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Got milk

  1. 1. EMBA 5202 Brand Management Home Work II Tuna Taş Executive MBA Student No: 1168106
  2. 2. Question 1 What associations do consumers have for milk? What are the implications of these associations in terms of building brand equity for and increasing the consumption of milk?
  3. 3. Q1a.Associations Portability •Not portable •Sold in gallons •mainly consumed at home Health •Source of calcium •First 6 months for babies •Nutritious Features •Not very flavored •Not the best thirst quenching Image •Baby beverage (Süt çocuğu) •Mostly seen as a complimentary beverage Competitiveness Not competitive when compared with other beverages Milk
  4. 4. Q1b.Implications of Associations Brand Salience ImageryPerformance FeelingsJudgements Resonance Nutritious Healthy Less Diverse Flavour Not Portable Low Depth Low Breadth Not the best thirst quenching Usually consumed at home Hispanics are main consumers Consumed mostly at some specific time of the day High Quality Moderate Credibility Low Considration Moderate Superiority Sense of health, security Not funny, not exciting Positive social approval Self respect Low loyalty Weak personal attachment Low sense of community Low active engagement
  5. 5. Question 2 Evaluate the CMPB marketing program now and back in the early 90’s. What do you see as its strengths and weaknesses? What changes would you make?
  6. 6. Q2a.Evaluation Objectives of the campaign: 1. Change consumer behavior 2.Increase Sales/Halt Decline 3. Increase mind share Results • %72 to %78 # of consumers who reported consuming milk at least “several times a week” (Objective 1.) • From %1,67 decline to %1,07 increase (From -18M$ to 13MUSD) (Objective 2) • %6,8 sales increase at the end of the year (Objective 2) • %60 Recall Rate within 3 months (Objective 3) • %70 Awarenes (Objective 3) Old Marketing Campaign New Marketing Campaign Adequate for commodity marketing Adequate for brand marketing Traditional communication channels used Alternative communication channels used Focused on regular milk drinkers Focusing on Brand Equity
  7. 7. Q2b.S&W of the campaign Strenghts •A very creative approach (food was shown without milk to touch senses) •Right STP (Segmentation,Targeting,Positioning) •Strong partnerships with Creative Agencies •Collaborative Marketing ( with complementary foods ) •Integrative Communication&Marketing (Right communication tools (TV,ads,billboards) @right time (morning,late at noon,late at night)) •Not commodity anymore,it became a brand “Got Milk?” Weaknesses •Because of time,only regular users (%70 of market) were targeted •Deprivation concept was not effective on the Hispanics
  8. 8. Question 3 Evaluate their Hispanic marketing initiatives. Does the CMPB risk alienating its current consumer base? The right targeting because • Hispanics have a large representation in California population (%32,5) and population is still increasing. • Hispanics are the major group that spend more on milk than other groups (heavy milk drinkers) They didnt think of the cultural differences between two cultures because • Not the idea of having milk was not something found funny by Hispanics • When translated into Spanish,”Got Milk” means “Are you lactating?” Corrective Actions • They created a series of ads: Sacred ingredient: family, love & milk • Got Milk was left untranslated • They used a Spanish Language TV spot-La lorona Result Hispanics felt that their culture were understood and the campaign was succesfull so riskalienating probability seems to be low
  9. 9. Question 4. There are several areas of growth that lay ahead of the CMPB—health, cheese, Hispanic, and new channels of distribution. Given the trends, what should they do and how should they do it? They should keep on focusing: • Health association of milk, because it is the strongest association. A contract with the government would be beneficial to spend time on for the free of charge milk distribution to primary school children. • Hispanics because their population thus consumption of milk is increasing • Promoting the usage of cheese in both normal and diet(to keep he health as a strong association). • Expand the usage of milk by solving portability problem by partnering with experienced goods packaging companies • Expand the usage of milk by solving monotonous flavor problem by investing more into R&D to find different flavors (R&D should have input from farmers,processors and retailers) • Expand the usage of milk by solving its image problem because most of the people think that it can be just consumed at home . Co-Marketing with big food chains for attractive and special milk products will be a good idea(Milk Shake i.e.). • More emphasis on event marketing should be followed. (World Milk Day,1st of June) • And all such activities will be supported by related advirtesements such as TV adds,online media, billboards etc.
  10. 10. Question 5. How long can the CMPB keep running the “got milk?” campaign? What can they do to keep the message and strategy fresh in the consumer’s minds? Are there other examples of other successful campaigns that ran this long? •Got Milk is in the market since 1993. (nearly 20 years) •In that 20 years , majors changes in the world as well as in the branding concept. (new communication channels and touch points are defined,STP is in life i.e. ) •So,CMPB has to refresh/update its advertising campaign. •Transportation has become cheaper, production in Emerging Markets has become cheaper so CMPB should think of globalization Other Succesful Cammpaigns •“Just do IT”,Nike,Late 80’s •“Marlboro Man”,Marlboro,Late 50’s •“Think Small”,Wolksvagen,Mid 50’s •“The pause that refreshes”,Coca Cola,Late 30’s •“We try harder”,Avis,Mid 50’s