Mining seminar may 14 2013


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Mining seminar may 14 2013

  1. 1. DATE: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pmLOCATION: Saint James Club, Montreal – Le Grand SalonCOST: $0 - Lunch and cocktail includedRSVP: To the attention of Mr. Philippe • Cell: 438-862-7843 • Office: 514-697-9230 ext. 516 or 333.From Mining Project to Reality…1-800-728-9230 • www.laurentide.comMontreal • Quebec City • Saguenay • Saint John • Halifax • St. Johns14MAY2013SPEAKERSDenis Williams, General Manager, Ressources QuébecOverview and challenges of junior mining companies in obtaining financingAndy For n, Process and Surface Opera ons Manager, GoldCorpAchievements, risks and operational challenges of the Eleonore projectAlain Pellegrino, Predic ve Maintenance Specialist, Lauren de ControlsDesigning future plants based on reliabilityMichael Schaffer, President, Portage TechnologiesIncreasing internal rate of return with innovative control solutionsJean Rainville, CEO, BlackRock MetalsUpdate on the BlackRock Metals project, status of the iron market andimpact of royalties on Quebec mining companiesA mining development project is an adventure filled withchallenges from exploration phase through to delivery to market.Discover how reducing the uncertainty associated with capital costsand cash flows reassures investors enabling the project to moveforward.Performance Without CompromiseHosted by
  2. 2. AGENDA - Tuesday, May 14, 20131-800-728-9230 • www.laurentide.comMontreal • Quebec City • Saguenay • Saint John • St. JohnsLe Grand Salon • Saint James ClubNoon - 1 pmLunch / Registration / Networking1 - 1:15 pm Opening remarksLauren de Controls1:15 - 1:55 pmOverview and challenges of junior mining companiesin obtaining financing (Presented in French)Denis Williams - Ressources Québec1:55 - 2:35 pm Achievements, risks and operational challengesof the Eleonore project (Presented in French)Andy For n - GoldCorp2:35 - 3 pm Break / NetworkingCocktail / Networking3 - 3:40 pm Designing future plants based on reliability (Presented in French)Alain Pellegrino - Lauren de Controls3:40 - 4:20 pm4:20 - 5 pm5 - 5:15 pmIncreasing internal rate of return withinnova ve control solu onsUpdate on BlackRock Metals Project (Presented in French)Michael Schaffer - Portage TechnologiesJean Rainville - BlackRock Metals5:15 - 7 pmConclusionLauren de Controls
  3. 3. SPEAKERS:1-800-728-9230 • www.laurentide.comMontreal • Quebec City • Saguenay • Saint John • Halifax • St. JohnsFrom Mining Project to Reality...Overview and challenges of junior mining companies in obtaining financingPresented in French • 1:15 - 1:55 pm • May 14, 2013Presented by: Denis Williams, General Manager, Ressources QuébecMr. Williams was appointed General Manager of Ressources Québec in June 2012. On April 1, 2011,he was appointed Senior Director, Business Development, at the Natural resources department ofInvestissement Québec. Since 2007, he was acting as the Vice-President, Investments, Mining,Materials, Energy and Environment, at the Société générale de financement du Québec.Mr. Williams’career spans over more than 25 years in corporate finance. After obtaining his degreein finance from the University of Sherbrooke in 1981, he began his career in finance at theBDC until he joined the ranks of Desjardins Venture Capital in 1988 as part of the investmentactivities of this group.Role of Investissement Quebec,financing challenges of junior mining companies,selection criteria for investingand assessing the risks of a mining project.Achievements, risks and operational challenges of the Eleonore projectPresented in French • 1:55 - 2:35 pm • May 14, 2013Presented by: Andy Fortin, Process and Surface Operations Manager, GoldCorpAndy Fortin has a Bachelor degree in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from Université Laval.He started as a junior metallurgist for the Troilus Project at Inmet Mining Corporation where heworked for nearly 12 years. During this period, Mr. Fortin held the positions of Chief Metallurgist,Project Manager, General Foreman of Operations and Plant Manager while actively participatingin both expansion projects: 10 000tpj to 15 000 tpj in 1999 and 15 000 to 18 500 tpj in 2004.In 2008, Mr. Fortin takes on a new challenge in accepting a position for Agnico-Eagle Mines in theconstruction and the start-up of their new Meadowbank Project located in Nunavut.In 2011, Mr. Fortin joined Goldcorp as the Process and Surface Operations Manager of the EleonoreProject. In addition to overseeing the metallurgical processes, he is responsible for the overallsurface operations including the airport, maintenance of mobile equipment, road maintenance, etc.with a team of over 250 employees.From now until start-up of operations, expected in the fourth quarter of 2014, he is part of theconstruction team with regards to the stages of feasibility, detailed engineering, construction andpre-operational checks. His team will be responsible for the design, construction, start-up andoperations of the concentrator.
