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Creating openly shared content online: Authoring platforms


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Siyavula supports communities of educators working together in South Africa. One way in which we believe this could be better achieved is through openly sharing content. We have recently run workshops in Johannesburg and Cape Town for educators to show them new and exciting ways connect, share with and support other educators.

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Creating openly shared content online: Authoring platforms

  1. 1. Contexts abound ...
  2. 2. All are challenging ...
  3. 3. Technologys Promise
  4. 4. Collaboration Sharing is fundamental to teaching
  5. 5. Effective Sharing Open everything ... o p e n p r o c e s s e s – iterative, transparent and collaborativeo p e n c o p y r i g h t l i c e n c e s – freedom to distribute, adapt and enhance o p e n s t a n d a r d s – formats that enable the freedomso p e n s o u r c e s o f t w a r e – freedom distribute, adapt and enhance
  6. 6. Cape Town Open Education DeclarationRequiredreading ...
  7. 7. Our Work Increase the library of openly shared resources (OERs)
  8. 8. Our Work Identify innovative and engaging ways of delivering curriculum
  9. 9. Our Work Support communities and conduct professional development
  10. 10. A simple introduction to:Social Media and Blogs
  11. 11. Skills 1 Recap: Create a gmail account Create a twitter account Follow some interesting people Siyavulas purpose: help you develop anappreciation for blogs and the feedback they get. Benefit for you: passive consumption of great content and ideas.
  12. 12. Skills 2 Recap: Create a Wordpress blog Theme your blog Link it to your twitter account Siyavulas purpose: help you begin to author content and enage with your peers online.Benefit for you: authoring content distills ideas,feedback drives enhancement and innovation.
  13. 13. Skills 3 Recap:Identify most prevalent open copyright licences Find openly licensed resources to build onSiyavulas purpose: build on the existing pool ofresources by contextualising and adapting them for the South African context.Benefit for you: be more effective at leveraging existing teaching resources.
  14. 14. Skills 4 Plan:Demonstrate places to share and build resourcesSiyavulas purpose: increase the pool of openly shared resources. Benefit for you: tool you can use for your own communities of practice to develop and share, locally, nationally and globally.
  15. 15. Our ultimate goal: A community of educators confident andcomfortable to author, review and openly share content online.
  16. 16. Authoring online ….is surprisingly challenging ...
  17. 17.
  18. 18. By attribution Share-alike No derivatives Non-commercialClosed Open
  19. 19. By attribution Share-alikeNo derivatives Non-commercial
  20. 20. Authoring online …. Single author resourcesCollaboratively authored resources Collaboratively authored books
  21. 21. Authoring online …. Single author resources
  22. 22. Authoring online ….Collaboratively authored resources Google Docs
  23. 23. Authoring online ….Collaboratively authored books
  24. 24. Our ultimate goal: A community of educators confident andcomfortable to author, review and openly share content online. Everyone benefits!
  25. 25.