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Social portfolio

  1. 1. WHAT MAKES ME STAND OUT?“Tyler is a highly motivated individual and a classic connector.” -DustinKluttz, former business partner“Tyler is able to communicate his ideas and inspire others to do their best.And…he’s fun!” -Buzz Hume, former co-workerI love marketing. I’m a foodie. My voice is incredibly loud. Challengesare exciting. Friends think I’m enjoyable to be around. Lobsters scareme. Technology comes naturally to me. I can read a crowd. I’ve lived inCHINA for 3 years. I hate tomatoes. I work efficiently. Effectivenessis always my goal.I can do great things for Houlihan’s, I just need you to give me aCHANCE.
  2. 2. CAREER EXPERIENCESocial Media Experience: 5 years• created and maintained social networks for personal brands, localbusinesses, and national campaigns• Created in-depth social media strategies for small and large businesses• Created and implemented promotional campaigns targeted at diverse targetmarkets utilizing demographic research• Created and executed corporate and personal blog campaigns• Utilized social media research and created company policy following socialmedia strategy• Distributed a monthly blog calendar for employees to participate regularly incompany communications• Organized all agency meetings to teach and involve staff members on thebenefits of engaging in social media
  3. 3. TECHNICAL CAPABILITIESSocial Media Management tools utilized:•Hootsuite•CoTweet•TweetDeckDigital Monitoring suites utilized:•Social Radar•Radian6•ReviewPushBlogging and SEO management suites:•Hubspot•OptifyAdditional Skills:HTML/CSS, Java, Obj-CAdobe SuiteFinal Cut ProEmail MarketingVarious Sound EditingSuites
  4. 4. US OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCEyoutube content managementcopywritingproject management
  5. 5. NATIONAL SECURITY INTERNSHIPcopywritingweb developmentdynamic flash banner ad creationSEO/SEM targeting
  6. 6. AMERICAN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATIONyoutube content managementvoice overbrand developmentdirect marketingemail marketing
  7. 7. ANDERSON OPTICScopywritingyoutube video productionemail marketing
  8. 8. DA RASTA BARblog postingsocial sites: facebook, cqexpat, China weibo, cqscenemobile marketingcampaign management
  9. 9. PERSONAL BLOGcopywritingblog hostingHTML/CSS/php
  10. 10. CLIENT WORK• Industry specialties:• Service/Restaurant, Government, Not-for-profit• Type of Work:• Corporate social media positioning and strategy including tactics,marketing campaigns and monitoring.• Example Below: strategy development of a potential client social mediacampaign• Six categories to begin social media presence and grow communityover 1-year.ListeningRadian6Target marketanalysisGrowth strategyCrisispreventionBlogFacebook PageTwitter AccountYouTube ChannelVimeo AccountFlickr AccountWebsitePromotionMobile AppBrand AdvocateMediaRelationsAdvertisingEmail signupNewsletterpromotionPhilanthropicadvocacyFun videos2-way comm.New itemsFriend inviteShare buttonCooking tipsBarcreations“Life Hacks”InnovationsFacebooknotificationsFundamentalsDining RewardsSweepstakesSeasonalpromotionsMobile mess.App promosIdentity Community Trust Retention Reward
  11. 11. CLIENT SOCIAL STRATEGY – HOULIHANSIDEAS: FundamentalsListening: Houlihans has a great webpresence currently. Maintaining thepositive connection with customers isimportant.Radian6: most of Houlihan’s connections arenear the HQ in KC. New regions are a keytarget to continue to expand brandpresence.Target Market Analysis: young, primarilyfemale.Growth Strategy: attempt to move in Easternmarket while growing male socialpresence.Crisis Prevention: create crisis plan to ensurebrand is protected and follows guidelinesfor all social communications.IDEAS: IdentityBlog: As a man who enjoys cooking on occasion, I wouldemphasize simple items from the chefs. Also,cocktail and drink creation can be promoted as waysto increase social engagement.Facebook Page: Keep engaging the community andcontinue to promote successful #hashtags as fbadopts twitters strategy. Personally connect withusers as possible.Twitter Account: a lot can be said in just a few words.Reach out to new communities w/ targeting tools.Youtube/Vimeo: Utilize the Target/Old Spice strategy tocreate hilarious, fun videos that truly reach theHoulihan’s demographic.Flickr/Instagram: Everyone loves to look at food. Continueposting great stuff from your restaurants!Mobile App: with all of the great stuff on, amobile app can be an even better way of promotingyour presence. Create online menus, a 5:00countdown, and more!Brand Advocate Development: find your biggest fans andget them excited to share your voice!
  12. 12. CLIENT SOCIAL STRATEGY – HOULIHANSIDEAS: CommunityMedia Relations: build upon existing PR to gainfree exposure wherever possible. Nothing isbetter than free.Ads: help drive members of the target audienceto social networking initiatives while alsoencouraging brand advocacy.Facebook targeted advertising can promoteevents and seasonal promotions, as well asgrow new regions. Can utilize FacebookGraph search to better reach geographic andpsychographic data.Email Newsletter: continue producing positivecontent and incentivizing TM to join mailinglist.Philanthropy: Great social works help find hard-to-reach customers. Expanding philanthropycan expand brand presence into new socialavenues.IDEAS: TrustFun Videos: connecting with viewers throughintroducing great personalities is a way togrow relationships. We have to showsome of ourselves to connect with others.Chef instructions, bartender creations,and fun media can help grow thecommunity.2-way Communication: conversations can bedynamic and enjoyable by finding newaudiences on twitter. Make Houlihan’spresence the most dynamic on the web.New items: sharing new ideas with your socialnetwork makes people feel trusted andimportant.Share/Friend: seek out your user’s creationsand promote them to the world. They willdo the same for you.
  13. 13. CLIENT SOCIAL STRATEGY – HOULIHANSIDEAS: RetentionCooking tips: Houlihan’s hosts great food andgreat atmosphere. Your web presence hoststhe atmosphere and you can show yourcommunity how to make great foodthemselves via Pintrest and facebook.Bar Creations: same as cooking, people love tolearn new ways they can entertain. Sharinggreat ideas ensures future followers.Life Hacks: a new fad around the world, LifeHacks offer ways to make life easier. Peoplelove to find ways to improve and will sharegreat ideas.Innovations: with such great talent, I’m sureHoulihan’s has lots of cool things to sharewith the world. Continue showcasing yournew ideas and creations.IDEAS: RewardDining Rewards: similar to signing up for yournewsletter, ensure customers arerewarded for being great social followers.Develop brand advocates through thistechnique.Sweepstakes: reach new markets throughhosting online sweepstakes for yoursocial community.Seasonal Promotions: test new menu itemsthrough your social presence. Your fanswill trust your brand and can be the firstto test your product.Mobile Messaging: getting an advertisementin a text is terrible; however, receiving afree cocktail during Happy Hour givesyour community a reason to celebrate!App Promotions: similar to mobile, Apps canutilize push notifications to reach yourcommunity and grant users with specialdiscounts or offers.
  14. 14. HAIKUThe results have come in.The presentation is done.I know I’m your man.(Haikus are a severely underrated form of communication)
  15. 15. THANK YOUFeel free to check my online portfolio atwww.thetylerbarnes.comTyler Barnesthetylerbarnes@gmail.com816.343.4603