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The Quick And Dirty Guide To Creating Blog Posts That Your Audience Craves


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You've been reading about the importance of blogging for a long time. You might have started out with a blog post every now and then, but never got any traction. Most people fail at blogging because they're creating the wrong type of content.

This presentation will show you how to create blog posts that your target audience CRAVES and is STARVING for. The type of content that people look for when they're further into the buying process. And the best part? It's just a simple 3 step process!

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The Quick And Dirty Guide To Creating Blog Posts That Your Audience Craves

  2. BloggingWorks! 82% of marketers who blog daily acquired a customer using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog monthly -- which, by itself, is still an impressive result. (HubSpot State of Inbound, 2013)
  3. ButBloggingOnly WorksIf.......
  4. You're creating blog posts that your audience craves!
  5. Howdoyoucreate thesetypesofblog posts?
  7. FindYour Audience'sPain Points StepOne
  8. Apainpointisaproblemthat someoneisexperiencing,or strugglingwith What are good foods for people with peanut allergies?
  10. Peopleareactivelylookingforsolutions fortheirpainpoints.Findthemon: Twitter Quora Yahoo Answers Google
  11. Lookforthesewordsandphrases toidentifypainpoints! “help me” “how do I” “I need” “how can I” “I wish there was” “need suggestions”
  12. Writedownkeywords thatpeoplemention whenreferringtotheir painpoints
  13. BrainstormBlog TopicIdeas StepTwo
  15. “How to” “Ultimate Guides” Interviews with industry leaders List posts “Top 10 ____” News & Current Events SOMEOPTIONSFORBLOGPOSTS
  16. Tools For Blog Topic Ideas Content Ideator Quicksprout Social Media Analysis Tool HubSpot Blog Topic Generator Portent Content Idea Generator
  17. DON'TFORGETABOUTTHE PAINPOINTSYOUFOUND EARLIER! Use the pain points to create blog topics. Build your post around the pain point.
  18. ChooseONEBlogPost IdeaToWriteAbout Choose3-5subtopicsto include
  19. Search.... Researchexistingarticlesonyour topictousetosupportyour points. Linking to supporting articles in your blog posts is great for SEO! Just make sure you only link to to high quality sites.
  20. TimeToWrite! StepThree
  21. CREATEABASICOUTLINEOF YOURPOST Intro Subheading #1 Subheading #2 Subheading #3 Conclusion Call to action
  23. Write Freely! Don'tworryaboutediting.Just letyourbrainflow.
  24. FORMATYOURARTICLE Onceyou'vefinishedfreewriting,formatyourpost. Breakyourcontentintosectionswithsubheadings. Nobodylikessloppycontent! -- Introduction: Mention what the article will be about, and what specific issue/pain point it will solve for your audience. -- Body: Get into detail about the topic, with great actionable content. Use subheadings to organize the different sections/subtopics -- Conclusion: Wrap up the conversation. Include a call to action to drive your audience to do something once they’re done! Subscribe to an email list, leave a comment, tweet you with responses, etc.
  25. EDITYOURPOST Checkyour grammar Checkyourspelling Insertanylinksto supportingarticles Makeany necessarychanges Addtextformatting and images/graphics
  26. Use BOLD,Italics, & underlines sparingly Getting too fancy will make your content difficult to read.
  27. Add images, graphs, tables, and custom graphics to make your blog post visually appealing 50% 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.
  28. Create an eye catching featured image for your post
  29. TOOLSTO CREATE GRAPHICS Canva Gimp Pixlr Photoshop
  30. PUBLISH!Doyourhappy dance! For more content marketing tips, visit my site