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The White Legacy: Vis's Bachelor Challenge - Day 1


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Vis White's promised Bachelor Challenge kicks off with seven simselves (make that nine) trapped in an alien spaceship. Suddenly that sounds kind of silly.

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The White Legacy: Vis's Bachelor Challenge - Day 1

  1. 1. Over-The-Top Evil The White Legacy Extras: Vis’s Bachelor Challenge, Day One
  2. 2. SimMe: “Come on, everybody, keep up. The hall is tight, I know, but keep up. Come along.” Rosie: “When are we seeing Vis? I want to see Vis.” SimMe: “In due time, madam president of the fan club. In due time.”
  3. 3. Ani-Mei: “You know, I’m feeling vaguely… unsettled.” Thai: “Seconded.” Gabie: “That’s just because you two are disqualified. Come on, we’ve been abducted by aliens and brought onto their ship to participate in a bachelor challenge for one of the most popular characters in Keika’s legacy, who happens to be obsessed with over-the-top evil. What could go wrong?”
  4. 4. SimMe: “Okay, as you can see, we’ve got a fork in the road here. Ani-Mei, Thai, to the left, please. …Come on, guys, no route blocking. Let them through. Let’s be good sports about this, hmm?”
  5. 5. Everyone: “Bye, guys!” Ani-Mei: “We don’t even get to see Vis!?” SimMe: “You will, I promise. Eventually. Bye! Everyone else, door on the right!”
  6. 6. SimMe: “Very good. Single file. No pushing. The sooner you guys are settled, the sooner I can sit back on my nice, comfy couch and play host.” Jessie: “Feeling particularly sympathetic today, Keika?” SimMe: “Always!”
  7. 7. Anne: “Sweet.” SimMe: “This is your main room. It connects to everything else, so if you ever get lost, just come back here. You’ve got your stereo, your dance floor—the aliens insist on every suite having a dance floor—and on the other end—”
  8. 8. Vis: “Hi, everybody!” Jessie: “VIS!!” Rosie: “WHERE!?”
  9. 9. Jessie: “VIS!! I can’t believe it!!” Mia: “How are you!? You’ve been missing for ages!!” Anne: “You’re in your proper clothes and hair!” SimMe: “Um… 4… 5… 6…” Something the matter, SimMe?
  10. 10. SimMe: “Nope, nothing. I mean, I just realized there’s only six contestants when there should be seven, but I trust you. I’m sure there’s someone else hiding out around here to be the seventh.” Uh… about that… Vis: “You mean you all got abducted to be here!? That’s so evil!!” Rosie: “EEEEEEE!! He said ‘evil’!!”
  11. 11. SimMe: “Heh. They’re all so cute. Swarming around him and cheering. It gives me happy feelings that I made everyone happy by succumbing to the whims of the BBVM.” Uh, SimMe… SimMe: “Yeah?” You’re the seventh contestant.
  12. 12. SimMe: “HAHAHA that’s a good one. Put myself in a bachelor challenge for my own sim. Potentially earn the ire of all the simselves here. You’re funny, RealMe.” Just hope really hard that you get eliminated first, okay?
  13. 13. Day One Monday
  14. 14. Alright, let’s get this party started! Hello, Vis! You’re looking good! How’s life on an alien spaceship treating you? Vis: “It’s been absolutely evil! Thanks for asking!” I see you’ve still got a full head of hair. Vis: “Yeah, we all decided it would be better if I looked like me for this thing. Besides, my regular black clothes are a lot more evil than the red and blue jumpsuits everybody else wears.”
  15. 15. Vis: “So, what’s the plan? The aliens told me we were doing a ‘bachelor challenge’ for me… so what do I do?” You don’t have to do much of anything today. We’re going to leave all those ladies over there to do what they will. You’re going to make sure you’re in the area so if they want to, they can talk to you. You’re trying to see which one you like the best and which one you like the least. Vis: “So what happens to the one I like the least?” We’ll get to that. Vis: “Ooh… I get it. ‘We’ll get to that.’ I’ll bet it’s evil.”
  16. 16. So we’re starting off by Anne tickling Rosie, Pony enthusiastically talking to Jessie about music, and Mia, Gabie, and I awkwardly staring at them, not sure what to do. Oh, and I seem to have gotten a random +600 aspiration boost. Yes, that is coincidence that it happened to be my simself that got it.
  17. 17. Hey. Yo. Simself mine. Vis wants to gossip with you. Quit bragging about your figure and turn around.
  18. 18. Vis finally makes the first move, stepping up to Gabie. Except… since he has no nice points… Vis: “I hate the home planet. This ship and my extraterrestrial home planet are so much better. I mean, my family’s on the home planet, but it has that stupid ring around it, and the sims there are so dumb, you know what I mean?”
