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  • CONCETHIA - In our assignment social media was a huge component.
  • CONCETHIA Quote 1: US News Quote 2: Wall Street Journal Quote 3: Marketplace Trends Biggest decline since 1975 with 29 gallons per year to less than 21 gallons per year
  • CONCETHIA According to our survey results 100% of women surveyed in our target demographic said they cook at home daily
  • CONCETHIA Cindy says there are too many words here, what are our main points that support our plan the most. Deans is separating itself from mitiation milk by going into tea
  • CONCETHIA People are consuming more bottled waters- high cals in milk Dairy Mangement Inc December 2012 Issue Theres other beverages that replace the milk staple- vitamin water, almond milk etc- healthy recipes
  • CONCETHIA The marketplace is flooded with beverage alternatives that are effecting the sales of milk.
  • CONCETHIA Mindy has always needed milk, but she doesn’t drink it as often as she should. We are trying to change her usage so she doesn’t have to take as many supplements and she save her money because she is using milk more in her every day life. Mindy’s mom suffers from osteoperosis and she supports the Foundation. 1 in 3 women suffer from osteoperosis, prevention – have a diet rich in calcium and vitamin – low fat milk recommended
  • CONCETHIA - Now that we have established our research/who we are targeting…here is what the strategy on how plan to reach them.
  • CONCETHIA “ Cooking with milk can help increase Calcium and Vitamin D intake - Here is how we will communicate to them…
  • CONCETHIA All of the creative elements of this campaign will be tied to milks versatility as a product. Here is the strategy we will use to communicate to them
  • CONCETHIA Healthy drink of choice full of vitamin d and calcium You will see within our future tactics why milk is your……healthy drink choice etc Here is our massive big Idea…MILK IS A HEALTHY VERSATILE PRODUCT< WITH TONS OF USES FOR WOMEN
  • CONCETHIA NEED TO CHECK the IT’S and Its all over this paper… PLAY 5 sec adlet This section was totally undersold according to Cindy…
  • MALLORI We choose the “MILK IT’S YOUR BODY, IT’S YOUR EVERYTHING” theme because we want women to know that milk isn’t just a good source of Calcium it also is rich in Vitamin D and is a great overall healthy beverage. The tag line “Milk It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything” will be utilized throughout the campaign to remind and educate women in the target demographic that drinking milk is everything for her body. It will be integrated and weaved throughout the fabric of the campaign as a way to show women that milk is versatile and can be consumed in many convenient ways with her busy on the go lifestyle. This plan will provide women with the overall knowledge and awareness of what milk can do for her body while increasing usage occurrences throughout different times of the day. The different ways we are planning to communicate this to our target demographic is: Sponsorships at marathons across the country A drive to retail program at Convenience Stores Partnership with Target and popular nail polish company, OPI called the one and only milk spa Through a focus on using milk as a healthy cooking ingredient Drinking milk is everything to a women, it’s her beauty, her on the go drink, her healthy cooking ingredient and her healthiest drink of choice amongst the competition. The Milk It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything tagline supports the campaign because it pushes the message that milk is the healthiest, most versatile, beverage of choice for women 25-54.
  • MALLORI Moving on and into how we will communicate messaging to our target consumer. Messaging will be communicated through social media because as you can see social media is a large part of our target consumers life and each medium connects her to her “everything”. Over half the female population uses social media on a weekly basis. Out of those women 80% personally interact with Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest and You Tube In addition, her interests are in health/wellness, recipes/cooking, fashion/beauty and shopping. Social media will be utilized and integrated into every avenue of our campaign because as you can see this is a great way to reach women in our demographic. Now Graham will discuss details on the website we created for this program.
  • GRAHAM Graham will go over the website and show the audience what the site will look like Erica Mallori and Liz will then go into more details of each tactic in future slides
  • MALLORI Thanks Graham, now that we’ve seen how the website will work this is what we plan to do with sponsorships. Milk, It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything will sponsor 14 different marathons in the top 20 markets to increase brand awareness and sales of milk. Our primary research told us that younger people and people on the go prefer buying on the go size containers so through the marathon sponsorship we will push sales of the 14 oz. jug.
