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Media key terms presentation


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A short animated presentation on the key media terms I have learnt so far in A2 media

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Media key terms presentation

  1. 1. Photoshop print and camera work
  2. 2. 1. Blocking actors 2. Looking space / room 3. Symmetry /asymmetry 4. Rule of thirds Key media terms for camera work Key focus terms 1. Shallow Depth Of Field 2. Focus pull 3. F-stock. / Apature 4. Deep focus 5. Depth of field 6. Lens length (long lens makes a better shallow focus) Shot types 1. Close up 2. Long shot 3. Mid shot 4. 2 Shot 5. Extreme long shot 6. Establishing shop 7. Over the shoulder shot / Dirty single Environment terms Camera movement 1. Crab movement 2. Tilt movement 3. Tracking shot 4. Arc shot (moving in an arc movement) 5. Zooming
  3. 3. Establishing Shot Rule of thirds Shallow Depth Of Field Establishing shot taken from James Bond. This shot sets the location clearly to the audience. This is not something I am planning to use in my horror trailer at the moment as my previous research shows a limited amount of these shots in horror trailers. The Rule of thirds has made me aware of the best way to position my characters in front of the camera. This rule focuses on what is the key part of the shot based on the positioning. As seen in the picture below the character is also left with “looking room” to make the shot more interesting and create questions for the audience. Shallow depth of field is a regularly used effect used with the camera in order to direct a viewers attention to a specific point or create suspense with the scene of unknown. The use of shallow depth of field is to shorten the amount focus within the shot.