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social media in IT service management


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social media in IT service management

  1. 1. Veerle De Jaegherindependent marketing coach & social media trainer enthusiastic young entrepreneur co-founder of Social Media Train organisator of i-Training jong voka & JCI member @veerledejaegher
  2. 2. agenda• social media: yes or no?• overview: social media landscape• pros & cons• functions: what could we use it for?• case studies• how to get started? Strategy first!
  3. 3. We regularly notice that IT professionals, despite their love for technology, are notthat enthusiastic about these new channels why or why not?
  4. 4. social + media
  5. 5. interactive platforms via whichindividuals and communities create and share user-generated content
  6. 6. you don’t like social media (yet)?• additional• “heavy is the head that wears the crown”• far away  online• unknown  privacy, abuse, …
  7. 7. do we have a choice?
  8. 8. has social media changed communication?
  9. 9. but what’s in it for me? CEO Operations Commercial Engineering Manufacturing Administration Sales Marketing SupportCorp Mktng Prod Mktng Marcom Communication Retail Mktng Brand Mktng ... Mktng …
  10. 10. overview
  11. 11.
  12. 12. chaos? No!• create your own structure• define goals• target audience• use tools
  13. 13. pros & cons• fast• on the go (mobile)• bits & bytes• reach• scalability• privacy & transparency• non-erasable?• free?• high efficiency• external memory
  14. 14. another bubble?Source:
  15. 15. functions
  16. 16. research• crowdsourcing• new trends• new problems• suppliers‘ issues• …
  17. 17. tech support• after service• Q&A• fans helping other users• … channels according to audience
  18. 18. social CRM“Social CRM is a business strategy, supported bya technology platform, business rules, workflow, Source: and social characteristics, designed toengage the customer in a collaborativeconversation in order to provide mutuallybeneficial value in a trusted and transparentbusiness environment.”• integration of CRMand social data• impact of what customers shared online• influence on sales of social media
  19. 19. case studies
  20. 20. Dell Hell hell today -Twitter -Blog -Support forum Michael 2006: Dell: activeJeff Jarvis: November Start blog search for Blog: 2005: customers technical profits of havingissues with quarter technical Dell 28% problems interaction, machine conversation
  21. 21. program. Social Media Certification Program through its social-media employee training Dell has trained more than 10,000 employees
  22. 22. Toyota’s PR nightmare• Brand based on ‘safety’ and ‘quality’• 2010: had to recall 2.3 million vehicles because of faulty accelerator pedals• This forced the company to embrace social media• 2011: "Toyota Friend," a private social network for Toyota owners that works similar to tweets on Twitter. Made with help of Microsoft and
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Cisco• supplier of hardware: volume!• But now they start using social media• how to integrate this in business process.
  25. 25. latest-technology-in-the-executive-briefing-center-ciscolistens/“the definition of a dedicated Social Media Engagement Center orCommand Center is a physical space where companies coordinate, to listen and engage their market in social channels to achieve business use cases in marketing engagement, customer care, risk management, or operational efficiency of coordination and contact center deflection.” says Jeremiah Owyang* *: Industry Analyst, Partner at Altimeter Group & was Sr Analyst at Forrester Research
  26. 26. BestBuy: dream support• “With a constant flow of timely and relevant updates, BestBuy successfully used social media to make connections with employees, partners and customers”• social enterprise solutions to help manage customer relations• REAL customers connect with REAL employeesNote: determine who owns the Twitter profiles (Brian Dunn, Barry Judge)
  27. 27. customersupport sales customer
  28. 28. Belgacom: Eva
  29. 29. Hallo, ik ben Eva,officiële woordvoerster van Belgacom en Proximus. Ik doe mijnbest om jullie te helpen tijdens de dag :-)
  30. 30. how to get started?
  31. 31. plan first, act later• strategy / channel• goals• target audience• schedule & timing• list sources• build critical mass• superfans• prepare “what if” scenarios• … based on business goals
  32. 32. Cross channelall communication channels• own websites• other websites• mail• newsletter• other social media• print• IRL• …
  33. 33. basic checklist• whom am I speaking to?• what do they want from me online? Source : Smartblog on Social Media, Jesse Stanchak• what do I want them to do online?• how can I align those actions?• how will I know if it’s working?• how will I keep the ball rolling?• how will this evolve?
  34. 34. tools to facilitate and / or to monitor
  35. 35. Depending what needs are Pinerly Kred ServiceNow Hootsuite CoTweet Twentyfeet Radian6SocialBro Topsy Seesmic Topsy Wildfire Engagor Tweetdeck Twitspark Brandfractal Engage21 …
  36. 36. Good luck with your social media!