  4. 4. SPEAKERS:1-800-728-9230 • www.laurentide.comMontreal • Quebec City • Saguenay • Saint John • Halifax • St. JohnsFrom Mining Project to Reality…Designing future plants based on reliabilityPresented in French • 3:00 - 3:40 pm • May 14, 2013This presentation will focus on which elements to consider when designing a plant in order to attain financialperformance objectives of the project.The following subjects will be covered:- Identifying critical components and constraints of a plant- Life cycle cost of equipment- Maintainability of equipment- Acceptance strategies of critical equipment- Maintenance strategies based on risk managementPresented by: Alain Pellegrino, Predictive Maintenance Specialist, Laurentide ControlsAlain Pellegrino is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) by the Society forMaintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP), as well as a Level III Machine Lubricant Analyst(MLA) and a Level II Machine Lubrication technician, certified by the International Council forMachinery Lubrication. He is also a Level II Certified Vibration Analyst by the Canadian MachineryVibration Association (CMVA).Alain Pellegrino has been working at Laurentide Controls Ltd since 2002 as a Senior TechnicalConsultant and has 15 years of experience in predictive maintenance.He actively takes part in the design and the implementation of feasibility programs with hisCanadian clients while working towards improving them.Increasing internal rate of return with innovative control solutions3:40 - 4:20 pm • May 14, 2013Several mineral processing applications are challenging to control using classic regulatory controls, which impactsvariability, yield, production rate and costs of production. Better performing and more robust control technologiesaddress some of these challenges which means more tons, higher recovery, more consistent product qualityand more profits. Such control solutions are now implemented as part of greenfield projects and will generatemillions of dollars over the life of the mine. This presentation will present the limitations of classic regulatory controls,best practices and example of implementation and results.Presented by: Michael Schaffer, Président, Portage TechnologiesMichael Schaffer has extensive experience in mineral processing optimisation, debottlenecking andautomation control engineering. He focuses on Plant Intelligence for the Mining/Mineral ProcessingIndustry and he has developed a world-class plant approach to improve business performance.He was previously partner of MinnovEX Technologies and is now president of Toronto basedPortage Technologies.
  5. 5. SPEAKERS:1-800-728-9230 • www.laurentide.comMontreal • Quebec City • Saguenay • Saint John • Halifax • St. JohnsPresented by:Jean Rainville,CEO, BlackRock MetalsMr.Rainville has more than 35 years experience in the mining industry and financial markets.He has occupied positions of engineer,fund manager and director of corporate finance.He also served as the administrator of a number of public and private companies.Mr.Rainville holds a Bachelor in Mining Engineering and a Bachelor in Commerce fromMcGill University.Update on BlackRock Metals ProjectPresented in French • 4:20 - 5 pm • May 14, 2013Update on the BlackRock Metals project, status of the iron market and impact of royalties onQuebec mining companies.From Mining Project to Reality…Club Saint James, MontrealLe Grand Salon - 1145, avenue UnionMontreal, Quebec, H3B 3C2T. 514.866.7474 F. 514.866.3123Parking - Club Saint James :$10/vehicle at participant’s expense based on availabilityMetro : Square Victoria or McGill