  19. 19. Gabie: “I’m kind of attached to the home planet, you know. I’ve got a bunch of my own dimensions and my own ‘dumb sims’ there!” Vis: “Ha! I made you angry! I’m so EVIL!!” …he decided to argue. Come on, Vis, you’re supposed to like the contestants… By the way Jessie, nice stink face back there.
  20. 20. Vis: “Sorry I made you sad!!” Gabie: “HEHEHE THAT TICKLES STAHP!!” Rosie: “How come Gabie is getting all the attention, huh?”
  21. 21. Not a good sign, Jessie. Vis: “You know Jessie over there? She’s kind of hand tilty, know what I mean?” Gabie: “Oh, I totally get it. I love you, Vis.” Vis: “Huh?” Gabie: “What?”
  22. 22. I guess I got impatient. I went over and ran interference. Gabie: “Hey, I was talking to him!” Keika: “Okay, somebody else has a turn now! Go for it!”
  23. 23. Hey! No! Go talk to somebody else! Anybody else! Vis: “Hey, you wanna hear a really evil joke?” Keika: “Sure!” Vis: “Okay, okay, here we go.” *ahem* “A man went to visit a friend and was amazed to find him playing chess with his dog. He watched the game in astonishment for a while. ‘I can hardly believe my eyes!’ he exclaimed. ‘That's the smartest dog I've ever seen.’”
  24. 24. Vis: “‘Nah, he's not so smart,’ the friend replied. ‘I've beaten him three games out of five.’” Keika: “BWAHAHAHA!! You’re so funny, Vis!!” Rosie: “It wasn’t that funny. Quit sucking up.”
  25. 25. We’ve split into two groups now. Over here we’ve got Rosie and Mia playing mafia with Gabie. Mia: “Look, this doesn’t have to be hard, Gabie. Just keep your distance from the green-skinned god for a little while. We don’t appreciate early forerunners in this ship.” Rosie: “What she said.”
  26. 26. While over here we have Anne and Jessie, pointedly ignoring the bachelor, while Vis is arguing again, this time with Pony. Also I’m standing there looking awkward again.
  27. 27. Typical. I go over and start talking about video games. Keika: “What do you think of video games, Vis? They’re one of my absolute favorite hobbies.” Vis: “Really? My dad was super into SSX3! I heard that when my older brother and sister were born, he ignored them completely and played games instead! It was so evil! Except it’s okay, because my brother convinced him to pay attention to us, and then I was born a little later.” Anne: “O…kay…”
  28. 28. Anne and Jessie are still talking. I’m sensing a friendship blooming over there. Rosie: “In the immortal words of Vis, I’m sorry I made you sad, Gabie, pretending to be a mafia hitwoman and all.” Gabie: “No harm done, Rosie. No harm done.”
  29. 29. Anne, what are you doing on the couch. Anne: “My feet are killing me.” Mia: “Look, I can do a party trick! See? Oooo, I am a possessed simself, and I shall win this bachelor challenge for Vis’s heart, oooo…” You’re going to have to actually talk to him if you want to do that, you know.
  30. 30. Vis: “BWAHAHAHA!! That’s so evil!” Keika: “She’s crazy.” What’s going on?
  31. 31. Oh, I see. Rosie is dancing. Carry on.
  32. 32. You know what? Dancing looks like fun. Let’s dance. Keika: “Dancing is srs bsns.”
  33. 33. Look what you started, Rosie. Now Gabie, Mia, and even Vis are joining you. It’s a dance party!! Your alien hosts will be so proud.
  34. 34. Pony and Jessie have a great strategy to not get eliminated tomorrow, let me tell you.
  35. 35. Have you ever watched a sim with no outgoing points try to get his groove on? It’s hilarious.
  36. 36. Anne obviously does have outgoing points, and this is just as funny.
  37. 37. Anne: “I’m hoping for a lot of kissing out of this deal. Vis looks like he’d be a good kisser.” Vis: “And you say that when I’m standing right here, even though you know that will make the awkward level rise in the room by at least fifteen degrees? That’s so evil! …and also a little creepy.”
  38. 38. Mia: “I’m going to charm him with my mad music skillz.” Gabie: “You do know you haven’t even talked to him yet, right Mia?”
  39. 39. Anne finally went up to Vis and admired him, but judging by his crossed arms and the only slightly murderous look on her face, it didn’t go too well.
  40. 40. Uh… guys? You’re making this very hard on Vis… you do know that the object of the game is to get to know him, not your fellow contestants, right…? *sigh* I’m just going to cancel all ‘hanging out’ from now on. Pony and Jessie have been sitting there for ages.
