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The White Legacy: Vis's Bachelor Challenge, Day 4


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The top four contestants compete for Vis's heart on board a spaceship.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The White Legacy: Vis's Bachelor Challenge, Day 4

  1. 1. Crispy-Fry The White Legacy Extras: Vis’s Bachelor Challenge, Day Four
  2. 2. Last time on Vis’s Bachelor Challenge… Pony seems to be holding a lot of attention here. Three guesses as to why.
  3. 3. Vis: “Hey, look! A shooting star!” Jessie: “Where!? Where!?”
  4. 4. Long after everyone else has finished their meal and trooped up to bed, Vis and Jessie are still sitting and bonding over their turkey. How sweet.
  5. 5. Pony: “Congratulations on looking like you’d be such a great kisser, Vis!”
  6. 6. Vis: “Yeah, sorry Rosie. I just feel like we didn’t have as much of a connection as I did with some of the others, know what I mean?”
  8. 8. Four contestants remain. Who will be in the top three, and who will join the simself party? Find out in this exciting installment of Vis’s Bachelor Challenge!
  9. 9. Day four Thursday
  10. 10. Okay, Vis. New day. Guess what that means? Vis: “Time to stare at the back of Pony’s head?” Nope. It’s hot tub time again. Get yourself downstairs! Vis: “But we just eliminated Rosie… this is a really grueling schedule.” Yeah. All that hot tubbing and flirting and stuff. Really grueling.
  11. 11. He’s in! On your marks…
  12. 12. Get set…
  13. 13. Go!
  14. 14. Looks like the winners today are my simself, Pony, and Gabie. Interesting that the two naked hot tubbers are still in. Got anything to say for yourself, Vis? Vis: “It’s a complete and utter coincidence.”
  15. 15. Meanwhile, Jessie is left to warm the second hot tub by herself. Missing your fellow competitors right about now, Jessie? Jessie: “No way! I worked hard to be here instead of them!” That you did.
  16. 16. Looks like Vis is kicking off the conversation today. Vis: “You know, there are a lot of really pretentious statues around the house I grew up in. Now that I’ve been living in this awesome spaceship, I’m finding I kind of miss them. Nothing says ‘expensive secret lair’ like a big statue.”
  17. 17. Gabie: “You know, I think you’re right. They make for really easy ways to hide the entrance to your secret lair, too. I mean, there’s always a secret passage that can be unlocked by pressing the head of a statue down, right?”
  18. 18. Gabie: “Except, it’s such a widely used secret passage trigger that everyone would know how to get in the second they see the statue. It might get hard to keep people out, right Keika?” Keika: “Why are you asking me?”
  19. 19. Keika: “But since you did ask, I don’t think we should base our hidden entrances on what happens in movies. Anyone who’s seen that movie will know how to get in, right? That’s dumb! We should be creative and think of our own secret entrances!”
  20. 20. Vis: “What if we used the movies as source material? We could make secret entrances that people expect, like the statue head, but have that actually go to a trap, and have the real secret entrance somewhere creative!” Pony: “What kind of trap?” Vis: “Probably a water slide taking them outside the lair.”
  21. 21. Keika: “That could be risky.” Vis: “Why?” Keika: “Well, you know what happens to sims when they get into water during a thunderstorm. What if the sun’s not out? It might be thunder storming outside, and then… crispy-fry.” Vis: “Ooh. I didn’t think of that. Maybe a regular slide, then, that lands in a pile of pillows. Ooh! Or a ball pit!”
  22. 22. Pony: “But what if it’s snowing? The pillows might get all covered in frost, and then soak through. That would be really cold.” Vis: “Yeah… what if we installed a heating system underneath the pillows? Or maybe we should just use the ball pit. That might be easier to heat. Yeah.”
  23. 23. Vis: “Well, that’s it, I guess. Time for one-on-one dates.” Gabie: “We should use a Bust of Tylopoda for the fake secret entrance. That one’s got a really nice head we could use for a lever.”
  24. 24. Vis: “ARGH! Pony’s naked!” No, seriously. He actually did that.
  25. 25. Gabie: “You know what? I don’t really like being the first date of the day. I’d much rather be last.”
