessories  Increase traffic to online platforms by 25% by end of year  Increase sales in vitamins, baby food, and gear/accessories by 30% end of year  Give moms options! There is a Fix!
  4. 4. Facebook Get customers engaged with the other products: Vitamins, Baby Food, and Gear/Accessories How?  Host a contest! Have moms post pictures of them using the brands gear/accessories. Whoever receives the most likes wins a free product. Let your customers know that they are appreciated by giving promo codes for a small gift. Have the gift be a new product such as a new baby formula. (Most recent post advertising their baby formula. Date: Aug. 4th, 2016 ) Get viewers inspired by posting weekly fun pictures. How? • Post pictures of vitamins helping kids play and grow strong.
  5. 5.  Instagram will be pictured focused. Take advantage of the fact that this is a great platform for clothing companies and retailers, and it reaches a lot of young adults, hitting your target audience (Aguis). Instagram • Keep Posting! Post pictures weekly of all your brands products. Since this is such a great site to post pictures of gear/accessories, do it! • Make it fun, creative, and interesting for viewers. For example, post a picture of a mom and baby using the accessories or eating the brands food. (This is the latest post promoting vitamins. 4 weeks ago?!)
  6. 6.  Promote all products such as vitamins, baby food, and gear/accessories on Pinterest. Pinterest is great for targeting women and promoting a brands clothing (Aguis). Your target audience is here, give them options! Pinterest • Create a style board with moms using the brands baby bags. • Create a style board involving healthy food and promote the baby food and formulas your brand offers. • Get creative, come up with fun pin boards that your audience can use. Reward your audience for visiting your site with information they want.
  7. 7.  Use display advertising to promote the other products you have to offer, vitamins, baby food, gear/accessories on Babies R US and Target.  Why?  These two companies have a large following, and is where your target audience shops.  Know that you are reaching your target audience by posting banner ads on these two websites. Display Advertising Examples of what to post:
  8. 8.  Increase promotion and sales of these products on the homepage by…  Give incentive to check out other products by creating discount codes at top of the page for the other products  Charity Events! Create a buy one donate one baby formula or vitamins  Visuals of vitamins, food, and gear/accessories- make sure the photos are context-aware so it will adapt properly to the mobile device  Blogs: Use Inbound Marketing! For example, create a blog called “10 Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love”. Promote the brands food by giving ways parents can incorporate into their cooking Website and Mobile App Charity Incentive
  9. 9.  Promote vitamins, gear/accessories, and baby food investing time and money into SEM and SEO.  To come up with keywords, use WordStream, to help get an idea of how often these keywords have been searched.  Example:  Stylish Baby Gear  Preparing Baby Arrival  Safe Baby Food Storage  Safe Baby Food SEO/SEM Good Example: Keyword Searched: “chemical free baby vitamins”
  10. 10.  Facebook: Gives detailed report showing the amount of clicks the campaign received, demographics, and viewers impressions. Measuring Success Google Analytics: Shows the amount of clicks the campaign received, how many people were redirected to the brands website, and the viewers demographics, gender, and age of the viewers (Rand Fishkin).