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How to get Personal with Marketing Automation


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Webinar presentation by Kath Pay of Holistic Email Marketing for GetResponse. Find out what are the best ways to personalize your email marketing campaigns, how to leverage touch points through marketing automation, and see real life business examples of using marketing automation in action.

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How to get Personal with Marketing Automation

  1. 1. How to Get Personal with Marketing Automation Kath Pay, Founder of Holistic Email Marketing
  2. 2. Kath Pay Founder Holistic Email Marketing
  3. 3. Get your tweet on! @kathpay @GetResponse #GRAutomationHub
  4. 4. I have a confession…
  5. 5. Objective: to enhance the customer experience Personalisation
  6. 6. Why Personalise?
  7. 7. So what do consumers want? A recent study by Yahoo found that most consumers are not only aware of online personalisation but that they believe that it provides added relevance – with 78% of those surveyed expressing a desire for some type of personalised content. Source:
  8. 8. Retail Weekly/Silverpop
  9. 9. Retail Weekly/Silverpop
  10. 10. Matthew Finn, CRM manager at jewellery brand Astley Clarke says that implementing personalisation technology to personalise the online experience via what he refers to as 'suggestion choreography' has resulted in some 60% uplift in conversion rates. Improved conversion rates
  11. 11. So, what is personalisation?
  12. 12. “ Christian Ricci, Chia Monkey Web personalisation is a strategy, a marketing tool, and an art. It brings focus to your message and delivers an experience that is customer-oriented and relevant.
  13. 13. Necessary ingredients 1.Strategy 2.Content 3.Data 4.Technology
  14. 14. Lead with strategy, not technology
  15. 15. How to personalise
  16. 16. 3 different types of data Informed | Behavioural | Transactional
  17. 17. Capture their Digital Body Language
  18. 18. …and drive “intelligent” personalisation
  19. 19. Achieving Personalisation through Automation
  20. 20. Combine Behavioural & Transactional data with touch points and technology
  21. 21. Be Customer Service Focused Every email sent should provide a customer service
  22. 22. We LOVE Customer Service
  23. 23. Yes…really – we do! • Dress up your marketing messages as customer service • Customer’s have a high tolerance for messages which are helpful • Leverage this tolerance but be genuine and helpful
  24. 24. Be customer- service oriented
  25. 25. Delight them!
  26. 26. Be helpful! RETENTION EMAIL It was sent to customers who had purchased the drill within a given timescale. Results versus regular email: Sales per send: 724% increase !!!
  27. 27. Let’s be inspired!
  28. 28. New visitor Repeat visitor Subscriber Single Order Customer Multiple Order Customer Loyal Subscribe Popover* Basket Abandonment* Checkout Abandonment* Replenishment Loyalty Browse Abandonment* 1st Purchase 2nd Purchase Transpromo* Anniversary/Birthday* *repeated at different stages of funnel
  29. 29. Subscribe Popover …and automated email
  30. 30. On entrance
  31. 31. On exit
  32. 32. Basket Abandonment (for unknowns)
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Checkout abandonment Customer Service
  35. 35. An example email campaign. Reminder 35 min Reassurance 23 hours Promote 6 days Adopt a timed email delivery strategy to engage your customers.
  36. 36. 1st Purchase Programme Welcome Subscriber or Registered user
  37. 37. 2nd Purchase Programme Welcome Customer
  38. 38. Transpromo email
  39. 39. Browse Abandonment Programme
  40. 40. Overtly: Browsed not bought Results versus general email: Conversion rate: 44% increase Note: The conversion rate will be optimised if the products are relevant to what has been browsed
  41. 41. Replenishment Programme
  42. 42. Back in Stock
  43. 43. Birthday/Anniversary
  44. 44. Loyalty
  45. 45. I think they’re onto something!
  46. 46. Unengaged Customer Programme
  47. 47. Lapsed Customer Programme
  48. 48. Leverage data, touch points and marketing automation technology to deliver a personalised experience for your customers
  49. 49. Questions?
  50. 50. @holisticemail