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Miri Tries a Legacy Chapter 12


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Chapter 12 of my Sims 2 Legacy Challenge

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Miri Tries a Legacy Chapter 12

  1. 1. Welcome back to Miriville ladies and gentleman. As you can see Amadeus here decided to stop by the Brotherhood of Cheese and check in on his older brother Johann. I’m pretty sure everyone here thinks he’s a bit overdressed. *snicker*
  2. 2. Deus gets along very well with the Brothers, but then again once you warm up to his quircks Deus is really a pretty cool cat.
  3. 3. Tucker: “You know Johann if you had a green skin you two could pass as identical twins.” Johann: “Maybe physically, but I don’t think there’s anything to do about our personalities.” Amadeus: It’s a shame the Brotherhood doesn’t own any silverware. This is such an undignified way to eat.
  4. 4. Back at home Sprite’s teaching her great-gandson Pong how to talk. And she’s even his first word. Dawww.
  5. 5. Boek’s treating potty duty like he’s handling toxic waste. I’m quite sure I told Chloe to clean that out a while ago, but my resident elderly spouse is laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.
  6. 6. “I can’t believe we got a puppy!” Risk here is super excited that his dad adopted a puppy.
  7. 7. Risk absolutely adores Z. He’s the one who actually got the aspiration points when we adopted him.
  8. 8. The truth is I adopted Z because I could have sworn Edith had a want for one. And I thought it would be cute if Deus got his wife a puppy to make her happy. Turns out that want was for a kitty not a puppy. She’s still Z’s master though, so even though Deus (I) screwed up Edith’s awesome enough to make up for it.
  9. 9. “I’m gonna be a big brother again mom?” “That’s right.” “Do you think this time I could get a sister. I think I’d be good with a sister. I mean I love Solitaire and Pong, but I want to try having a sister next ya know? ”
  10. 10. Risk what are you doing? “Grandmother says little girls like playing with dolls. I’m practicing so that I know how to play with my new little sister.” Well that’s nice, but you could get another brother you know. Or you could have a sister that doesn’t like dolls. “I’m still gonna practice anyway just in case.”
  11. 11. Okay everyone prepare for some pic spam of Pong.
  12. 12. I could sit and watch Pong play with that little toy robot all day. It’s the eyes.
  13. 13. Of course he puts it in his mouth a lot so mamma has to fix him pretty regularly. “I’ll have you know Pong is not the one who broke him. It was my husband.”
  14. 14. So Edith was right you do play with him too. “Oh yes, robots are quite fascinating creator.”
  15. 15. And see I was curious what Solitaire would like with red hair for some odd reason. I think it was mostly to determine how identical he was to Pong before they aged up which is silly cause he has normal eyes and Pong’s got the alien eyes. Here’s what he’d look like. For those who don’t remember Solitaire’s actually a blonde like his mom.
  16. 16. See a blonde. And he’s cute. Looks a lot like his momma if you ask me.
  17. 17. And Pong still makes awesome faces. And guess what? His OTH is Sports just like great-grandpa Sullivan. Awesome.
  18. 18. “My crying gandson is preventing me from performing research on the Grim Reaper!” Wait what? No! I’m not ready!
  19. 19. “Miri I’ve lived to be 90 sim days old. You’ve known I didn’t have long left for a while now. Just remember now I can be with Sulli again.” Well I know, but Sprite I…I…damn this is hard.
  20. 20. Rest in peace Sprite Chun. You were an amazing heiress. I’ll miss you. List of major accomplishments: Heriess ,Had 3 children including a podlet., Became a Plant Sim. Completed a Bug Collection Maxmized 3 hobbies. Earned 3 Gold Talent badges, Gave the Family Snapdragons. Topped Culinary. Lived to be 90 sim days old without elixer. Yeah she did a LOT. She’s like my legacy overachiever or something. *giggles*
  21. 21. But the legacy continues on even without my beloved Sprite. The next morning baby Tetris joins the family. Yep a girl with red hair. The first girl born in a while actually.
  22. 22. Just making sure everyone knows Renaud is still awesome.
  23. 23. He hangs out with all the kids. It’s just so sweet.
  24. 24. Don’t you even dare Chloe. I mean it. You’re on thin ice enough as it is.
  25. 25. “Pong that was completely uncalled for!”
  26. 26. “Sorry Risk. It slipped.” More like you have 0 nice points and sim coding says you will try to take your 10 nice point brother’s head off every single time you play catch.
  27. 27. “Let’s just stick to soccer okay Pong?” “Okay. I like this better than catch anyway.”
  28. 28. Solitaire do my eyes deceive me? “No Miri. My OTH really is Film and Literature.” Awww you’re a bookworm. How cute. *blushes*
  29. 29. You adore Edith too don’t you? “Miri she’s my mom. Of course I adore her…
  30. 30. “I mean she stands up to Atrociously Evil witches without blinking. Who’s mom does that?” Point.
  31. 31. “Hey Tetris you grew up! That means I can play with you and teach you stuff now. Let’s sing together okay?” “Sing! Sing!’ Gah Risk is such a great big brother.
  32. 32. “Excellent work Pong. Risk you’re bed it still unmade. Hop to it.” “Grandmother with all due respect, this is only the second time in my life you have endeavored to speak to me. I will follow my usual routine and make my bed after my morning shower.”
  33. 33. “Miri! Z grew up. Isn’t that cool!” Yes, Risk about your little speech back there. “Oh that. Yeah Mom says we should still be respectful to Grandma even if she is a crazy old bat. And she likes that kind of talk and all.”
  34. 34. “Oh you’re with child again.” “Yes Chloe Deus and I are expecting again. Would you mind checking in on Tetris while I get the boys ready for school.” “Of course darling.” Edith’s way nicer than I would be.
  35. 35. “I really should talk to your mother about getting you a dress lovely. You’d look so cute in a purple dress.” *sigh* Well I guess this is as close to cute as I’m ever gonna get with this woman.
  36. 36. I just won’t break it to her that her granddaughter would much rather play blocks with her older brothers than play with dolls.
  37. 37. Oh yeah and play tickle monster with Renaud. That’s always fun too.
  38. 38. “Thanks for helping me work on my athletic skill mom. Pong’s a total beast when it comes to sports. It’s taking everything I’ve got to keep up.” “No problem sweetheart. Did you and dad have fun last night?”
  39. 39. “Totally!” “Did you invite your brothers?” “Yeah. Pong cheered us on, but Solitaire decided to spend time with Renaud.”
  40. 40. “Oh?” “Yeah he said something about discussing the history of film with him. Think it’s for some project he’s working on at school.”
  41. 41. “You know that’s my favorite outfit of yours right?” “Why you like your women bare-foot and pregnant?” “WHA? No…well I mean yes..I mean…no. I just mean the pink brings out your eyes and hair.” “Chill out you goofball. I was only teasing.”
  42. 42. “Hey Edith just so you know I consider you a best friend.” “Old man if you’d spend more time outside that locked cell of yours we’d have been best friends ages ago! Now do something useful and call Deus!” Join me next time for more kids and fun in Miriville!
  43. 43. On a side note Sprite is buried beneath the legacy tree and next to the family wishing well that she earned for the family. She’s the first sim in the family who’s buried on the legacy lot. The other graves were glitched and had to be buried on a community lot. That’s why you haven’t seen any of the other ghosts haunting. Sprite will be my first true haunting ghost in the legacy once she finally makes an appearance.