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Open 10 doors and build a heart centered business


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Heart-centered entrepreneurs create businesses from what they love to do and teach. Great idea! Beware the most common obstacles to growth and profitability.

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Open 10 doors and build a heart centered business

  1. 1. Open These 10 Doors And Build A Heart-Centered Business
  2. 2. Incorporating DBA name Contracts
  3. 3. Setting up accounts Bookkeeping Keeping Receipts
  4. 4. Habits to break: Bartering Giving it away
  5. 5. Consider hiring small tasks from: Elance, oDesk, fivver ...for copywriting, graphic design, HTML
  6. 6. Plan your day. Time Management. Energy management. Prioritize tasks.
  7. 7. Join a local social group or attend: Meet-ups Community events Speaker series
  8. 8. Adjusting to business... the true test of love. Explore the joy in sharing hobby with others.
  9. 9. Research your market. Your passion serves you... share it. Test things.
  10. 10. Find the ONE thing. Reproduce winning results. Decline some business.
  11. 11. Become efficient in the easiest one or two areas. Develop systems.
  12. 12. Get more ideas about starting the business you love from the hobby or specialty you love... Visit http://myteamconnects. com/ten-mistakes- heart-centered- entrepreneurs-make/