  • MALLORI Marathons Are Your Everything Because…it’s your healthy beverage of choice for strong bones. As you can see, sponsorship of these events allows us to blanket the country with a nationwide campaign that reaches our target consumers. Overall, these sponsorships will allow us to get in front of 430,000 runners and 15.4 million spectators To reach the runners we will provide each person with a bundle coupon in their race pick up goodie bag for buying a ½ gallon of milk to get a 14 oz. on the go free. In addition, we will have a Milk street team on-site to pass out free 14 oz. on the go milk jugs to participants as they cross the finish line. The street team will also pass out the same free 14 oz. coupons to as many spectators as we can. Like I mentioned before, social media will play a large role in our tactics and that is especially true with the marathon sponsorships. In addition to tweeting about the event at #MilkOnTheGo, making a compellation You Tube video from each market and posting photos on Instagram we will be utilizing a social media company called Tagkast where we will ask people to show us their strong bones at the finish line. Average Runners: 30,700 Average Spectators: 1.1 million
  • MALLORI Tagkast is the ultimate crowd based marketing solution and is a cost effective social media platform used at events to increase awareness of a product or brand on social media. At the finish line of each marathon, we will have 4 tagkast brand ambassadors asking people to show us their strong bones. This question will incentive participants to take their photo and show off their strong and healthy bones while implying that milk is their everything and reason for their strength. The brand ambassadors will work hand in hand with the milk street team to create the best consumer on-site engagement experience while increasing presence on social media. The technology is simple and after someone has shown as their strong bones they have to log onto Facebook from a tablet the photographer has with them From there the picture automatically uploads onto the person’s Facebook news feed. From here the picture will receive likes, shares, tags and comments as friends and family interact with the photo. As you can see from this screen shot each photo uploaded on Facebook will be branded with the Milk It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything photo frame and the Everything Milk Facebook page will be tagged in each post. Now Erica is going to discuss our drive to retail Milk It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything in-store promotion.
  • ERICA Milk is your everything because its your beauty… Good for your nails, skin, hair 60% of women in our target demographic shop at Target. 10 stores in each of the 14 marathon markets for a 140 nationwide store tour Coupon dispenser on refrigerators for easy access- coupon is good for buy ½ gallon get .50 cents off on the go Research shows that dipping your hands in milk softens skin Leverage sponsorship to bounce back State that target tips will go to National Osteo tips go to the Ostoperosis foundation Tagkast will be at Target Promotion will be advertised on FB, Twitter Pics will be shown via Twitter and Instagram Create one compilation video per market and post it on YouTube channel OPI nail polish acts as the foundation of milk. Milk is the foundation to healthy living. The white nail polish color represents the milk - 140 stores
  • ERICA To launch the program, we will takeover the Skin Care page on This will promote the One and Only Milk Spa and drive people back to to register for the spa.
  • ERICA Explain registration for the milk spa Buy a half gallon and you can get the milk Explain decal of refrigerator and in store signage
  • ERICA Decal on refrigerator door to promote people to purchase milk and register for the milk manicure
  • LIZ MILK IT’S YOUR BODY, IT’S YOUR EVERYTHING because it’s a quick and convenient way to get all the vitamins you need: Partnering with convenience stores in 14 markets- 30 stores in each of these top 14 markets Seven Eleven – largest convenience store in the country It’ s Your Everything because it ’ s your best nutritional “ on the go ” beverage - Twitter: local convenience stores offer 20% off marathon registration when you get milk - Facebook: Promote the partnership with marathon discount – photo of milk bin at convenience store posted to show 20% off marathon registration
  • GRAHAM Page takeovers to include the big idea
  • GRAHAM 63,571,980 Women in our Target Demographics. Under 1 million for Got Milk & Milk Mustache, combining advertising efforts on Facebook will yield better results
  • GRAHAM Every post goes to facebook/twitter/website
  • GRAHAM Create compilation videos at all of our events – asking why ,milk is their everything Submit videos of them making their recipes with milk
  • GRAHAM Establish an instragram and twitter hashtag and get the conversation going through blogs Contesting on all platforms to include a $100 target gift card and a 4 pack of milk (each initiative except tagkast runs 1 weekly contest throughout the campaign) Recipies: #MilkRecipies/Recipie Contest on Facebook/ Pinterest Board will feature fbook/twitter recipe submissions. Strong Bones:TagKast/Photo hashtag #everythingmilk Beauty Tips: Instagram- Muscle pictures of everything Milk Health Tips OPI Marathon: TagKast: Contests: Video:
  • LIZ
  • LIZ 42 weeks for US weekly (runs weekly), Fitness for the months of October and November
  • MALLORI Thanks Liz. Our next advertising tactic is radio because utilizing the reach and frequency capabilities of this medium to get our messaging out to the target consumer is second to none. A few facts from Arbitron and ComScore to support radio are: According to Arbitron data “Today radio continues to reach more than 240 Million listeners every week, which is 93% of the population. (Arbitron data from RADAR, PPM and Diary reports) Radio reach and listening levels have remained big and consistent over the past 3 years for virtually every demo including young people. (Arbitron data from RADAR, PPM and Diary reports) Radio reaches more people between morning and evening than any other medium and delivers messages just before they shop. (gfkMRI Media Day 2011 and USA Touchpoints 2012) To ensure a nationwide campaign we will purchase an advertising schedule in the top 20 markets to explain how versatile milk can be. You have already heard the :05 spot that we played previously, and here examples of two :30 spots.
