Maersk Line: Unlocking the full potential of social media


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Watch the presentation from SMW in Copenhagen, on 18 Feb 2013, here:

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  • So a lot of things have gone ‘right’ the first year and a half, we thinkLast summer: what is the business value? Because that question would be raised sooner or later – no matter how little money you spend on itSo do a study so we get it right. I felt a value there for CS at least, but I didn’t know.Does it add any value? Should we skip it?
  • Maersk Line: Unlocking the full potential of social media

    1. 1. THE NEXT STEP:Unlocking thefull potentialof social mediaBY JONATHAN WICHMANN / @JONATHANWICH
    2. 2. Dollar signs and tears•  From singular to complex•  “Detrimental not to adapt”•  “Getting the culture on board”•  Let’s look ahead
    3. 3. Dollar signs and tears•  Facebook: A ROI of >1500%•  Twitter: Worth $ 1 million?
    4. 4. Dollar signs and tears•  e Clara Maersk story•  “Tears rolling down my cheeks”
    5. 5. Hanging out with McKinsey•  10 areas where it can add value•  Biggest potential in enterprise collaboration•  20-25% productivi improvement
    6. 6. Hanging out with McKinsey1.  Communication2.  Customer service3.  Sales4.  Internal usage
    7. 7. Communication: e official accounts•  Look, it’s a mirror!•  Humanisation and influence•  Corporate media
    8. 8. Communication: e official accounts•  Don’t manufacture•  It’s like jazz•  Lean is fun
    9. 9. Mapping the platforms Pinterest Facebook Twi er Google+ LinkedIn Instagram YouTube Flickr Tumblr Vimeo Least Mostcorporate corporate
    10. 10. Cha er LinkedIn Google+ (customer invite) (groups) Experts Customers Facebook (local) Twi er LinkedIn (news, products) Maersk Line Social Tumblr Flickr Vimeo YouTube Fans Employees InstagramPinterest Facebook Cha er (global)
    11. 11. Defining the platforms•  Facebook: All-Star Team•  Twitter: News and interactions•  LinkedIn: Customers collaboration•  Google+: Business and leadership•  Instagram: Equipment•  Pinterest: Locations
    12. 12. Customer Service: Listen and respond•  Efficiency gains•  Other gains•  1-2-3 social service solutions•  e value of not responding
    13. 13. Sales: Empowering our thought leaders•  Teaching where our customers learn•  Making use of the network•  Expertise, trust and pull
    14. 14. Sales: Empowering our thought leaders•  Training and guidelines•  Generating quali content•  Social selling•  It’s not just for Sales Reps
    15. 15. Internal usage: Unlocking the full potential•  20-25% productivi gain for knowledge workers•  Getting rid of the time wasted on emails and meetings•  Inspire – not pray nor pressure•  e compelling purpose
    16. 16. Internal usage: Unlocking the full potential•  A cultural journey•  From ‘me’ to ‘we’•  Passion, not money or power
    17. 17. THANK YOU