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Distribution Companies


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Distribution Companies

  1. 1. DISTRIBUTORThe distributor for Mission Impossible ‘4’ is Paramount Picture (US).
  2. 2. PARAMOUNT PICTURES – AN OVERVIEWParamount Pictures Corporation is a global producer and distributor offilmed entertainment, with robust and multi-faceted divisions across allareas including digital, home entertainment, network and cable televisiondistribution, studio operations, and consumer products and recreation. Aunit of the leading global entertainment contentcompany, Viacom, Paramount is part of a family of prominent andrespected brands including MTV Networks and BETNetworks. 

Paramount consists of several film labels including, thelegendary Paramount Pictures; leading youth brand, MTV Films; thepreeminent family entertainment label, Nickelodeon Movies; and specialtyfilm labels, Paramount Vantage and Paramount Classics. In addition, theStudio will continue to release a number of films under the DW label.Paramount also has established distribution deals with iconic comic bookcreator, Marvel Entertainment and renowned animated filmproducer, DreamWorks Animation. 

The Company’s global businessoperations include Paramount Digital Entertainment, Paramount FamousProductions, Paramount Home Entertainment, Paramount PicturesInternational, Paramount Licensing Inc., Paramount Studio Group andWorldwide Television Distribution. By Paramount Pictures
  3. 3. WHY DISTRIBUTE THIS FILM?There are a few reasons in which Paramount Pictures have chose to distribute the film Mission Impossible 4. One of the reasons is that the film isalready guaranteed a large income due to the fact it is part of the franchise, where loyal Mission Impossible fans will definitely see the film justbecause of the name. Furthermore Paramount Pictures are know for there high budget films these include Indiana Jones Quadrilogy, ShrekQuadrilogy and Iron Man 1 & 2. Mission Impossible have an estimated budget of $140,000,000 which is why Paramount Pictures was attracted todistribute the film.Paramount Pictures could have chose to distribute the film because of the stars that will appear in the film. The main star who appeared in the filmis Tom Cruise. Therefore by having this well known actor in the film it can encourage the audience to see the film. These are the unique sellingpoints in which production companies and film distributors follow to attract certain target audience.
  4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCEThe target audiences that the director and producer have chosen toaim the film, Mission Impossible at is males aged 12+. The reason inwhich the director and producers has decided to aim the film at theseindividuals in particular is down to it fitting in to the action genre. Thereason in which it is aimed at males is because they are know to thrivefor this particular genre, action films including Rambo, Die Hard andUnder Siege. Other possible target audience which might want to seethe film is girls which are Tom Cruise fans. Girls might go and see thefilm just because they think that Tom Cruise is good looking and justwhat to see him appear in it. Also the girls might want to see otheractors who appear in the film. The target audience in which the filmdirectos and producers wont be aiming at are elderly people , this isbecause they might not enjoy the violence and action which the filmcontains.
  5. 5. CAST AND USPThe cast and crew include Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg andJeremy Heller. These are all unique selling points of the movieas it attract both male and female audiences to go see the film.By having these names above the title, the distributor‘Paramount Pictures’ are able to sell the film to audiences withease. Also by have the name of the film, there is, as saidbefore, a graduated audience of franchise fans who will see thefilm what ever.
  6. 6. SIMILAR FILMSThese are some other films that the starshave also appeared in. Tom Cruise hasstared in a number of box office hits theseinclude Mission Impossible 1-3 , MinorityReport and War of the Worlds all of thesewere successful action films. Simon Pegghas also appeared in other blockbusterssmashes including Star Trek and Hot Fuzz.This is the director Brad Baird, he also hasdirected films such as The Incredibles andRatatouille which have been majorlysuccessful.