The White Legacy: Vis's Bachelor Challenge, Day 3


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A new day dawns for the simselves in Vis's Bachelor Challenge. Margins are closed and disappointments are had!

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The White Legacy: Vis's Bachelor Challenge, Day 3

  1. 1. Baked Goods and a Generic Apology The White Legacy Extras: Vis’s Bachelor Challenge, Day Three
  2. 2. Last time on Vis’s Bachelor Challenge… Keika: “If I win, that’s going to be a bit of a slap in the face to the BBVM, isn’t it?”
  3. 3. The highest flirt we could get after the chat was a wolf whistle… which Rosie accepted. Good sign?
  4. 4. Vis: “So Mia, do you like—” Mia: “YAWN TOO EVIL TO CARE.”
  5. 5. Oh! Oh! He slipped one in! Rosie: *JEALOUS STARE*
  6. 6. Vis: “Sorry, Mia!”
  7. 7. In the end, Mia joined Anne at Thai and Ani-Mei’s private party. Who will be smustling with them next?
  8. 8. Day Three Wednesday
  9. 9. Keika: “Hehehe… I will steal your man and prevent you from changing clothes. Because I’m evil! …how was that? Did that sound like Vis?” Jessie: “Let’s just get to the hot tub dates already, Keika.” Keika: “Spoilsport.”
  10. 10. Vis: “Ah, my wetsuit. That feels better.” Ah, the evidence of my failure to check everyone’s swimwear. That feels only slightly mortifying. Vis: “Embarrassed, Author? Oh, good. That’s what I was going for when I picked this outfit.” Hate.
  11. 11. Okay girls, he’s in! Come and get `im!
  12. 12. Today, the winners of Vis’s hot tub are Pony, Jessie, and my simself. Pony seems to be holding a lot of attention here. Three guesses as to why.
  13. 13. Which leaves Gabie and Rosie warming the left-out loser tub. Rosie: “I heard that on day five, we get to kiss him!” Why is that everyone’s favorite topic around here?
  14. 14. Pony: “So Vis, I hear you like catch? I consider myself quite the sports aficionado. My favorite is tennis. I know you’ve never heard of it. It’s like catch, except you’re hitting the ball with a racquet instead of actually catching it.”
  15. 15. Vis: “Cool! So how do you win? Do you win when you hit the other person on the head with the ball?” Everyone: “…” Pony: “…no.” Vis: “Oh, okay. I guess it might hurt if you get hit with a ball, even soft ones like the ones we use in catch. That wouldn’t be nice.”
  16. 16. Vis: “Hey, I know! Let’s put pillows around balls, and then when somebody gets hit with one so the other person can win, it doesn’t hurt as much! I’m a genius! An evil genius!”
  17. 17. Keika: “Wow, Vis! That’s an amazing idea! We should totally do that!”
  18. 18. Pony: “Okay! Change of subject!” Keika: “Hey! I was on a roll!” Pony: “You know Vis, I hear that it used to be really popular to talk about fried eggs in the hot tub in these bachelor challenges. Any thoughts?”
  19. 19. Vis: “I like fried eggs. They’re good on toast. But, why would you want to talk about them in a hot tub?”
  20. 20. Vis: “Maybe if we got a hot plate hooked up here, we could make breakfast here without even leaving the tub?” Jessie: “Hmm… that might be just a little dangerous.” Keika: “Nonsense! That’s a wonderful idea!” I need a new strategy.
  21. 21. Jessie: “I don’t like eggs. If we’re going to have that hot plate, let’s make bacon on it instead.”
  22. 22. Jessie: “Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s hold the Golden Plumbbob awards again! Those are fun, aren’t they?” Vis: “Golden… plumbbob?” Keika: “JESSIE!”
  23. 23. Keika: “Ix-nay on the eta-may! He’s an im-say! He doesn’t need to know about the orums-fay!” Vis: “Forums? What forums?”
  24. 24. *whistle!* That’s it! Out of the water! Time for chess dates! Vis: “Okay! Boy, I’m excited to play chess again!” Pony: “You know, our government hides all sorts of stuff from us. Did you know they made a detailed plan on how they’re intending to survive the zombie apocalypse?” Hey… hey guys. Did you hear me? Chess dates. Out of the water. Now.
  25. 25. Okay! Everyone’s at their tables and it’s time to start! Just like the last set of one-on-one dates we did, we’re going to use last time’s scores to determine who gets the first date and then on up the list. That means that Jessie is going first, as she was second-to-last behind Mia, and I’m last, as my simself still has the highest relationship score at this moment.
  26. 26. And no, Jessie. You don’t get to go change into pajamas yet. Jessie: “Dang.”
  27. 27. You’ve got half an hour. Let’s go!
  28. 28. Jessie: “Your turn.” Vis: “It’s been so awesome to meet all of you guys, and get to flirt a little bit, too. I never got to do that as a teenager. Or in college, either.” Jessie: “That’s not your fault. It’s just your author’s play style to not bother with relationships all that much until it’s necessary.” Truth.
  29. 29. Vis: “Hey, look! A shooting star!” Jessie: “Where!? Where!?” I foresee a lot of this coming.