  41. 41. I finally get everybody off the floor, and the first thing he does is argue. Perfect. This is a public service announcement. Everyone, don’t do a bachelor challenge with a sim who is full mean, no matter how sweet he usually acts. Just don’t do it.
  42. 42. Pony seems to be taking it pretty well, though, so maybe everything is not lost here. You go, girl!
  43. 43. Vis: “Tickle tickle tic—” Keika: “What do you think you’re doing?” Vis: “—kle?”
  44. 44. Vis: “I HATE flowers and goodness and all things sweet! They make me sick to my stomach!!” Keika: “Maybe you shouldn’t eat so much of them.” Nice photobomb there, Rosie. Rosie: “I try.”
  45. 45. I see a couple of the simselves have decided to start exploring. I was going to start dinner, but let’s follow them and see what they do. Mia: “Can you see the bathroom, Anne?”
  46. 46. Mia: “Oooh, where does this pretentious door between the stairs go?” You’ll see. Don’t go in there yet. See that open door on the right? Go in there.
  47. 47. Mia: “Dorm?” Dorm. Mia: “Cool. Bathroom?” In there. Mia: “Thanks.”
  48. 48. Um, ladies? The toilet stalls are right there… Mia: “Toilet? No, I was looking for the showers!” Anne: “Me too. Dancing is hard work.” Okay then.
  49. 49. Time for dinner, I think. Vis: “Oh, good. I was getting hungry. Is this going to be evil turkey, salad, and jell-o?” Well, if the jell-o has vegetables floating in it, I would be ready to call it evil. I don’t know how to tell with the other foods.
  50. 50. Are those chunks vegetables or confetti? Vis: “Definitely vegetables.” I’d guess confetti. These are the aliens we’re talking about, after all. Vis: “Vegefetti.” Indeed.
  51. 51. Pony: “So you got the turkey? Cool. That looks good. I’ll get the turkey, too.” Vis: “It isn’t evil enough. I might have to go back for jell-o.” Pony makes it to the table first.
  52. 52. Next come Gabie and Rosie, though Rosie depressingly sits at the other table rather than at the free seat at Vis’s table. Are you even trying, Rosie? Rosie: “Yes! Of course!” Have you talked to him yet? Rosie: “…yes?”
  53. 53. Hm. I was wondering where the other simselves were. Follow their example, everyone. Curfew is officially 10:30. I want everyone awake at the same times! Into bed! Shoo!
  54. 54. Vis: *imperial march* “Doo doo doo doo de doo, doo de doo…”
  55. 55. Vis: “…? Why is there a girl in my bed?” MIA!! You know exactly where the dorm is! Get!
  56. 56. Mia: “I was so close.” Go on, get out of here. Vis, lock the door. Vis: “Sure, sure. So Mia, you tried to impress me by sleeping in my bed? That’s so evil!” If you say so…
  57. 57. Rosie’s dreaming of the hot tub. Consider these a preview of the next chapter.
  58. 58. Tuesday dawns. The first elimination is only hours away. How are you feeling, Vis? Any ideas on who you’re keeping and who you’re not? Vis: “I’m not sure… there’s one really evil contestant that I’d like to stick around, I know, but beyond that…” Take your time. You’ve got four hours left. Vis: “What!? Four hours!? I’ve only got four hours to make that decision!? That’s so evil!!”
  59. 59. Anne and Rosie know exactly how to release stress. Rosie: “POW!! You’re dead!”
  60. 60. Jessie: “This little pig. I identify with it on a primal level. This is a fine example of High Art.” Alright, but Vis is going to be downstairs for the next three and a half hours, if you want to, you know, boost your score a little bit or anything…
  61. 61. Pony: “So, I’m curious. How’s this elimination going to go? I’ve seen bachelor challenges where the contestants are struck by lightning when they leave, where they just go home or become townies, even one where they were killed. And you know, since we’re on a spaceship…” Vis: “Killed? Did they at least get brought back to life at the end?”
  62. 62. *whistle!* That’s it! Everybody upstairs! Anne: “Go through the pretentious door?” That’s right. I want everybody to go through the pretentious door.
  63. 63. Vis: “Hi everybody! Welcome to the elimination room of death and doom and destruction!” Pony: “Uh-oh.”
  64. 64. Vis: “Please go find your picture and stand on the approved tile! Thank you!”
  65. 65. Vis: “Alright, is everybody settled? Cool! Doesn’t this room look so evil? I love it!” Mia: “Keika, I’m starting to get nervous here.” Keika: “Don’t ask me. RealMe stopped telling me how things were going to work the moment I put on this shirt.”