  • MALLORI Now that you have heard the spots we are going to continue our reach through radio and purchase advertising on iHeartRadio iHeartRadio is the newest and hottest internet radio available today. It’ s a free all in one digital radio service that allows people to listen to their favorite radio station or create a customized station on the go from anywhere they are located. iHeartRadio reaches over 1 million listeners each week and is a great cost effective way to reach our target demographic while she is busy and on the go. We will play the :05 adlet on iHeartRadio during popular streaming hours of Monday-Sunday 5a-8p. In addition to the traditional :05 adlet, Milk is Your Body, It’s Your Everything will purchase an iHeartRadio takeover 1 time per month in the top 20 markets of the campaign. The takeover messaging will be customized and designed per market and will focus on the marathons and Target/OPI partnerships. The user experience with the takeover begins when the user clicks to listen to iHeartRadio. From there a :15 Milk, It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything gateway ad will pop up on the screen and the user will have to watch the video before the streaming player actually begins playing audio.
  • MALLORI . From there, once the video is completed the page will load with the campaign messaging fixed on the entire screen. This is an example of what a takeover will look like on iHeartRadio. This will give the campaign high exposure on one of the most popular digital radio platforms available on the market today. Next, Erica is now going to discuss more digital components of the campaign.
  • ERICA Placement ads will pop-up when words like Fitness, Recipes, Beverage, Health, Target, Marathons, Women’s Fitness, Osteoperosis, all are used in the search Target our competitors like Silk, imitation milk, Almond milk, soy milk, ready to drink teas, Arizona tea Search traffic
  • ERICA 3 newsletters from October- December We will use the same creative from our website on our eblast to match the same look and feel Get email list from current Got Milk and Milk Mustache Redirecting customers back to the website and will also have our social networking links
  • CONCETHIA According to our survey 1 in 4 people read US Weekly Fitness based on SEO research
  • CONCETHIA Our primary research showed that our target demographic listens to radio the most in the car. To reach our consumer we purchased an advertising schedule that will be placed in the top 20 key markets on the top CHR and/or AC station in the market. Since we want to reach our consumer in the car we purchased a schedule on AM drive and Afternoon drive iHeartRadio streaming commercials will be purchased to utilize the radio partnership in a digital format.
  • CONCETHIA iHeartRadio was picked because this avenue will reach our target consumer everywhere. She can listen online at work, at home on her tablet, in the car and on her mobile phone. One of most top downloaded apps with 20 million registered users
  • LIZ
  • LIZ
  • LIZ
  • Milk - Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

    1. 1. Milk Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Presented by:
    2. 2. ∗ Problem: Milk is losing its category position due to the oversaturated market ∗ Two goals: ∗ Increase sales ∗ Regain market share ∗ Target: Women 25-54 ∗ Campaign Duration: Q4, 2014 ∗ Budget: $2.1 million Introduction
    3. 3. Research Findings
    4. 4. Primary Research Survey Results Women between the ages of 25-54 surveyed
    5. 5. Primary Research Jim O’Brien, General Sales Manager, Dean’s Food Company
    6. 6. Secondary Research
    7. 7. Key Insights and Opportunities Insight Opportunity
    8. 8. Research on Target Audience
    9. 9. Mindy – 28 years old Career driven women who lives a busy lifestyle. Values: •Family Priorities: •Balance between work and play •Working with the Osteoporosis Foundation Lifestyle: •Enjoys exercising, spending time outside and finding new healthy recipes. •Loves dogs, lives in a loft in the city and runs 3-4 times a week. •Writes her own healthy living blog and uses social media to stay connected with friends and family. Goals: •Climb the ranks in her company. •Find a comfortable balance between work and family.
    10. 10. Marketing Strategy
    11. 11. ∗ Healthiest most versatile beverage choice full of key nutrients Communication Objective
    12. 12. Communication Strategy ∗Milk can help women in so many ways; milk is everything for a woman.
    13. 13. Solution IT’S YOUR….
    14. 14. Milk, It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything
    15. 15. Implementation Plan
    16. 16. Social Media Is Her Everything Statics on Female Social Media Usage • Over half the female population uses social media on a weekly basis 80% of females interact with: • Facebook • Twitter • Blogs • Pinterest • YouTube
    17. 17.
