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  1. 1. Techniques of counseling
  2. 2.  The term „counseling‟ includes work with individuals and with relationship which may be developmental, crisis support, psychotherapeutic, guiding or problem solving…. The task of counseling is to give the „client‟ an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of living more satisfyingly and resourcefully. (BAC 1984).
  3. 3.  Listening and observation  Dealing with negative emotions  Goal statement  Reinforcement
  4. 4.  . In Britain the Standing council for the Advancement of Counseling (SCAS) was formed in 1971, and became the British Association for Counseling (BAC) in 1976.
  5. 5. Sometimes we feel stuck in some situations or by an event or situations that we cannot cope up with. We find difficulties to deal with such situations, because;  We cannot find proper advice from our family and friends  We feel shy or not feel comfortable  Maybe we don‟t find a right person to talk with At times like that counseling play very important role
  6. 6. Aims that are supposed to be either openly or absolutely by counselors are;  Insight: To increase in emotional control over feelings and actions  Relating with others: To meaningful and satisfying relationships with other people.  Self-acceptance: To develop positive attitude towards self
  7. 7.  Self awareness: One becomes more aware of his self  Enlightenment: Awakening the higher levels of spiritual believes  Problem solving: To solve the problems faced by client or make them able to solve their own problems  Cognitive change: the amendment or substitution of illogical ideas  Behavior Change: alteration of absurd pattern of behavior
  8. 8.  Resolution  Learning  Social Inclusion
  9. 9.  High school students live a life full of uncertainty and confusion  High school counseling and guidance services are meant to address the barriers students face in learning, both educational learning and life-long learning.
  10. 10. High School group guidance activities often focus on  Career counseling  Peer pressure  Health issues  Drugs, smoking pressures
  11. 11. Programs offer support to the students in planning their carrier.  offer support to the students in planning their carrier  counselor provide the career awareness  introduction to the world of work.  Financial issues and scholarships are also addressed through career counseling
  12. 12. Conflict resolution programs are to provide an environment  where students learn to respect their peers  feel free from physical and psychological harms  programs train selected students and adults in the principle learning of conflict resolution  deals with the achievement of „peaceable classroom‟ and the „peaceable schools‟
  13. 13.  High school counseling techniques help students make responsible and mature decisions during their high pressure years and help them in choosing what they want to be, and what they want to do.
  14. 14.  Counseling is the form of helping that is focused on the needs and goals of the person. It is wonderful technique invented in 20th century
  15. 15.  Psychological counseling may be summarized in two direct questions  “How are you feeling?”  “What do you want”