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A presentation on how and why you should support SAYC 2011

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  1. 1. A quick quiz….
  2. 2. Match the picture to the country
  3. 3. Because we are one people…
  4. 4. Our challenges are common.. Border disputes Literacy Terrorism Ecology Corruption Water conflictsGovernance ..and remain unsolved
  5. 5. Youth action is a solution Represented by A start in the>500 mn youngsters process of change young leaders A step forward in the several cross border initiatives in the region …for which we come together
  6. 6. How specifically?120 youth leaders 8 Nations 6 days from meet for in a conference that includes Workshops Thematic Sessions Discussions Action Projects Declaration Cultural Exchanges Reflection
  7. 7. The theme : Peace Peace Within Peace with others Peace with environmentThe start to all change We are all human – and Our futures are has to be from a connecting at that level connected and shared –peaceful space inside of creates a lasting and using our resourcesus – we cannot create peaceful bond based on responsibly and caringpeace outside if we are love and solidarity for the earth is a jointdisturbed on the inside responsibility
  8. 8. And what will we do?20% • Discuss our common issues and what we can do about them • Share success stories of our own regions • Listen to views of leaders of our region Discuss • Skills like advocacy and conflict resolution by international experts30% • Processes and ways of different youth leaders • To collectively resolve issues through time-tested methods • Cultural nuances and of every country Learn • Commonalities in our challenges50% • Work with local NGOs to get a flavor of social change • Create joint collaborative projects to execute post conference • Build a collective declaration to lobby with governments • Organize workshops and plenary sessions for the conference ACT!!! • Share learning with youth of home country • Commit to individual plans of action
  9. 9. towards larger dreams… Building Networks Going Global Stronger regionA high level diplomatic World Youth Congress which A strong SAARC with high level ofnegotiation 20 years ahead, brings together 1500 youth economic trade, culturalwhere the ministers recall leaders from 150 countries exchanges and diplomatic co-meeting each other at SAYC! hosted in the subcontinent operation
  10. 10. SAYC is happening in India!Bids were invited from various And was awarded to Blue Based on our vision, national SAARC country organizations Ribbon from India support and execution ability We have support from around the world To us, its an opportunity to make India proud!!! And to make SAARC youth stand out as strong leaders
  11. 11. How YOU can help Join in! Contribute Participate Give us ideas and suggestions on how we can make it more APPLY!!! Join us online effective and relevant!! Run a workshop Share your contacts - Forward this Media, corporates,presentation and talk to celebrities, politicians people about it and whoever you think Facilitate a session can help Join in the discussions on forums and through the virtual conference Create an action project Volunteer with us in the various ways you can – write to Think and write us with your skill sets and we’ll out a great Help us reach the find something for you! application form! grass roots GET SELECTED!!!
  12. 12. How YOU can help - SponsorshipsI. Branding Opportunities: As Title, Associate and Co-sponsor III. For Participants and speakers• Association with all online and offline publicity • Sponsoring conference costs of individual• Visibility benefits throughout the conference participants• Presence on all conference collaterals • Covering travel costs for participants from their• Mention in all broadcasts and press releases respective cities and countries• Participation of top management in opening-closing sessions • Supporting travel and stay costs of speakers and• Active networking with youth leaders, government leaders, eminent delegates personalities and international delegatesII. Program specific sponsorships IV. Administrative sponsorships• Sponsoring thematic sessions : Peace within, Peace with others and •Food and catering sponsor Peace with nature •Local travel and logistics• Session specific round tables •Healthcare and support• Action Projects – local projects with NGOs •Technical and decoration• Skill building workshop sessions •IT and Online costs• Creation process of the action plan V. Generic support in form of donations and• Virtual conference partner : Online broadcast of the event contribution• Cultural Events
  13. 13. In conclusion…Please forward this presentation, only to people you personally know, and ideally with a personal note from you. General Information : Applications: Program Design : Publicity and PR: Sponsors :