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Communication tools in the Nile Basin Development Challenge


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Poster prepared by Peter Ballantyne for the Nile Basin Development Challenge, 2 May 2011.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Communication tools in the Nile Basin Development Challenge

  1. 1. Communication Tools in theBlog for News: Nile Basin Development Challenge Nileto publish and share news and announcements Knowledge is like rainwater – it is precious, often scarce, multi-use, easily lost and evaporated, a source of power, a cause of conflict, offers a promise of improved livelihoods Just as rivers and water do not flow on their own (without gravity or pressure), so our knowledge is nurtured, guided, pooled, and channeled to reach different people Just as we promote multiple use water systems and services, so our information, knowledge sharing, and communication tools and approaches are for multiple use, and re-use Just as we encourage each community to improve the availability, distribution and use of rainwater through improved storage, harvesting and conservation, so our information, knowledge, and communication strategies draw on the perspectives, experiences and knowledge accumulated and made available by different communities Just as we catalyze platforms for people to meet, innovate and find shared rainwater management solutions, so our information, knowledge sharing, and communication activities facilitate interaction, dialogue, conversation and linkages among different people and organizations Wiki for collaboration:to plan and document project activities Google for Calendar: Dspace for Publishing: to track upcoming events and milestones to archive our research outputs Yammer for conversations: for conversations and informal information exchange SlideShare for Presentations: to share presentations and posters Prepared by Peter Ballantyne Produced by ILRI KMIS May 2011