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Trader joes


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My final project for my ADV 420 class, a powerpoint showing a full digital marketing strategy for Trader Joe's

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Trader joes

  1. 1. Megan Birdwell
  2. 2. Overall Campaign Goals  Continue Trader Joe’s quality brand image  Increase customer awareness and interaction  Demonstrate our passion for customer care  Increase yearly sales
  3. 3. Target Audience  Young Professionals  Middle-Aged Parents
  4. 4. The Big Idea  Products are made of quality and can be used for many different occasions that will bring people together  Supporting direct suppliers (local and international)  Excellent customer service
  5. 5. Telling a Story  Display and video advertising on ad networks  The images will show a personal story of a customer with their food/beverages  Photos and videos will be shared on social media sites Facebook YouTube Instagram
  6. 6. Utilizing Smartphones  Create a Trader Joe’s Smartphone application  Include search code option, promotional codes, and instant chat with customer service representative  Customer submitted photos shared to designated hashtag
  7. 7. Google Attributes for Campaign Success  Google AdWords  Health food store  Whole market  Organic food  $5,000 a day budget
  8. 8. Continued Google Attributes  Google Analytics to ensure campaign is being fully implemented  Day-to-day results  Optimize and measure campaign with results
  9. 9. Summary  Display and video advertising to further brand the company  Social media to share inspiring and relatable photos from consumers  Mobile strategy will help the search for location, gaining promotional codes and be a direct communication channel  Google AdWords as a direct response form  Google Analytics as my analysis
  10. 10. Let Trader Joes be your main source of food and beverages this year. With quality products and outstanding customer service, we promise you won’t regret choosing us as your primary neighborhood grocery store.