  30. 30. Judging by Jessie’s face, she definitely noticed Vis’s cheatery, but wisely decided not to damage her relationship score by saying anything. And now it’s Rosie’s turn with him.
  31. 31. Rosie: “Ooh, pretty. What are these things for?” I smell a lack of logic points. Vis: “Practicing military strategy so that one day we can crush our opponents on the battlefield. The battlefield of bureaucracy, that is. We wouldn’t be good evil overlords if we let our generals actually kill each other in war. That’s uncivilized.” I smell too many logic points.
  32. 32. Rosie: “So, when you’re evil overlord, are you going to hand out any trophies?” Vis: “Oh, sure. Every other Tuesday will be Award Day. That’s when I give trophies and shiny plaques to my best generals, officials, and model citizens. I’ve gotta keep them motivated, you know.”
  33. 33. Vis: “You know, I’ve seen a lot of shows where the evil overlords keep their people motivated by fear. But I think that’s too easy, and also kind of cruel. That’s why we have Award Tuesday.” Rosie: “I see. That makes a lot of sense.”
  34. 34. Rosie: “Aha, I see you left your king open. Check—” Bzzt! This date is over! Next! Rosie: “—mate! …dang.”
  35. 35. Gabie: “So, Vis. This ship is kind of like a giant airplane, right? I mean, it’s here for transportation, and it flies from place to place, and it has a captain.” Vis: “Except it’s a whole lot more comfortable than an airplane. But it doesn’t have a captain.”
  36. 36. Gabie: “I think I’ve got you with this move. My pawn’s going to beat your queen into submission. Anyway. What were you saying about us not having a captain? Who drives this thing?” Vis: “Nobody. It’s on a sort of autopilot. The silver suits tell it where to go, and it goes there.” Gabie: “So where are we right now?” Vis: “I dunno. Somewhere between Smenus and Isimgard.”
  37. 37. Gabie: “I don’t know what either of those places are, but okay. It really is a very cool ship.” Vis: “Especially since its whole purpose is to abduct and impregnate sim men. That’s pretty evil.” Bzzt! Next!
  38. 38. Pony: “Kissing?” Oh, come on. Is there anything else you can talk about?
  39. 39. Vis: “I like kissing. Especially when there’s romantic music playing the background. Maybe a candlelit dinner. You know, all those things you see on romance movies.” Pony: “How about putting all of that on a beach?” Vis: “So we can get sand in our expensive shoes? Sounds evil to me!”
  40. 40. Pony: “I’ve always wanted to be a legacy spouse, with my portrait painted and hung up on the wall. Hint, hint.” Vis: “Yeah, you’re gonna have to talk to my niece about that one. She’s the heiress right now. I’m not.” Pony: “But we could paint portraits of each other when I win this thing, right?” Vis: “Oh, sure. But let’s make them ridiculously huge and pretentious portraits of ourselves in overstuffed chairs and hung above the mantelpiece. That would look perfect in my dream house.”
  41. 41. Cheat number two. Pony doesn’t notice, thankfully. Next table!
  42. 42. This is the last one. Keika: “Hey, Vis. You know, I intend to win this thing.” Vis: “The challenge?” Keika: “Sure, that too. But I was thinking of this chess match.”
  43. 43. Vis: “So, what’s your favorite CD?” Keika: {Uh-oh. He didn’t mention what his favorite was. I’ve got a favorite, sure, but I want to impress him by having the same favorite. Okay, okay. I’ll buy some time.} “Um… haha… let me see…” Vis: “Mine is ‘The Best of the Highlights of the Greatest Songs of All Time.’” Keika: “Yeah! Mine too!”
  44. 44. Keika: {Oh, this is hard.} Vis: “I wonder why everybody’s made the same starting chess move today? That one pawn is getting a bit of a workout.”
  45. 45. And that’s all for the chess dates! Time for dinner! We have a schedule, people, let’s keep to it! Vis: “Hey, where’d all the pieces go?” Keika: *has chess hand*
  46. 46. The same people who made it to Vis’s table tonight are also the same people who were in his tub. Fascinating. Pony: “Keika, isn’t it hard to eat that way?” Keika: “It’s a medical condition. Don’t tease me.”
  47. 47. Vis: “When I’m evil emperor, I’m going to sign into law that everyone afflicted with chess hand is given the medical care they deserve.” Jessie: “Wow, Vis. That’s really considerate of you.” Keika: *ignores* Pony: *rolls eyes*
  48. 48. Long after everyone else has finished their meal and trooped up to bed, Vis and Jessie are still sitting and bonding over their turkey. How sweet.
  49. 49. And this is the issue with spiral stairs. Jessie: “I don’t see an issue here. He’s got a nice butt.”
  50. 50. Hehe. Guess who still has chess hand the next morning? Keika: “This is so humiliating. RealMe, you know how to fix this. What’s the hold up?” This is much funnier. Keika: “Not cool, RealMe.”
  51. 51. Breakfast is had this morning— Jessie: “PAJAMAS! I’m in my pajamas!!” —and now we have some flirts to get through before noon comes along. Snap to it everyone!
