Danny Yount Case Study


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Danny Yount Case Study

  1. 1. So who is Danny Yount?As a self-taught designer, Danny Yount learned everythinghe knows the hard way. It was the work of Kyle Cooper thatlead him in the direction of main title design."It wasnt until I heard about what Kyle Cooper was doingwith Imaginary Forces that I was able to get a clear senseof what I wanted to do," Danny told Desktop in an interview,"From that point on I made it my goal to design main titles.To me it was like gravity – it seemed to be the most logicalthing to do. I spent a year building a reel and refining myskills."Yount is now one of todays top main title designers for filmand television working with Cooper at one of the mostprestigious main title firms in the industry: Prologue. By Watch The Titles
  2. 2. What has Yount done… Before Prologue, Yount served as a creative director at Digital Kitchen where he designed the Emmy award-winning main title for Six Feet Under. His main title for The Grid was nominated for an Emmy. His 1960s-style animated main title sequence for KISS KISS BANG BANG calls into mind the best work of main title design legend Saul Bass and was nominated for an AD&D award. His most recent work includes the visually spectacular main title sequences for Iron Man, RocknRollaand The Book Of Eli… By Watch The TitlesKiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) Iron Man (2008) RocknRolla(2008) The Book Of Eli (2010)
  3. 3. Catalogue of Work The Grid - 2004 The Sopranos - 1999 Future Weapons - 2006 Blue Cross Children’s Hospital Six Feet Under - 2001 The Reaping - 2007 The Invasion - 2008 Iron Man - 2008 RocknRolla - 2008 The Book Of Eli - 2010 The Colony - 2009 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - 2005 Sherlock Holmes - 2010 Iron Man 2 - 2010
  4. 4. A Sequence by YountThe Invasion (2008) http://www.watchthetitles.com/articles/00156-The_Invasion
  5. 5. The Invasion (2008)As soon as the title sequence begins the audience are thrown into a blastof stars, planets and meteors. This has been used by Yount to signify thegenre of the film. The space feel is cleverly converted into a blaze ofdifferent cells and organisms which could connote possible narratives ofthe film including tampering with cells to create something new.The typography used in this sequence is fairly small and insignificantthrough the duration of the sequence. Yount may have done this to drawthe audiences attention away from the titles and focus their attention onthe background. The font used has a futuristic look to it (rounded edges,crisp and slick) which could imply the period of time or place in which thefilm could be set (future/space).The music used is very heavenly and could be considered as unworldlywhich could indicate that this film is set on another planet or aboutpossible visitors to earth.Overall this sequence gives audiences watching a clear understanding ofthe key information needed to what the film and helps them to understandpossible themes or issues raise through the film.
  6. 6. Another Sequence by Yount http://www.watchthetitles.com/articles/0015-Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) Kiss_Kiss_Bang_Bang
  7. 7. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)The sequence opens with a ‘Saul Bass’ style which could indicate whenthe film is set and what period of time (1960’s).The colour (including black,white and orange) are very slick as the contrast each other creating thisamazing visually world. This, again, could represent the era in which thefilm is set.Images of buildings and ‘highway’ bridges could identify the urban city (i.e.New York) in which the film is set. There a lot of men with guns featuredthroughout the sequence which could show the possible themes or eventsin the film but could also identify the genre (crime/thriller). There are splatsof orange and white which could represent blood shied or death which isfeatured in the narrative.The typography used in the title sequence is very small and sharp whichshow the seriousness of the plot and the idea that there are no jokesthroughout. The type is small for most of the sequence which could meanthat Yount want the audience to focus on the imagery.Overall this is a slick sequence that goes hand-in-hand with the rest of thefilm, and gives audience a head up of the key information needed to enjoythe movies.
  8. 8. Word from the man himself…http://www.watchthetitles.com/articles/00157-Danny_Yount_interview