Evaluation post 3


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Evaluation post 3

  1. 1. 3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Nadia Khatun
  2. 2. What is a production company? What do they do?  Before making the film, the producers or directors can go to a institution to pitch their film idea and they could ask if the institution would fund for the project. A production company is a company that distributes a media product for audience consumption. It essentially helps to create the film – it assists in scripting, casting, budgeting, scheduling and more. They are responsible for finding a suitable director and the majority of acting talent required as well as the suppliers (for resources needed throughout the whole production). Also, if anything were to go wrong on the film, such as an actor being injured or property being damaged, the production company are responsible for this and are expected to rectify and fix the issue. Normally, production companies would work with a media conglomerate and they are essential as they act as the production company’s partner. Examples of production companies are: Summit Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures etc.
  3. 3. Why have you chosen your production company logo?  My group members and I have created my production company logo like so because we think that it fits in well with the genre; drama, as we chose a very few number of colours to be involved, a simple design, and a message behind it; the arrow symbolising ‘moving forward’. In addition, the font of ‘BLUE ARROW’ is quite curly and this can portray the twisted relationships included in a drama film. We had also compared our logo to other production company logos that produce drama films and ours was very similar to theirs. For example, in the production company logo of ‘SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT’, their background was plain making the image and text stand out, and it was a simple design. We named our production company logo ‘BLUE ARROW’ because it was a simple and easy name to remember. It is written in capitals and the size of it on the logo is big so it can catch the attention of the audience.
  4. 4. What is the job of a film distributor?  A film distributor is often an independent company, who handles the distribution and marketing of the film on DVDs and movies in the cinema. They also choose how to distribute the film after a film release, for example, downloading / online streaming, DVDs and Blu-rays and TV.  The role of a film distributor is to ensure that as many people as possible go and see the film, and to ensure that the film is internationally well known. They too need to provide the audience with access to the film.  Once the production of the film has been completed, the film distributors can begin their work on the film’s release strategy. After, they will secure the screening of the films within cinemas. Then, the distributors will attempt to create a buzz surrounding the film’s release.
  5. 5. Which film distributor would you choose for your film and why? What other films have they distributed that are similar to yours?  The film distributor we have chosen for our film is 20th Century Fox. This is because they have released a number of drama (and romance) films and therefore they would be the most suitable company for us. They are a popular film studio that have distributed various commercially successful film series, such as Ice Age. Also, they are a trusted and experienced company that release films internationally. Some of the drama (and romance) films they have released include Titanic, Romeo + Juliet, Revolutionary Road, and The Notebook.
  6. 6. How would your film be funded?  I would hope that our film would be funded by the British Film Institute as they could provide us with some money so that when it comes to the production of our film, we wouldn’t be having any financial problems. Also, the money could help us to disperse our film in the UK. The charitable organisation was set up in 1933 and it develops and promotes film production, distribution, education and audience development in the UK. They provide help to support film makers with issues such as investments and help film makers who have the capability of creating a successful and entertaining piece of work.
  7. 7. Titles – why do you need them? How have you presented them?  It is a necessary of any film opening to include titles. The people that were involved in the production of our film need to be mentioned as they had important roles and needed to be acknowledged. Our titles were presented by fading into the shots and having enough screen time for the viewers to read and understand and then they appeared off the screen by fading out. They were presented on the bottom right hand side and the colour of our titles were white with a thin outline consisting of black. The font was medium sized and it looked professional and mature as it was simple yet effective. This was so it was read easily and understood easily as it stood out quite clearly.
  8. 8. What films have influenced you from the industry and why?  Titanic is a film that has influenced me and my group members. There are some similarities between Titanic and our film Beautiful Tragedy from which have been influenced by Titanic. They are both of the same genre; drama (and romance) and both storylines are similar; a rich girl falls in love with a poor boy, who then dies before they can have their happy ever after. Beside the romance between the characters, other factual issues were happening in both storylines, such as in Titanic, the ship started to sink, and in our film Beautiful Tragedy, there were racial issues happening due to slavery. In addition, the personalities of the characters from Titanic have had an impact on the personalities of the characters in Beautiful Tragedy. For example, Rose (from Titanic) and Caterina (from Beautiful Tragedy) are both strong minded and independent. This film has influenced us because initially, our storyline that we created was somehow already similar to Titanic and once we realised that, we decided to base some parts of the story on how it was in Titanic.