  52. 52. Vis: “You know how you said you liked my butt last night? Well, I, uh, like your body, too.” Jessie: “Be still, my heart.” The best we can do with Jessie is two charms. She accepts both, which is an improvement over last night, when she rejected the wolf whistle. Neither of them are in crush yet, though.
  53. 53. Vis: “I love how even when we’re having a romantic moment, you keep your fists clenched like you’re thinking of punching me.” Rosie: “Oh, Vis!” Rosie gets two sweet talks, which is the highest we’re going today. She accepts both. In retrospect, I probably should have done one suggestion and one sweet talk. Oh, well. Hindsight is 20/20.
  54. 54. Vis: “So if I get right up in your face like this, does that make this flirting?” Gabie: “Hahaha, you’re so funny, Vis!” Gabie also accepts her sweet talks.
  55. 55. Vis: “Pony, when I see you, my heart tries to leap out of my chest, and I have to try and hold it in with this!” Pony: “How sweet! …although I probably could have done without that image.” Pony accepts her sweet talks, too. Wow, this is easy today. Maybe we should have shot for higher flirts.
  56. 56. Those, by the way, are double crush hearts. Pony’s on fire today!
  57. 57. Vis: “Your skin is so soft, Keika.” Keika: {STOP TOUCHING MY FACE STOP TOUCHING MY FACE} “Hehe, thanks Vis!” *pained smile*
  58. 58. Aha, there’s my crush hearts. Vis already has his; I was wondering where mine were.
  59. 59. Once dates are finished, free will is turned on to allow everyone a chance to build relationship independently. Before anyone else can do anything at all, Jessie runs in to give Vis a hug. I guess she must know that she’s the only one who didn’t get the “sweet talk” option for him.
  60. 60. She then goes on to monopolize his attention until noon.
  61. 61. Although Pony does get to slip in one last-minute congratulate at, like, 11:50. Pony: “Congratulations on looking like you’d be such a great kisser, Vis!” Of course. That’s it, everyone into the elimination room!
  62. 62. Vis: “Soooo… not to sound overly rude or anything, but the decision on who was leaving today was really easy. Super easy. As in, ‘so easy it was actually kind of evil that it was so easy’ easy.” Pony and Jessie: “Person person plus.”
  63. 63. Vis: “Keika, you’re safe.” Keika: “Yeah, and what else is new?” Gabie: {ARCH NEMESIS.}
  64. 64. Vis: “Guess who else is safe today?”
  65. 65. Vis: “Pony, of course…” Pony: “I’m in crush with that man.”
  66. 66. Vis: “…but also Jessie!” Jessie: “Oh yeah! Bottom two to top three! Take that, suckas!”
  67. 67. Vis: “But you know, somebody’s gotta go today, too. And that means that it’s between Gabie and Rosie.”
  68. 68. Rosie: “Oh… oh dear.”
  69. 69. Gabie: “I’m against Rosie? Psh, no problemo. I was in the top three until today, and Rosie’s always been at the bottom.”
  70. 70. *clink* Vis: “Yeah, sorry Rosie. I just feel like we didn’t have as much of a connection as I did with some of the others, know what I mean?” Rosie: “No! Come on, Vis! I’m the president of your fan club! We can work this out!”
  71. 71. Rosie: “Why me!?” Gabie: “Come on, Rosie. Take it with honor. We can’t all win this thing.” Rosie: “But—but—but—”
  73. 73. Rosie: “Noooo! This can’t be right! I wanted it more than anyone! This whole thing was my idea! There’s gotta be a way back up there!” Ani-Mei: “Quit being melodramatic and have a seat, Rosie. You’re entitled to an exit interview.”
  74. 74. Rosie: “I don’t need a stinkin’ exit interview! I need to figure out a way to get back up there! Ooh, I know! I’ll climb this perfectly smooth metal wall! There’s gotta be a foothold somewhere around here!” Ani-Mei: “Have a slice of cake. We have a message from Vis.” Rosie: “Ooh! A message from Vis!?”
  75. 75. Rosie: “Okay, okay, I’m sitting. What’s the message?” Thai: “He says, and I quote, ‘Sorry I made you sad! The cake is chocolate!’” Rosie: “…that’s it? That’s all I get? Baked goods and a generic apology?” Thai: “And a party!”
  76. 76. Rosie: “Okay. I can live with this.” Nice face, Ani-Mei. Time for the scores!
  77. 77. Well, it looks like not making it into the hot tub or to the dinner table really hurt Rosie today. Although she had higher flirts enabled than Jessie did, she was way farther behind in points than I expected. It was probably her two bolts with Vis that let them sweet talk. Gabie is starting to fall behind a little bit, but Jessie really pulled off a comeback tonight. On the other end of the spectrum, I’m still on top, but really only just. Pony is looking very good to pull off an upset any day now, and Jessie’s not all that far behind. Anything can happen in Day Four, so stay tuned! Happy simming! Keika: 100/28 (128) (double crush) Pony: 87/26 (113) (double crush) Jessie: 95/15 (110) Gabie: 41/26 (67) Rosie: 24/12 (36)