  26. 26. Dates for Day Four call for (let’s see how many times we can say “for”) a share interests interaction, and then three flirts. Today we’re going to shoot for a sweet talk, and then a hold hands, and then finally a caress. In my experience, caresses are notorious for being rejected, so let’s see how this goes. Vis: “Video games! I love video games. My dad was really into them, and he made sure we all had a proper video gaming education. I’ve played all the Zeldas and Final Fantasies, Chrono Trigger, Pong, lots of zombie apocalypse games, Halo, and of course tons and tons of SSX3 and the Mims! What are your favorites?”
  27. 27. Gabie: “Ooh, I love video games! I have to say, my favorite is The Mims 3!” Vis: “Oh yeah? Did you get that new time travel expansion?”
  28. 28. Sharing interests went well, so now we move on to the flirts. Sweet talking goes well… Vis: “Speaking of video games… you unlocked a bonus level in my heart.” Gabie: “That’s very sweet. I think.”
  29. 29. Regardless, it does get the crush hearts flying for Gabie.
  30. 30. Holding hands is also accepted.
  31. 31. Which makes Vis fall in crush. Caress wasn’t enabled for Gabie yet, so we just had to do a second hold hands. It was also accepted.
  32. 32. Jessie’s turn is up next. Vis: “So Jessie, I’m really into optometry.” Jessie: “Since when!?” Vis: “Uh… right now?” Jessie: “That is so lame. Are you just trying to go with a trend or something?”
  33. 33. Jessie: “Optometry is a highly refined science which takes years of schooling to practice! You can’t just decide one day that you’re into it! You have to work for it!” Have we found Jessie’s berserk button?
  34. 34. Aw, you made him frown, Jessie. You know, this might just be the first time I’ve ever seen him look sad. He’s usually either happy or angry. It’s really kind of a heartbreaking expression on him.
  35. 35. Vis: “So, Jessie, you look so—” Jessie: “Excuse me!? I’m still mad at you! Go away!” Ouch. Sweet talk was the highest flirt she had enabled, and she just rejected all three. Not good.
  36. 36. Vis: “Thank goodness you’re here, Pony. My last date was horrible.” Pony: “I’m sorry to hear that.” Vis: “Yeah, anyway. Have you ever played soccer?” Pony: “Have I! It’s my favorite sport!”
  37. 37. Pony: “I’m also a fan of catch!” Vis: “No way! Me too!” That was totally unexpected! It’s not like this hasn’t been brought up two dozen times over the last four days! Pony’s playing it safe, I think.
  38. 38. Vis: “I think you’re great, Pony.” Pony: “Aw, I think you’re great too, Vis. As long as you’re not dancing.” Vis: “Hey, I’ve perfected that skill!” Pony: “Sure you have.”
  39. 39. Pony: *wink* Vis: *laugh* Hold hands goes well too, though you can’t actually see their hands in this picture. Now, for the caress. Will Pony accept it!?
  40. 40. Pony: “Nope, sorry. I like you, Vis, but you’re moving a little fast for my taste.” She keeps smiling, though. That’s something, right?
  41. 41. Vis: “Oops. That was embarrassing.” Don’t worry about it, Vis. We aren’t really expecting miracles today. Send in the last date!
  42. 42. Keika: “I’m not really sure how I feel about this revenge plan anymore. It kind of feels like I’m leading him on.” Buck up, SimMe. Only a few more days to go.
  43. 43. Vis: “So Keika, you like catch too, right?” Keika: “When did you get so into sports?”
  44. 44. Keika: “But yeah, I like it. Sure.”
  45. 45. Holding hands: check.
  46. 46. Sweet talk: check. Vis: “I think you’ve got an eyelash on your cheek.” Keika: “Oh really? Can you get it for me?”
  47. 47. Vis: “Sure! I’ll just—” Keika: “Uh, never mind. Don’t touch my face.” No caresses were accepted today. That’s okay. Dinnertime!
  48. 48. Vis is the only one to eat the evil vegefetti jell-o, I see. Jessie and Gabie sat with him today, while Pony and I decided to talk about TV as far away from Vis as we could get.
  49. 49. Now that everyone is awake and dressed this morning… ahem… Keika: “What?” Now that everyone is awake and dressed… Keika: “I’m getting there, hold your horses.” Free will is turned on for the morning. Let’s see what happens.
  50. 50. Vis, Gabie, and Jessie immediately come down for breakfast, but no one sits at Vis’s table. Poor lonely sim.