    18. 18. Drop Down Options Drop Down Options
    19. 19. Search Engine Optimization
    20. 20. Marathon Sponsorships
    21. 21. Tagkast ∗ Live event photos ∗ Photos link to photo feed on ∗ Photos are linked with personal Facebook pagesIndianapolis Monumental Marathon 2014
    22. 22. One and Only Milk Spa Partnership Color: My Everything
    23. 23. Takeover Buy a half gallon of milk and receive a One and Only Spa Day with OPI Click Here to Find Out More! Milk, It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything
    24. 24. Target Peel Off Milk, It’s Your Everything Register for the One and Only Milk Spa at CODE: OPI223 Peel off this sticker to redeem your Milk Spa
    25. 25. Target Refrigerator Decal Buy a half gallon of milk and register for a Milk Manicure today.
    26. 26. Convenient Stores
    27. 27. Public Relations ∗ Submit press releases via email and Twitter to the following: ∗
    28. 28. Public Relations Free press release distribution to PR websites for SEO distribution and event awareness:
    29. 29. Facebook: Got Milk & Milk Mustache Milk, It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything Everything Milk Milk, It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything Everything Milk Everything Milk Tabs on: Got Milk? Facebook Page, 68,000 + Milk Mustache Facebook Page, 435,000 +
    30. 30. Everything Milk Facebook
    31. 31. Twitter
    32. 32. Pinterest
    33. 33. Instagram
    34. 34. Social Initiatives
    35. 35. Advertising
    36. 36. Print ∗ 1/3-page- 4 color print ad ∗ Ads will focus on fitness and beauty ∗ One print ad – beauty and explain health for the other ad
    37. 37. Radio • Milk, It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything • Milk, It’s Your Beauty Radio Spot • Milk, It’s Your Healthy Ingredient Radio Spot
    38. 38. iHeartRadio Takeover :15 Gateway Milk, It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything
    39. 39. iHeartRadio Takeover New York City Marathon Sponsored by Milk It’s Your Everything. Here at milk we feel pushing your limits is what living life is all about. See us at the (insert city here) Marathon Milk, It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything New York City Marathon Sponsored by Milk It’s Your Everything. Here at milk we feel pushing your limits is what living life is all about. See us at the NYC Marathon Milk, It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything Fixed 300x250 banner Milk, It’s Your Body, It’s Your Everything
    40. 40. Google Placement Ads
    41. 41. Email Marketing
    42. 42. Print Media
    43. 43. Radio Media
    44. 44. ONLINE | MOBILE | TABLET | IN-DASH | IN- HOME Android iPhone BlackberryWindows 7 Kindle Fire Xbox 360 Sonos Vizio Connected TVs Google TV iPad Logitech HP Toshiba Sony Yahoo iHeartRadio Microsoft Surface
    45. 45. Media Flow Chart Media Tactic October November December Print Fitness Magazine US Weekly Radio :30 Commercials :05 Adlet on iHeartRadio
    46. 46. Budget Target $500,000.00 OPI, Inc. $145,450.00 Digital $255,000.00 Social $92,000.00 Print $150,144.00 Radio $625,000.00 iHeartRadio $20,000.00 Marathon Sponsorship $70,000.00 Convenience Store $80,000.00 Tagkast $15,400.00 Coupons $146,626.00 TOTAL: $2,099,256
    47. 47. Measurement Program Impression Tactic Target 1,008,062 1/2 gallon milk promotional code peel off on pack OPI, Inc. 58,240 Estimated event attendance Target Shoppers 76,440,000 6,000 shoppers at Target per day X 7 days a week X 13 weeks Marathon Sponsorship 6,356,500 Total number of runners and spectators at all 14 marathons Tagkast Marathons 1,242,500 Each marathon generates 250 pictures X 14 marathons. 3500 pictures taken and on average the target demographic has 355 friends on facebook. Tagkast Target 9,940,000 200 pictures at each event X 140 events = 28,000 photos X ave. of 355 friends Coupons 630,000 Total coupons distributed at Target and convenient stores Convenient Store 420,000 Total number of shoppers in 13 weeks across 420 stores Radio Advertising 31,600,000 20 markets X 1,551,550 gross impressions iHeartRadio 8,213,400 AAS X 20 markets Digital 26,393,000 Email, Google Advertisements and Target Takeovers estimated impressions Social Media 269,230,769 Based on funds allocated to pay for a sponsored hashtag, sponsored post and page promotion Print Advertising 30,770,000 Based on total readership for Fitness and US Weekly Public Relations 175,000 Based on primary research Total Number of Impressions 462,477,471
    48. 48. Milk, It’s Our Everything… Is It Yours? Madame Marketing is a full-service boutique-marketing agency based out of Chicago, IL. Created in 2013 by five professionals in the marketing industry, Madame Marketing produces satisfactory Integrated Marketing, Social Media, PR and Digital results for all clients.