  66. 66. Vis: “So, everybody, I had a great time yesterday, chatting and dancing and arguing with you all. And there was one of you that I really had a particularly evil time chatting, dancing, and arguing with. That person is…”
  67. 67. Vis: “…Keika! You’re the evilest!” Keika: “…what.” Rosie: “Oh, you are so cheating.” Keika: “I am not!” Vis: “Keika, you can step off your tile and go back to the dorm.”
  68. 68. Everyone: “Boo!” Keika: “Love you guys, too!”
  69. 69. Vis: “Okay! So Keika was the evilest today, but there were four of you who were also pretty evil, so you get to be safe tonight too! Those four are…! (I’m loving this so much…!)”
  70. 70. Vis: “Pony…” Pony: “Phew!”
  71. 71. Vis: “Gabie…” Gabie: “No surprises here, quite frankly.”
  72. 72. Vis: “Jessie…” Jessie: “Oh, good…”
  73. 73. Vis: “And Mia!” Mia: “I knew I’d charm you with my mad skillz.”
  74. 74. Vis: “Thank you, ladies!” Gabie: “We are so out of here!” Vis: “So that just leaves Anne and Rosie!”
  75. 75. Rosie: “I can’t believe this! Vis, I’m the president of your fan club! I invented the BBVM! I can’t be in the bottom two!” Anne: “Don’t cringe, Rosie. Slouch, like me.”
  76. 76. Vis: “Anne, Rosie. I am a very mean sim. I like to argue and stuff, but you two didn’t take it so well. I mean, how could I be with somebody who didn’t understand my evil? You two are the biggest goody-two-shoes out of the bunch tonight, and I’m going to have to send one of you home today. It was really close, but today, that person is…”
  77. 77. Vis: “…Anne.” Anne: “Huh!? But I thought you liked it when women sit on the couch and contemplate your kissing abilities!” Vis: “It was pretty evil, but not evil enough. Sorry, but I’m going to have to send you down.” Anne: “…down?”
  78. 78. *clink* Anne: “ACK! What’s going on!?”
  79. 79. Rosie: “Yay! I’m safe! I knew I couldn’t be eliminated! Not on the first day! Sorry, Anne!”
  80. 80. Anne: “VIS! Please! Let me stay! I’ll do better! I promise! I just wanted to kiss y—”
  81. 81. Anne: “AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”
  82. 82. Rosie: “Did she just… fall through the floor? You didn’t jettison her into space, did you?”
  83. 83. Vis: “What!? But she wouldn’t be able to breathe out there! Naw, she just went to the containment center! It’s really evil, let me tell you! But Rosie?” Rosie: “Yeah?” Vis: “You’ve really, really got to pick up your game if you don’t want to fall through the floor tomorrow. Kay?” Rosie: “Okay…”
  84. 84. Anne: “…ow…”
  85. 85. Anne: “Where am I…?” “Turn around, Anne.”
  86. 86. Anne: “Cake and a bean bag chair. That is so Vis.” Ani-Mei: “Yeah, okay. Come have a seat. You’re entitled to an exit interview with we the co-hosts.” Thai: “Have a slice of cake. It’ll make you feel better.”
  87. 87. Ani-Mei: “So, Anne. What happened? Why are you the first out?” Thai: “Oh, I know! It’s because Vis decided to argue with you, right?”
  88. 88. Anne: “You know, I think my biggest mistake was trying to admire him. He didn’t like it very much, and then there was that whole awkward kissing thing…” Ani-Mei: “It’s okay. If it weren’t the fact I’m married to his older brother, I’d be right there with you. I’ll bet he is a good kisser!” Anne: “Actually, I was just trying to break the ice… I figured he’d come up to talk to me like he did with Gabie and Keika, but when he didn’t, I panicked. Although I do think he’d be nice to kiss.”
  89. 89. Thai: “So, want to see the party room?” Ani-Mei: “Thai, we were going to keep that to ourselves, remember!?” Anne: “Party room?”
  90. 90. And so ends Day One! Let’s see the scores!
  91. 91. Today’s roundup ends with me pulling ahead by seven points. Pony’s last-minute chat with Vis catapulted her up to second place for today. Jessie didn’t interact with him at all, but because Vis is an arguer, there ended up being three sims below her. As you can see, Rosie and Anne actually tied for last place. I checked their relationships to Vis in an attempt at a tiebreaker, but they both had -8/-8 for him. I finally just rolled a dice, and it came up Anne. So, sorry Anne. But if it’s any consolation, Rosie’s looking good for elimination tomorrow. …er, sorry Rosie. That concludes Day One of the Vis Bachelor Challenge! See you next time! Happy simming! Keika: 24/6 (30) Pony: 19/4 (23) Gabie: 6/6 (12) Jessie: 0/0 (0) Mia: -2/-3 (-5) Rosie: -5/-5 (-10) Anne: -5/-5 (-10)