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Career talk for Kids on "Entrepreneurship"


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This deck was prepared for a Career Guidance talk to 8 yrs old children, introducing to them the idea of "Entrepreneurship". There was a brief mention of my earlier company, Hardware Zone.

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Career talk for Kids on "Entrepreneurship"

  1. 1. P2 EDUCATION AND CAREER GUIDANCE Presenter: Jereme Wong
  2. 2. Do You Know These Logos?
  3. 3. Entrepreneur Sees aSees a problemproblem or opportunityor opportunity Invent aInvent a solutionsolution to solve the problemto solve the problem Build aBuild a businessbusiness to bring the solution toto bring the solution to more peoplemore people “Make the world a better place!”
  4. 4. 1. Sees a problem or opportunity 2. Invent a solution to solve the problem 3. Build a business to bring the solution to more people Steve Jobs - Entrepreneur
  5. 5. Hardware Zone The Problem Which one should I buy?
  6. 6. Hardware Zone Website Magazines HWZ Company The Solution
  7. 7. How Can I Be An Entrepreneur? Start by asking “What If…”Start by asking “What If…” Talk to your friends,Talk to your friends, parents, teachers aboutparents, teachers about your ideayour idea Go ahead andGo ahead and MakeMake Something!Something!
  8. 8. Dreams of a 7 Year Old Some kids need alarm clocks to wake them up. What if you could record a message on the clock? With the Record-a-Clock you can record any sound like a dog barking, a reminder to bring your homework to school, or a song you like. Invented by Phoebe Steiger (Age 7)
  9. 9. Dreams of a 7 Year Old Invented by Phoebe Steiger (Age 7)
  10. 10. Make The World a Better Place Today, what you know matters far less than what you can do with what you know
  11. 11. Ready To Be an Entrepreneur? YOU
  12. 12. Questions?