  51. 51. After breakfast, Vis goes to shy-dance, and is soon joined by SimMe, who is not shy-dancing. Keika: “Come on, Vis, lighten up! Live a little!” Vis: “I am so embarrassed right now…”
  52. 52. Gabie: “Congratulations on being so kissable!” Vis: “Thanks!”
  53. 53. Gabie gets a backrub in return for the compliment. Luckily, no one registers it as a romantic gesture, though SimMe back there still looks a bit jealous.
  54. 54. And they then spend some time dancing together. Gabie: “I bet I can break you of that shy-dancing habit.” Vis: “I guess I’d be willing to try.”
  55. 55. Gabie has no personal bubble, apparently.
  56. 56. Pony: “I can’t tell you enough how great of a kisser you look! Congratulations!” Vis: “Gee, thanks, Pony!” That’s it! Pencils down! Into the elimination room with all of you! And no, SimMe, you are not adopting any children. Or kittens. Either one. Keika: “Awww.”
  57. 57. Vis: “Hehehe, I love this part. It’s so evil.” *ahem* “Time for another elimination! I think you’re going to find this one particularly fun!”
  58. 58. Gabie: *gulp* Keika: “Well, I’ll see you guys later!”
  59. 59. Vis: “The evilest of you guys today was Gabie!”
  60. 60. Keika: “Okay! I’m off—wait.”
  61. 61. Keika: “What.”
  62. 62. Gabie: “Oh yeah! Guess who’s on top now!? I’m number one! I’m number one!”
  63. 63. Gabie: “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! HAPPY DANCE!!”
  64. 64. Vis: “Awesome happy dance!” Gabie: “WHEEE!!” Pony: “Go already.”
  65. 65. Gabie: “Doo bee doo bee doo! YAAAAAY!!” …and she’s still going.
  66. 66. Keika: “This isn’t fair! I’m supposed to be the winner!” *sniffle* “Well, at least I’m safe.”
  67. 67. Gabie: “Alright, I’m done. See you guys in the dorm. Well, most of you guys. HEHEHE.” Vis: “So, the safe sim today is!”
  68. 68. Vis: “Pony!” Pony: “Yep. I’m awesome.”
  69. 69. Keika: “What!? Seriously!? I’m in the bottom two!?” Vis: “’Fraid so. It’s evil, isn’t it?”
  70. 70. Pony: *deliberately walks in front of Keika* Keika: “Not fair! NOT FAIR!!”
  71. 71. Jessie: “You know, it’s almost worth being in the bottom two just to witness this.”
  72. 72. Vis: “Yay, this is fun!”
  73. 73. Vis: “So Jessie, you’re done. Sorry.”
  74. 74. *clink* Jessie: “Yeah, I kinda figured. It’s been fun anyway, Vis. I wish I’d won, but it’s been fun.”
  75. 75. *clunk* Jessie: “This is so much more uncomfortable than I expected…!”
  76. 76. Thai: “Come join us, Jessie.” Jessie: “Cool. Is the bean bag chair for me?” Thai: “You betcha.” Ani-Mei: “You’re taking this with much more dignity than Rosie did.”
  77. 77. Ani-Mei: “So what happened! You were looking so good yesterday. You made such a great comeback! Why are you here today?”
  78. 78. Jessie: “I don’t know. I guess it was the optometry thing. He really kind of annoyed me, and then I didn’t want to accept his flirts. I did everything else right.” Thai: “We’re sorry. Ready for the party?” Jessie: “Absolutely!”
  79. 79. Alright, let’s see the scores!
  80. 80. Would you believe my simself actually went down two points? Was the rejected caress really that powerful? I mean, Pony still went up and she rejected it, too… I’m not sure where Gabie’s sprint to the lead came from. I guess that congratulating, getting a backrub from, and then dancing with Vis was pretty powerful. She didn’t get all that much in the way of advantages over the others as far as hot tubs and dinner tables go, so it’s very impressive that she pulled ahead like that. Especially considering she was in the bottom two yesterday. Jessie didn’t make it into the hot tub and she rejected Vis’s flirts; even with that, though, she still has a pretty impressive score, considering what the winning ones are. That’s all for today! The game is incredibly close—who’s going to win Vis’s heart? I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Happy simming! Gabie: 92/40 (132) (doublecrush) Pony: 95/35 (130) (doublecrush) Keika: 90/36 (126) (doublecrush) Jessie: 96/23 (119)