13 components of an irresistible free opt in offer

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Jul. 8, 2013

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13 components of an irresistible free opt in offer

  1. Jen McGahan I help companies create marketing campaigns across multiple online channels so that a unified story emerges. Helping people and companies attract and engage their ideal clients with articles, white papers, blog posts, email, eBooks and press releases – and a strategy that ties them all together. www. .com
  2. Opt In Offers Spur Action!
  3. Opt In Offers Enlist New Members
  4. Opt In Offers must have these 13 elements to engage your ideal clients.
  5. 1. Transmits Personal Passion If you feel strongly about it, your readers will pay attention.
  6. seniorwoman eye.jpg 2. Resonates with Ideal Clients Know and Speak to That Person.
  7. 3. Eye-Catching Cover Appropriate Format MP3 eBook White paper Transcript Slide deck
  8. Perfect for sharing. 4. Attention-Getting Title
  9. 5. Available Immediately
  10. 6. Can Be Implemented Immediately
  11. 7. Includes an Element of Anticipation
  12. 8. Strong Call To Action
  13. 9. Just The Right Size
  14. 10. Well Produced And Designed Proofread and test the opt in process.
  15. 11. Reveals Unique Value Proposition
  16. 12. Feedback Invited! Respond to comments via social media.
  17. 13. Followed by a Series of Auto Responders
  18. 13. Followed by a Series of Auto Responders Let’s Connect. Twitter Blog Feed Facebook Google Plus Pinterest Let’s talk about marketing, email, blogging, copywriting... and art, fitness, design, food, etc.
  19. 13. Followed by a Series of Auto RespondersWant to learn more about creating the perfect opt in offer to find your ideal clients? Get the book! ...or contact me at